Thursday, September 25, 2014


I loathe Eric Holder. We have had a steady succession of lousy AG's for decades now, and just when you think how much worse can the next guy be, we find a new bottom. Alberto Gonzales was a horrific AG and even I admit he didn't do as bad as Holder. Holder's inability to hold anyone accountable for sinking the economy should have been grounds for removal on it's own, but he also fumbled the Fast and Furious program, bungled the Ferguson, MO probe, and failed unquestionably by failing to indict anyone for the banks which crashed our economy.
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The right has also vilified him, unfairly, for things like the Black Panther voter "intimidation case," which was bull for the beginning, the non-scandal IRS scandal and other "liberal" policies, that were not true from the get go. What we can all agree on, was he sucked at his job and should have been gone long ago. Sadly, he will stay on until a new AG is appointed, which may be why they are doing it now, since they control the Senate at the moment and may not after November.

A recent NBC/WSJ poll asked regular people about 10 political figures, including Bill Clinton, Obama, and Eric Holder, to which Holder finished second from last on the approval side for individuals, with only controversial bomb thrower, Sheriff Joe Arpaio lower. Holder has a 15% favorable rating, which means it didn't matter what party you belonged to, you hated Holder regardless. The GOP got almost double that, with Republicans scoring a 27% approval rating and Obama at 42%. Ouch! It is also telling that the Tea Party had a higher negative rate than Holder, meaning some of you out there have woken up to the fact that these religious extremists are a true danger as well.
Eric Holder: The fast and furious evader
This douchebag has been an embarrassment to everyone and is a stunner he is still in office. If any of us did our job this bad, we would have been fired years ago. He is still on the hook for contempt of Congress, for failing to provide subpoenaed information that they demanded. I find it horrifying when dickheads like Louis Golmert appear to have a better grasp of the law than the AG whose job it is to uphold all the laws, not just ones he feels like. His side stepping of an actual scandal, the Fast and Furious cock up, has always rubbed me wrong and while experts say he is unlikely to face any real punishment from this, at least his job is gone. But, in true Washington fashion, he will most likely be hired by some bank or investment firm the second he leaves.

Current MA governor Deval Patrick has been rumored to be up for the job, but he has strenuously denied such a thing. To be honest, I like Patrick, who overall has been a very good governor here. It would be nice to have someone with a shred of integrity get the job. But truth be told, we will most likely wind up with some other figure head who will do nothing once he/she gets there, just like the last dozen of so. Some have said Patrick has been involved with scandals here involving the state drug lab and child services, neither of which he had any hand in.

The good news is Holder will be gone soon, most likely before November 4th. It can't happen soon enough.

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