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Regular readers I am sure have noticed a theme of calling out black people for racist attitudes against white society, not all of which are accurate in their hatred. But what about the flip side? Is white racism increasing because of anti-white attitudes? Well, yes and no. In my conservations with people from all walks of life and across the planet, I can tell you that white people ARE becoming more racist and a lot of that has to do with black racism itself. You would be stunned to hear what I have heard from everything from doctors and lawyers to blue collar workers, of all ages, who were never racist before, but are certainly coming around on that. This is why I keep begging black people to stop playing the race card at every possible instance because it is making white America mental.
That being said, it is also clear that there is still this underlying racist attitude in certain segments of the population that has NEVER gone away. You know them as Republicans. Now, to be fair, not all Republicans are racist, but if you are a racist, chances are near 100% you are a Republican. The more rabid of the GOP are the ones that demean Obama for everything, like his mythical playing golf 315 days of the year, which in actuality, is closer to what the Congress does, barely working at all and deflecting blame to President Blackenstien. John Boehner spends twice as much time on the links as Obama, yet no one seems to be screaming for his head.

I do not like Obama. But that has nothing to do with his skin color and everything to do with the fact that he behaves more like a Republican than a Democrat with each passing moment. But anyone who reads any online article about anything, can count on one hand the number of comments you'll read before some racist will spout some sort of nonsense about the President. Reading an article about homemade cookies and inevitably some idiot will start blathering on about Barack Hussein Obummer on the first page of the comments section. Trust me, their hatred has less to do with him being a Democrat and more to do with his skin color.
Neil Degrasse Tyson fights for science.
Racism is still prevalent and one of the biggest places is our justice system. Black defendants, regardless of economic reality, receive longer sentences for just about everything than their white or Latino counterparts. Now, black youths do not help their situation by looking the part of street thug at every possible instance, but so do white and Hispanic people, judging by recent mug shots I have seen, so that does not explain the disparity. White America may have become so conditioned to see black as a threat that we subconsciously alter the results because of it. Just a theory of course.

But in one specific case, racism is front and center. And that case is the bewildering attacks on one of my favorite people on the planet right now, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson starred and produced the excellent series Cosmos,  which managed to explain complex theories for a much dumber crowd (including myself) in a fun and exciting way. That is how the best teachers operate and, right now, he is one of the best on planet Earth. I love the fact that he even dispels some myths held by the liberal crowd, like the fact that GMO's might not be the worst thing as we have been doing similar experiments for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years. Monsanto detractors have plenty of reasons to hate them, but GMO's are not one of them. Their horrific business practices are far, far worse, as is their Roundup weed killer, which may be doing DDT levels of harm to us all. That's the stuff to bitch about.

But conservatives lately are having a fit, probably because a black man dared to be smarter, way smarter as a matter of fact, than they are. The worst part is that the Christian right appears to be fronting these latest attacks, which seems to me, to be EVERYTHING Jesus said not to do. Does anyone actually read the Bible anymore or do they just skim to the parts they like? I am guessing the latter in spades. But the religious right is incensed over Tyson stating that Climate Change is real, which it is, as well as cosmic realities that fly in the face of an all powerful God. Please.

Fox News, and I swear this is true, had a white supremacist/creationist, on to disprove Tyson's theories, which was the equivalent of having a three year old on to discuss Obama's police on the TTP. Basically the whole thing boiled down to, "I hate Obama because he is black, and Tyson is an idiot because he is black too." Yeah, that's great news reporting there guys, and not racist at all (Roll eyes and sneer here). To back this douche up, Gavin McInnes, a white racist/misogynist/born again loser who said this about Tyson: , “I hate this guy. White liberal nerds love this guy so much, he could defecate on them like Martin Bashir’s fantasies and they would dance in the streets. All he does is, he’s drunk with adulation. And he talks about things like ‘when I was young in New York I would get racially profiled when I’d go into stores.’ Back then he looked like he was in the The Warriors. He had a huge afro and a cutoff shirt and New York was a war zone. Sorry, you fit the profile.

McInnes has been linked to the vile Vdare organization which has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "white nationalist hate group." He has written for their magazine including one such article that attacked a Canadian university for being a "multi cultural madrassa," because it refused a fellow white racist, Jared Taylor, to host a symposium on racial segregation and the founding of all white towns. Fox News loves to have idiots like this one, especially when they start going off on anti-climate change nonsense because the problems we are having is not caused by too many people on the planet and fossil fuels but because we do not allow school prayer and gay people are getting married. We are not that evolved from apes after all.
Tyson, because he is such a great teacher, is convincing the dumber people out there that climate change is real, and the sometimes literal smoke screen the other side is pulling up is just that, smoke and mirrors. Because he understands the science behind it, and can relate that information to the average citizen, the right is having a fit. Here is what Tyson had to say about Cosmos' world wide popularity, and appearance in 181 countries in 46 languages: “It tells you that science is trending in our culture, and if science is trending, it can only be good for the health, wealth, and security of our species and our civilization. And yet, many members of our species still deny that the globe is warming thanks to human activities, a point that Cosmos has not only made a centerpiece but that the program has frankly argued threatens civilization as we know it.”

As Tyson uses logic and science, rather than the blatant name calling that the right does when they don't get their way like some petulant child, Fox News resorts to hiring white racists to attack Tyson, as they have no other way to "win." Tyson has called out these Republicans who lie about the science of climate change, most recently seen in the laughably named House Committee on Science, Space and Technology in which the Republican Representatives in charge asked questions my six year old nephew wouldn't dare to ask as he already understands them. Tyson said:“At some point, I don’t know how much energy they have to keep fighting an emergent scientific truth. The Republican Party are resistant to embracing the facts of climate change that the legislation they should be eager to influence, they’re left outside the door. Because they think the debate is whether or not it’s happening rather than what policy and legislation can serve their interests going forward.”

Tyson hopefully is right, but my experience with religious fanatics is that they will refuse to seek the truth about anything that is outside the realm of thought. They will in actuality fight tooth and nail against it, just like Plato's Allegory of the Caves demonstrates. Some people have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light of reason and won't go willingly. Sadly, this means that the planet may be ultimately doomed as the people will scream HOAX! right until the seas boil.
We need to stop acting like children and start accepting certain fundamental truths. The world is getting warmer. Stop listening to people who echo your world view and realize they are being paid to do just that. The arguments against a climate change hoax are few and far between, but as people do not understand physics, they go by whatever they hear that confirms their reality. I recently ripped a recent study about wind currents causing warming on the West Coast (as their methodology was suspect) and hoards of people jumped all over me for daring to believe in facts and not join in their idiocy. Like Tyson, all I got was name calling, ad hoc reasoning and no one explaining why I was wrong, mainly because they couldn't. They said I wasn't an investigative reporter, even though I have a written blog of my work for going on six years not. Look back and see I am more often right than wrong. But people do not want facts. That want their own "facts", right or wrong. And that is a way to end us all.

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