Thursday, August 14, 2014


Someone needs to tell the current Police Chief of Ferguson, MO that the Internet exists, EVERYONE has a camera and the news will make stuff up if they have to fill time. What part of get the damned story out do you not get at this point and time? It is positively ridiculous that no one has any common sense anymore about anything.

First off, you, Police Chief Thomas Jackson, have to explain to me why none of your cars have dashboard cams. It is 2014 for God's sake. And apparently you've had body cams since 2012 and have yet to implement them, which had you had either at this point, would have definitive proof over what happened and none of this rioting would have occurred. Instead, you have hummed and hawed over releasing any information, including the name of the officer involved, while getting your military equipped stormtroopers, I mean "police force," to gang up on everyone who gets in their way, including journalists, who your thug brigade up and arrested at a McDonalds for no apparent reason and which most of was caught on tape. You are either a special type of retard or your IQ cannot be above single digits. Either way, you need to find a new line of work because you suck as a cop, let alone a Police Chief. Christ.

The funny part about all of this is how quickly this has turned from moron looters ruining their own neighborhood to a sudden shift toward the police which is where that anger should have been directed at first. The cops are not helping by standing around with tanks, machine guns and other devices meant to cowl a frightened public but in reality is actually making people more and more angry. The last few nights of rioting have been less about stealing and more about attacking the police force with rocks, bricks and Molotov cocktails. If you were watching the scene unfold without being told where it was, it looked like Gaza. That is a telling maneuver that should worry everyone, especially those in power. People are standing up to authority in mass numbers as revolution is hitting it's stride, anarchy close behind.

Things have gotten so bad the FBI is now involved. This will not help anything or anyone as the FBI for the most part is incapable of solving a crime if it happened in front of them lately. The best way to fix this is to get all the information out stat and stop hiding behind police-speak and double talk. And for God's sake, tell your thug crew to chill out as they are making things worse. New witness data suggests that the cop was in the wrong here, but as you guys are not talking, it is making you look guilty by association. As I mentioned the other day, this is the exact scene from V for Vendetta when the Fingerman kills the little girl, the public rises up and rips him apart with their bare hands. I have said for some time now that if the cops keep acting like brutes, the public will eventually start to rise up against them. They certainly have in Ferguson.

Then we have the economy which is adding more jobs, albeit mostly low paying, go no where jobs while corporations like Cisco are letting 6% of their work force go. Salaries are going up slightly, which is some good news, but it's too little, too late and the writing may be on the wall for another stock market crash. As the market is rigged beyond all rhyme or reason right now, an exact date will be impossible to guess, but current studies say that a 30% correction by year's end is around 90%. Yikes.

We also found out that we make 23% less now than we did in 2008, half this country is still making $30,000 or less (but take it from someone who makes a bit more than that, it is impossible to make ends meet on less than $40,000 anymore), and only 1.3 billion out of seven billion world wide have a full timed job. That is not sustainable for any society. 40% of this country is having financial hardships and that includes people like Robin Williams whose finances were near ruin according to people who knew him. He dreaded having to do Mrs. Doubtfire 2, and who could blame him. He needed the paycheck. Just like the rest of us who go to some crap job and deal with it because the alternative is being homeless and starving to death. Fun.




Corporate America.
We spent two trillion dollars last year in aid for families because we allow corporations to pay little to no taxes, giving them tax breaks which they then use to diminish salaries and outsource to third world countries, which we are rapidly becoming.

I had fourteen reasons why the economy was collapsing but the fucking website didn't let me copy them. Will try again later when I have the time. Sorry about that.

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