Monday, September 15, 2014


Yes, it's that time of year again when the networks throw a bunch of new programs at us only to find 99% cancelled before October is even up because they suck so hard. This year looks no different. There are a handful a new shows that look interesting and a plethora of garbage that looks borderline unwatchable. Let's start with the good first shall we?


5)Scorpion- CBS Monday's 9PM- This show about a group of brainiacs that solve crimes does seem a little on the been there/done that scheme of things and it has not gotten the best advance word. But truth be told, I also really like these kind of shows and hope it is better than what I've heard so far. Justin Lin of the Fast and Furious movies is executive producer which again lends to the hit or miss aspect possibilities. In a season of a lot of questionable material, this one seems at least like it might be good.

4)Gotham- FOX Monday 8 PM- The prequel Batman show has gotten rave reviews for it's stellar pilot but many, including myself, wonder how long this show can go on before people tire of backstory of famous Batman villains and demand to see the caped crusader, which is never going to happen. I will be watching warily and expect this to start falling flat sooner than later.

3)Constantine- NBC Friday 10 PM- Another DC property come to the small screen, this story about a demon hunter attempts to vanquish the Keanu Reeves misfire movie (which I liked even though it veered way off the subject material). The pilot has been heavily redone, and one of the main characters disappears in the second episode to be replaced by someone else, both in person and actor. Guess they didn't like the story line for that person at all. Advance word says it is good, gritty show that should be a better fit for the preceding Grimm, than the beyond awful Dracula was last year. I called that one as a must miss. Yuck. This one proves far more interesting and is being compared to last year's awesome hit., Sleepy Hollow. I am looking forward to this.

2)The Flash- CW Tuesday 8 PM- I know, I know, ANOTHER comic book show? Geesh! But, I have been thrilled with Arrow and am a little surprised it is not on the same night as each other as cross over episodes have been ordered. But whatever, this show has gotten rave reviews for being a whole lot less dark than Arrow, Gotham or Constantine which super hero movies/TV have been for some time now thanks to the dour DC properties as of late. This one promises fun. The origin story has already been told in Arrow so that will be summed up in the credits I am guessing and allowing for the story to get going from moment one. I can't wait.

1)Marry Me- NBC Tuesday 9 PM- The only new sitcom on this year that doesn't look awful is this rom-com about two newlyweds played by the funny Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) and Ken Marino (Children's Hospital, Burning Love). Based on Casey Wilson and showrunner David Caspe relationship who met while working on Happy Endings, this show promises to be hysterical. The previews make me laugh every time, and is one of the few shows on every critics best of list. The only problem I see is that it's time slot is murder, competing against Agents Of SHIELD, the new NCIS spin off, NO (which almost made my top five), the fading New Girl and Supernatural. Ouch! I hope it lasts because there few sitcoms on at all this year and I like to laugh after all the crap I wade through each and every day.

Honorable mentions- NCIS:NO, Blackish, Gracepoint


As always, narrowing this down to just five was rough but here goes.

5)Utopia- FOX Tuesday and Friday 8 PM- As I said yesterday, as a show this sucks. As an anthropological study, it is fascinating. Basically, people from all walks of life get together on a commune of sorts where they do nothing but get naked, sleep around and yell at one another for pointless nonsense. As a microcosm, it demonstrates how messed up this country is, with my favorite moment when the redneck and ex-con form their version of the Tea Party because democracy doesn't work for them because "they voted and didn't get their way," which is of course, NOT how voting works. The ratings on this show say Utopia's days are numbered so watch it while you can if you want to see why America is on it's way out of the world stage.

4)A to Z- NBC Thursday 9 PM- Fresh off her wildly unpopular death on HIMYM, Cristin Milloti returns to sitcom world on this painful looking show about a courtship that lasts eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour, ala 500 days of Summer. The leads look credible, but the voice overs (which I loathe on shows or movies) are everywhere and the supporting cast is entirely forgettable. This time slot however is wide open with only TNF a big draw and Scandal on ABC. With few sitcoms on, this one may last even if it sucks.

3)Bad Judge- NBC Thursday 9:30 PM- Kate Walsh stars as a judge who lives by her own rules, blah, blah, blah. One of the more generic entries this year, this concept is as tired as a talking horse or your mother becoming a car (ask your grandparents about that one). Walsh mugs shamelessly for the camera and the storylines are recycled boilerplate that appear to have been written as a mad libs entry. This show won't last past October.

2)Manhattan Love Story ABC Tuesday 8:30 PM- Yet another sitcom that wildly misses the mark. TV Guide said it best when it stated: "I will race you to the mute button." This rom-com (why are there so many rom-com sitcoms this year?) shows the beginning a relationship between two self absorbed yuppies that few will relate to and even fewer will watch. The constant voice overs made me want to shoot the TV and then drive out to Hollywood to shoot the idiot who okayed this drek. This show was beyond awful. A must miss and a sure fire bet for first cancelled, especially considering it's lead in, Selfie, almost made the list and is in a Death Star time slot opposite NCIS, The Voice and the Flash. Utopia might do better in this slot than this waste of space.

1)State of Affairs- NBC Monday 10 PM- Wow, some shows are so awful you can't figure out how they made it to the air. This Homeland clone, a show itself which has now officially jumped the shark and become unwatchable itself, stars Katherine Heigel as Carrie, I mean Charlie, a mentally unstable CIA analyst trying to stop a terrorist attack. It never helps when some show comes along to clone another than isn't very good either at the moment. This show is DOOMED and it doesn't even have much competition except versus Castle and NCIS:LA.

Dishonorable mentions- Jane the Virgin, Selfie, Madam Secretary, Red Band Society, Stalker

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