Sunday, September 7, 2014


Eric Cantor's new job is the epitome of everything wrong not only with the Republican party but Washington DC in general. This is what voting for any corporate backed candidate gets you from either party: fascism. Let's see those runner ups in a surprisingly douchebag centric week.

1)Rapists- I hate anyone who sees woman as mere objects to do with as they please. Cee-lo Green stepped it in this week and paid for it big time with an idiotic statement on his Twitter site that stated it's not rape if the woman is unconscious. WTF? YES IT IS! As a result, he had two concerts cancelled by promoters who want nothing to do with him, his reality show got cancelled (which wasn't getting great ratings either before all this) and has been forced into the now traditional walk of shame where celebrities have to go on tour apologizing profusely to anyone who will listen. Unlike some, like Jonah Hill, Cee-lo Green deserved this. The worst part is that all this is coming off a rape charge where the singer was accused of using roofies to date rape someone. Dumbass. However, this next story is even worse. Angel Vega, 23 of Moorhead College (savory in the irony of that name) was arrested for raping one, possible two, 18 year old college students this week. I just read that all people attending college now have to attend a seminar on rape, sexual harassment and stalking and then complete an on line course afterward. So Vega knew what he was doing was way wrong. But as Vega must have been a D student, this moron invited his friends over to witness a half naked Freshman, after which he picked her up, obviously unconscious and said, "time to get laid." The other students immediately called 911 and when police arrived found two naked, vomiting girls in his room. He denied doing anything including the video he took with his camera showing him raping one of the girls. Yeah, that's hold up in court. "Your honor I have no idea how these videos and photos that show me raping this beyond drunk woman got on there. And that isn't me either." Right. Enjoy prison you loser.

2)4chan, the NSA, Lena Dunham and Naked Celebrities- As I said before, if you don't want naked pictures of you on the web, don't take any in the first place. Regardless of morality, there is more than ample evidence that our computer networks are becoming increasingly unsafe and big business has little interest in solving any of that for two reasons: money and politics. Corporate Banks are still dragging their feet and changing credit cards to make them unhackable as they have had in Europe for a while now because God forbid they spend anything to make life better for us all. And politics because the NSA is fighting encryption that every company should have by now because the government wants to spy on everyone all the time. Until these two things change, the Internet is no longer safe so stop posting naked pics of yourself because they will get out. And 4chan is a douche who I hope goes to jail for theft of property. Considering how harsh internet laws are, if he is caught this guy could get life behind bars. Hope seeing Jennifer Lawrence naked was worth it. On the flip side, I becoming increasingly sick of Lena Dunham who this week rallied against Ricky Gervais for saying the same thing as me about naked pics. She want off on some idiotic feminist rant which was chilling in its attack on free speech. He's right, you're wrong. Deal.

3)Doug Wilkey- This Tampa Bay native is not going to win any good neighbor awards anytime soon. The 61 year old cranky bastard got mad that an 11 year old had made a lemonade stand next door and called the cops about an "illegal business." Cops showed up and for once used an ounce of common sense and told Wilkey to pound dirt. The publicity got out and the kid's lemonade stand got a flood of people who showed up just to stick it to him. He made $600 in two hours and even had the mayor show up to praise him and thumb his nose as Wilkey. Even funnier, dumbass somehow "forgot" that he was also running an unnamed, unlicensed business out of his home which police then noticed and is now under investigation. This story makes me laugh every time. Some people never know when to shut their mouth.

4)Malaysian Air- Here is a prime example of knowing when to be quiet. This airline is at death's door as NO ONE wants to fly on board after two record setting accidents, both of which are still under heavy scrutiny. In order to attract new flyers to the almost completely empty flights, some brainpower came up with a new ad campaign that I swear is true. "What is on your bucket list?," it asks. Are you KIDDING ME? So your new ad strategy is to remind everyone that you've had two flights not reach their destination with all hands lost on both? Wow, that kind of stupidity is breathtaking. It has since been removed after a massive number of complaints. Shocking.

5)Israel- Just to show I hold everyone to the same standards, Israel has been acting real douchey this week with yet another land grab as well as reneging on it's agreement for a ceasefire. Seems that stole another 988 acres from the West Bank, a policy I abhor by the way and fully agree with the Palestinians on this issue. This is not making Israel popular anywhere and is further eroding world wide support with this idiocy. Then, almost everything they agreed to to stop the 50 day war, they haven't done. They haven't re-opened the border crossings, they arrested fisherman for fishing within the newly agreed on border and have failed to stop arresting Hamas supporters, which they are still doing in record numbers. This time, Israel is screwing up the agreement and this can only spell doom for Gaza. They are partially responsible for this as they refuse to recognize Israel but neither side seems willing to do anything but the kill the other. Sad.

6)Ted Wafer- This dick got sentenced to 17-32 years for shooting an unarmed black girl through his screen door, the jury failing to believe his "life was in danger" plea. Unless she was in the house, you do not have a case. Yes, the poor girl was hammered and never should have been driving in the first place, but that doesn't give you the right to kill someone for no reason. This will probably be a death sentence for him as Wafer is 55. Bye.

7)Ty Turner and the Charlotte Police Department- Here is yet another case where cameras could have solved everything. Ty Turner, a black LCBT community leader was arrested for some reason by the local cops. Police say he was non compliant in showing ID while handing out leaflets and then became combative when police asked more questions. Witnesses say the cops acted like the thugs they are becoming best known for and the cop is allegedly known for aggressive behavior. Unfortunately for the cops, video taken by the suspect and witnesses show the cops behaving badly and arresting Turner just because he refused to stop filming and calmly asked people nearby to witness what was going on. Strangely, Turner was taken to several locations before being booked, suggesting witness tampering. This is why ALL cops need body cameras. They can no longer be trusted otherwise.

8)Bob McDonnell- The former governor of Virginia was found guilty this week of corruption charges and now faces up to 30 years in prison. He was one of the three people on Mitt Romney's short list for VP in 2012, Rob Portman and Paul Ryan being the other two and a favorite to run in 2016 for the big prize. Now, he is stuff on a rock. He may go to a country club prison, but he will never have the money and power he did before all of this. HA HA! And even funnier, his wife will be joining him as she too was found guilty. Long way to fall pal.

9)Isis/Putin- Once again these two morons are trying to end the world. Isis executed another journalist and now the world is taking notice that they may be very dangerous. They will never get another day of good press so their days are numbered as Sun Tzu says if you lose the hearts and minds of the people you are trying to defeat as well as your own numbers, you cannot win in the long run. And moderate and even some extremist Muslims are horrified by what they doing. Putin on the other hand signed a cease fire with Ukraine that most remain very skeptical about. And in a little known story, Russia kidnapped a soldier from Estonia this week, a devastating charge as Estonia is a NATO member. If true, this could spark military action against a nuclear power and we all know that won't end well.

10)Eric Cantor- Proving how cozy banks and government have become, Cantor was hired by a investment bank Moelis & Co. even though Cantor has no banking experience or investment knowledge. What he does bring is access to government halls that most of us will never have. He is being paid 26 times the average of what his former constituents make, making Republicans in that area some of the stupidest on earth. Cantor will make nearly $2 million in salary and bonuses in his first year. Even Tea Party supporters have looked on this in horror, glad they went with someone else, which I can't even argue with as Cantor was one of the worst politicians in DC. But now he will be sitting on a bank figuring out ways to screw us even worse. The more things change, the more they stay the same. So congratulation Eric Cantor you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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