Sunday, September 21, 2014


Sometimes anarchy sounds better than what we have. Both sides of the aisle came together in a rare moment of bi-partisanship to agree on arming "moderate" anti-Assad forces, to battle the two. This is also a terrible idea that has never worked to our advantage, ever. Once again, this country makes a decision that history says will not work. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Scotland voting- There is a lot of evidence surfacing that this vote may have been rigged. Video exists of ballot counters moving yes votes to no, yes ballots on a table clearly labeled NO, and voting irregularities that happened here during the 2004 election when certain areas had the exit polls differ wildly from the outcome, and are now being repeated in Scotland. The powers that be definitely did not want this vote to go through, and in all fairness, I too thought it was not a well thought out idea with many issues that could have destabilized everything. Was it rigged? Possibly. Was this a good idea in the first place? Probably not. Ce la vie.

2)Holocaust deniers- Much like the super religious, even when hard proof stares them in the face, they refuse to accept it. This week, archaeologists found the remains of one of the gas chambers of the Nazi death camp, Sobibor. The Nazi's had cleverly hid it under a road, in an attempt to disguise it's location. Before, deniers used this lack of evidence as a suggestion that the Sobibor either never existed (even though the facts are that Germans kept meticulous records which prove it did exist) or said gas chambers were fiction as they had never been found. Until now. Of course, now the deniers say that the chamber found could be anything and the archeologist in charge has a history of "false" information, but that flies in the face of reason. And for anyone, like who repeat this falsehood regularly, the absence of blue stains on the walls do NOT mean anything other than a woeful lack of understanding about chemistry. Weathering, water and concentration make all the difference, but idiots like to spread lies about "evidence" they do not understand. The Holocaust happened. I am positive of it.
3)Climate Change deniers- And then we have these idiots. August was found by the NOAA to be hottest ever recorded since records began in 1880. The world is heating up but people like "Lord" Monkton, a fraud if there ever was one, continues to spread lies, even though he is not a Lord, and is not even supposed to be using the title, and is not a scientist. He is a whack job whose "evidence" of no global warming shows an incredible lack of scientific skill. Yet the thicker of us out there continue to believe him. Even worse is the Ottawa based ICSC, who are using their special kind of science, otherwise known as bunk, to use Monkton as a beacon of truth, rather than the snake oil salesman he is. A lot of these anti-global warming studies confuse weather with climate or fail to understand long term climate patterns compared with short term anomalies. We keep hearing about sea ice growing in Antarctica but that sea temperatures are also rising. WTF? Arctic sea ice has been decreasing for years, but a complex series of variables, far too confusing to sum up here, are at play and are responsible for the growth of Antarctica ice. Climate Change is occurring and don't be deceived by those who try to convince you otherwise. They either do not understand the data they are looking at or are intentionally lying to you. Pick one.
4)Danielle Watts- Yet another famous black person who cried RACE at the top of their lungs, even though race had nothing to do with her detention. Watts, a low level actress who was apparently in Django Unchained, got stopped by police when several people complained she was having sex in her car with her white boyfriend in full view of everyone. When cops showed, she had a hissy fit, refused to present ID and tried to leave. It was at that point she was handcuffed until the police figured out she wasn't a hooker, even though, truth be told, she looked like one with the clothes she was wearing at the time. After she was released, she screamed about her being black as the only crime she committed and, wrongfully, stated that no American has to give ID as a constitutional right. Actually, all 50 states have laws that say a cop has the right to ask for your ID in any situation like this. Even the NAACP and various local civil rights groups have begged her to recant her race baiting, as no one in their right mind saw this about race and more about princess-like attitude and a woeful lack of knowledge about how the law works. Good luck getting more work after this because I certainly wouldn't hire you.
5)Urban Outfitters- Are people working in the fashion industry completely stupid lately or mentally challenged because there is no other explanation for their rank idiocy? Hot on the heels of Zara and the Concentration Camp chic shirt, complete with Star of David accessory, comes this latest fiasco from UO. Seemed they thought a blood splattered shirt from Kent State would be a hoot. It wasn't. Why are people who work in positions like this too stupid to actually be there while worthwhile people toil away at dead end jobs? This is everything that is wrong with this country.

