Wednesday, September 3, 2014


There has been a plethora of nude selfies of megastars like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and a hundred others making their way across the web these past days. Apparently hacked by person or persons unknown, except for one moniker known only as 4chan, these pornographic pictures have gotten the attention of the FBI and lawsuits galore. The only problem is once the pictures are out there, they are out there forever, and lawsuits will have little effect on foreign sites where anonymity is king and laws are far different from US ones.
Ricky Gervais got into trouble when he wrote that the best way to not have nude pictures on the web is not have nude pictures in the first place. Lena Dunham and others pounced on him, using the analogy "if you wear a short skirt, you don't deserve to get raped," which is true, but so is the analogy, "don't walk by yourself in the wee hours in any metropolitan area if you are a woman," which is asking to get raped. When did common sense become controversial?

Anyone who can read has seen past stories of contractors who say the NSA is constantly breaking into people's phones and distributing naked photos of celebrities among themselves. If such a thing is occurring, why set yourself up for this as your information is NOT safe from the snooping eyes and provably so? Gervais was right when he said the if you take naked pictures of yourself, don't put them online. It's the equivalent of walking down a dark street in a sketchy neighborhood with hundred dollar bills falling out of your pocket. You are going to get mugged. Same goes for naked photos. If you put them on line, no matter how well protected you think they are, chances are, they will also get out.
Some have questioned whether some NSA underling is responsible for this outbreak and that may be true. Snowden certainly stole a bunch of prevalent info, and as I said then, what is stopping someone from doing just this same thing? Snowden used his ability for good. Someone else could have easily done this for evil. And knowing that nothing ever actually gets fixed in this country, chances are the NSA could have had another leak here, not that we would ever hear about it.

Everyday some new business or bank of some person is getting hacked. This means NOTHING on our computers is safe anymore. Not our pictures, not our personal info, not our records. Nothing. And banks have stonewalled changing our way out of date credit cards, which Europeans changed years ago, because of horrific protections these things now have. Because it will cost money, banks are still dragging their feet, even though the new encrypted cards would make theft that much more difficult.
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Same goes for passwords which really need to be changed for something else. Iris scans, fingerprints, and facial recognition software are all available and even as poor as I am, have just such things for my computer. And even that may not be enough to stop a hacker with state of the art equipment which means we are constantly behind the eight ball when it comes to security.

Home Depot is the latest to say that thousands of customer's personal info may have been stolen, even though this has been going on for more than a year now from Target on. There are encryption programs that would stop this, but again, as this costs money, douchebag corporations don't want to spend an extra penny on anything, regardless of the fact of whether it kills their business or not.

How long do we have to put up with this before someone gets the memo that customers have had it with slipshod businesses and an overly nosy government? Make no mistake, the NSA is partially responsible for this because they do not want encryption programs as that would cripple their ability to spy on Americans and see intimate pictures of Kate Upton, J-Law and others. Their refusal to acknowledge the problem while holding onto all the cards for only them to see is making this country less safe not better.
So if lawsuits are coming, I would suggest suing the government too because they let this happen as much as Apple, 4chan and others. And for future girls out there, if you want to take nudes of yourself, use a Polaroid and snail mail. That way, the chances of those photos getting out are far, far less likely. Or even better, stop behaving like narcissistic crybabies and don't take any pictures in the first place. There are zero naked pictures out there of me or my girlfriend, and in our youth we were pretty good looking. The concept of snapping a picture of my wang never occurred to me as I have decency and common sense. Same goes for my partner in crime, Patricia. So stop making everything all about you and put some damned clothes on. If you had, none of this would be a problem in the first place.

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