Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We are now seeing reverse racism everywhere on the planet where the white guy has to watch his every word for even a hint of politically incorrect bull while every other race seems to free to do as they please when white people are involved.

The most extreme case happened in Mississippi the other day when two white men were beaten within an inch of their lives by a group of twenty black guys upset over the media-inflamed Mike Brown case whose funeral the other day was like a head a state dying rather than the thug wannabe this kid was. Whether he was shot for false reasons have yet to be determined, although a recent CNN piece about an alleged audio tape of the shooting has been called into question by experts and CNN has backed off on its authenticity. Incidentally, CNN is laying off a lot of people as their ratings are in the toilet and it is because of an inability to report the news correctly that is driving people to the ultra-false narratives of MSNBC and Fox news. Can we please have a network that reports the freaking news already?

But back to Ralph Weems IV, who was in critical condition but now stabilized, in an attack at a Waffle House that for some inane reason is not being labeled a hate crime. WTF? How is this NOT a hate crime? Because hate crimes only apply to white people, that's why? I haven't been able to find any stats on this trend but I am willing to bet the number of non-whites charged with hate crimes is as close to zero as one gets. In other words, the hate crime law itself has become racist against white people, which is a thing regardless of what anyone says. Weems, and his friend, were beaten whose only crime is being white. When has this happened the other way where black people are beaten by a group of whites that were not the police? Never, unless you time travel back to the Deep South 1960's. Today, it's black people you have to worry about and with good reason. Again, all black people are not bad, but all black racists are black. And their numbers are growing thanks to thug culture and anti-white blame game nonsense. This will not end well.
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By the way, how come white people didn't riot over this? How come the media ignored this story, just like the very similar story of a black cop in Utah shooting an unarmed white kid? Do you still think that reverse racism isn't in play here? I sure didn't see Al Sharpton at either venue, or at the nine year old Chicago kid's funeral who got shot five times in chest, or the 13 year old Compton teen shot by his 17 year old neighbor while he slept in his own room, or the Dorchester teen who got shot in a drive by. Funny how nobody reported any of that.

And this not just happening here. In the UK, a major scandal is brewing over news that at least 1400 kids had been sexual abused in a Pakistani community, solely because officials didn't want to look like racists. That's how far we've fallen. White people cannot even protect children anymore, because anytime a white guy does anything, it's racist, even when it's not. This number may be on the low side, and the UK government knew these kids were being tortured, abused and raped and did nothing because the minorities of the world have decided to cry wolf at every opportunity. The end result is this. Happy now? Other stories of similar incidents have cropped up in the UK as well recently, including a high level pedo ring that may have had ties to the government. Shocker.

Not even Robin Williams is safe as the recent tribute during the Emmy's to the fallen star was deemed racist, mainly by white liberal women who really need a tall cool glass of shut the fuck up already. We get it, you like to complain. There are SO many things to bitch about so stop going after needless nonsense like this. In a bit from the eighties, Williams takes a scarf from a woman in the audience and ties it around his head like a burka. He then says "Welcome to Iran. Help me." That's funny and not racist in any sense of the term. He was making fun of Islam, which makes it sacrilegious, and Iran, who is still our enemy, but not racist as race had nothing to do with the joke. If you going to play the race card at least use the damn term right.

Here something to actually complain about: the housing market is heading south again. New houses sold in the Northeast have fallen a whopping 30.8% this last quarter, with the Mid-west and West showing similar double digit losses. Only the South saw an eight point gain, mostly due to lower cost of living stats.

Prices are also falling nationwide as flipping houses is ending as a money maker, something I have warned people about six months ago when major players like Blackstone ended 60% of their rental holdings. Only 31,000 distressed houses were sold last quarter, which is down almost 800,000 since this time last year. Ouch. Median house prices have dropped 3.9% since June and 6% since May. They are still up around 3% from this time last year, but the writing is on the wall that housing prices may start sliding and fast as new buyers have left the market, due to overpricing and companies like Blackstone pricing first time buyers out of the market as they pay cash over a mortgage. Mortgage rates have started to fall again as reality set in that the housing market may be set to implode again, or as some have put it, housing bubble 2.0.

Check out this graph below. Notice that around 2004, the housing market started to deflate and hasn't really recovered since. More houses are on the market than we have buyers, meaning prices are going to nose dive and quick when no one is buying as prices fall and investors wait for the bottom before jumping back in.


With auto repos also in the rise due to the same mortgage scam now being used on car owners, our unfixable economy is out of control. God knows when the crash will happen as the Richie Rich's have their fingers all over everything, but not even they can keep all these plates spinning indefinitely. When one crashes, they all will, and then things will get very, very bleak, very, very fast. Prepare for it, because even if it doesn't happen in the next six to eight weeks, as I suspect it might, I doubt it has much more momentum to make it much past Christmas.

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