6)The NFL and their Union- The news for this origination has been lousy this week. Roger Goodell has fumbled his position badly, the union has been intercepted by bad press and yet another player, John Dwyer of the Cardinals, was sacked this week and not on the field, for beating his wife AND his son. Awesome. The union's head, Demaurice Smith, said he was going to fight Ray Rice's suspension which is why everyone hates unions when people see them defending reprehensible idiots who would be fired from every other non-union job out there. Cops do the exact same thing. Even worse, Dwyer (who once again is black) head butted his wife and struck his 18 month old son, adding to a too long list of beaten women in the NFL. New evidence surfaced that not only did the NFL have the Rice tape hours after they found out about it, but Goodell and Ravens Owner, Steve Biscotti, conspired to cover the whole thing up. This has happened at least 56 times over the last few years as the NFL cares more about money than personality responsibility. As many have noticed, when Anheuser Busch becomes the voice of reason when they say the NFL is losing it's "moral compass," by a company who is personally responsible for tons of bouts of domestic violence, you know you've crossed the Rubicon. Shape up guys because the world is watching closely now.
7)Officer Vincent Cosom- This piece of garbage should be behind bars instead of paid leave, again courtesy of police unions that protect assholes like this dick. Here's a link to the video showing the while thing:

According to the lying cop, the victim was in a "fighting stance," when he was "forced to defend himself." The tape shows a guy, walking with his right arm linked with his girlfriend getting sucker punched for no apparent reason. Cosom, who is black as well as the victim, is seen being pulled off by his white counter parts, who rightfully saw this an unprovoked attack. Kolin Truss, the victim, is now suing for $35 million. It is police like this, of all races I would add, that are making people HATE the cops. It's not about race people, it's about these chip on their shoulders pigs that are wrecking it for the boys on blue that are actually doing their job correctly. But this jerk should be behind bars already.

8)Charlie Baker- The GOP candidate for Governor in MA has already lost my vote and could have gotten it as his opponent, Martha Coakley, doesn't exactly thrill me either. But then Baker has put out multiple ads saying that, if elected, he will spend his time on the scourge of welfare fraud, which at best would save a whopping $25 million a year. WHEEEE! If this is what he thinks are the biggest problems in the state are fighting SNAP and Welfare fraud, which pale in comparison to the billions lost in corporate fraud, they he can take a flying leap. Why is the GOP so concerned taking money away from poor people and giving it to the rich, which is the exact problem every economist says is going to end our society? Who is voting for these idiots?
9)Walmart- This week, Walmart established a new dress code and then said the employees would be responsible for buying them. Many complained as they live on slave wages and $35 for a single outfit, let alone several, was out of the affordable range. What kind of greedy, scum sucking bastards would do this? The Walton family that's who, who are one of the richest on Earth, and can't seem capable of even a small bit of gratitude. This is the reason I haven't set foot there in several years. And according to the fact that their profits have fallen for six straight quarters, most of you are doing the same.

10)Government- Another banner week for these losers who came together to decide to arm Syrian rebels, even though that never works. It didn't work in Vietnam. It didn't work in Afghanistan. It didn't work in Nicaragua or Columbia. It NEVER works but here we are doing it again, probably as weapon manufactures stand to make a bundle off of this. Those are the people really running the show as the voters are sheep. There is a 100% chance this will blow back on us again. But as the average citizen has the brain wattage of a ten watt bulb, no one will notice. Even worse, the Secret Service let a crazed loon, armed with a knife nonetheless, gain access to the White House after jumping the fence. They were so concerned with the President leaving, they didn't bother watching the lawn. Had this guy had a bomb, he could have done significant damage to the structure and an important symbolic win. A few hours later, some other crazy pulled up to the gate and refused to leave. I am surprised he survived that bit of behavior as I would have worried about a car bomb. So congratulations government and especially the Secret Service, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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