Monday, August 18, 2014


You'd think from the national news coverage that what is happening in Ferguson right now is a black versus white issue. It isn't. It's about poor people, regardless of color, pissed at being treated like second class citizens.

Now to be fair, part if it is the fault of the black community. How long do we have to tolerate black racism before someone finally stops it in it's tracks? In almost all white, Hispanic, Native American or Asian cultures, there is no long term trend toward self segregation and blatant anti-white sentiment that is becoming an all too troubling aspect of black culture. Listen to what passes for music in their society and one would find it overwhelming anti-gay, anti-women, anti-white hate speech. If this came from a white person singing about blacks, they would be rightfully shunned by the white community and everywhere else. That's not to say that such music does not exist, it does, but only on the ignorant, fringe aspects of society. The victim, Michael Brown, was a honor student headed for college and he still acted like a thug, and was also a failed rapper who sang about killing people, and all of this was almost certainly due to the environment he was brought up in. Some was caused by white people, and the police in particular, but black society cannot say that their racism is not becoming all too prevalent and now, ultimately, destroying them.

I associate with a lot of people from various aspects of civilization. And while none are outright racists, this kind of "kill Whitey" mentality is turning a lot people against blacks in general. By the way, cops are dicks regardless of color. If you want an all black police force, don't expect your interaction to change one iota. Black people have to stop with this idea that all white people hate them and realize this is just another way the 1% keeps us apart. We have a lot more in common with each other, than either of us do with the rich. I have spent time in the projects with some very nice black people who were far from racist and trying to better their lives. We need more people like that.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar just wrote a fascinating piece for saying that the next race war won't be about race. It will be about income inequality. And this can be seen all over the country right now. Market Basket employees stood up and told the new CEOs to take a flying leap if they planned on austerity measures to help a struggling company. Oh wait, Market Basket is making billions in profits each year and this whole thing is about rich people grabbing for even more in their endless greed. Ferguson, MO is much the same as they have had it with being hassled by the cops, struggle to make ends meet on the slave wages they get paid and are now lashing out. It didn't help that the local cops made things so much worse by showing up in tanks and riot gear and acted like Nazis. Now the anger has turned toward the cops, led by people either intent in looting or confronting a police force they see as an occupying force. Way to go cops. If the revolution start, it will have started here, and you are to blame. The governor, on enacting martial law, is not helping. It is amazing that just about everything government can do wrong here, they have.

We have a stereotype that all black people are poor and all poor people are criminals. This is prevalent even within the self-loathing black community, as several black commentator have mentioned lately in various columns. According to Clive McFarlane, a syndicated columnist and prominent black writer, the black community is guilty of hating themselves for being black which would make a lot of sense as to why they are the only groups that destroy their own property. Secretly, they would rather be white, and let's face it, who can blame them. White people don't get hassled by the cops as much, make more money and live in safer neighborhoods. I wouldn't want to be black living in Compton, Detroit or the like either. Their black pride masks a deep hatred for their own kind. That is truly sad but also means that the best way to fix this is to take actual pride in themselves and start changing for the better. It can be done but first they have to get rid of slack attitudes, violent rap music and a more politically oriented push toward the left. If you don't vote, especially in mass numbers, you do not count and black people have some of the lowest turn outs of any race. Unless this attitude changes, nothing else will.

Society itself is also to blame with falling wages, especially for the less educated, as seen in almost all government data. The push to toward part time work has been blamed on Obamacare but this fails to explain the chart below which shows a massive spike a full year before the topic even came up. This has been going on for some time as I experienced it first hand back in 1999-2001. But the evidence below shows that the ultimate culprit was the Great Recession and corporate greed.

part-time workers us

It's also happening across the planet so unless Obamacare went global and one told me, that lie is dead and buried. Check out what is happening in Canada.

part-time canada

Corporations everywhere are moving to a part time basis to save billions on benefits they no longer have to pay, along with the lower wages that part time work offers. Canada is also experiencing a housing slow down, just like here and that is dragging down employment as well. The housing bubble is also global and the first place it tanks, be it US, Germany or China, the world economy will nose dive with it.

George Soros certainly thinks it will as he just upped his bet from $800 million to $2.2 billion on short puts against the economy for the next ninety days, the exact time frame I have been warning people could also spell disaster. September and October are notoriously volatile and this year looks particularly dangerous. The chances of a giant stock market correction is around 90%. That is not certain as 10% is still a capable spoiler, but it is not likely at the same time. As the market is beyond rigged at this point it is hard to pin point down an exact time frame, but because we have fixed nothing since the last crash, we are doomed to repeat it all over again, although this time will be far, far worse.

Japan is nose diving in economics, their GDP crashing -6.8% last quarter. They are also struggling with the after effects of Fukushima, the failure of Abeconomics and, like everywhere else, a move to part time workers.
They have used Quantative easing for two decades with little effects other than a rising debt load, a society too expensive for most to live adequately in, and a rapidly dwindling population due to the inability of younger workers to start a family when they should.

Ferguson could happen anywhere at anytime now as revolution is starting rear it's ugly head. After that comes anarchy and then the rise of a new society which will most likely be one of totalitarian rule if we let it. We cannot let that happen and only by banding together and getting rid of racist attitudes will we prosper. If we go it alone, we all die. It's that simple people. We need to vote, we need to have our voices heard and we need to protest peacefully but forcefully. And if the cops come to break that up, it is our duty to fight back. Ferguson certainly is. There is a role model in some of what they are doing. Let's not let this opportunity go away in vein.

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