Sunday, October 5, 2014


Homeland Security was a Gestapo-like entity developed after 9/11 to make us better and safer. As I correctly predicted 13 years ago, taking 22 separate organizations and cramming them together is a recipe for disaster. The TSA is a joke, DHS have helped the NSA spy on all of us, Border Patrol has no ability to do their job and now the Secret Service has been decimated as well. How long before we accept the fact that this is working and maybe should break it up like we did with Ma Bell, you know when we actually were concerned with monopolies? Let's see those runner ups.

This cartoons gets its own slot for being one of the most racist things I have ever seen in a major newspaper, The Boston Globe. This is shameful. They claim it wasn't meant to be racist which means they are stupid beyond words or actually racist. Neither gets my support and the main reason why I don't read that rag anymore.

1)Obama-Recent polls have Obama's poll numbers at historic lows (lower than either Bush or Clinton, which seems near impossible) which is due to the fact that the right views him as a Marxist/Muslim passing far left leaning policies that is in no way actually happening. The left sees him as a corporate sellout which is much closer to the truth than the right's delusional fantasy about the President. But as we have a leader refusing to lead, both sides are telling Obama to go blow and he's taking the Democratic party with him. Republicans look to win this November which won't do much except in cases like the TPP, or guest worker policies supported by both the idiots in Congress and the President. The rest will be either filibustered or vetoed. Either way, expect gridlock when we can least afford to have this happen. Can we please have some candidates run in 2016 that actually care about the Middle Class?

2)Anti-vaccine people- Speaking of left leaning morons, I am sick and tired of people who read stuff on the Internet and think they are experts on it. The right does it fantastically with things like climate change which is occurring as they are being lead by the nose by fake stories claiming data for things that are completely made up. The left does it with gun control and now, immunization. I have a science background and know several doctors, nurses and others who work on the medical field. All agree that there is ZERO evidence that vaccinations are causing any problems beyond the normal problems that may occur. No vaccine is 100% safe. A small portion of the population, in the range of one in millions, may have a serious adverse reaction but your odds of winning the lottery is higher. 99% will be fine. It's actually more dangerous to drive your kid to work than get a shot. But the higher educated left wing idiots have decided they know better than all the doctors and are not getting their kids vaccinated. This has lead to a huge increase in measles, mumps and other once rare diseases, which is NOT being outnumbered by those with vaccines already as some sites wrongly state, using data completely made up. Vaccines work. Stop being a flat-earther already.

3)Jessa Duggar- I freaking hate the Duggar family. There are way too many people on the planet and these idiots are determined to start their own state with the sheer number of children they have, 19 and counting. But now, one of these kids, Jessa, has equated the fact that abortion is equal with the Holocaust. Nevermind the fact that the Bible never says anything about abortion but it is actually contradictory to Church teachings as not only does the book never say anything about life starting at conception, there are several passages that specifically say life begins at breath. How do you follow a religious belief when the holy book you worship tells you, you are wrong? Abortion is not murder in any state in this country. Killing millions of Jews on the other hand is. Open a text book, close your legs and get a clue.

4)Hollywood- This week it was announced that these brainpowers have decided that hot on the heels of the epic failure that was the movie Battleship, they have decided to double down and greenlight, wait for it, Tetris the movie. It will be science fiction, not about shapes and lines, and suck really, really hard. Has it come to this? Are you completely unwilling to make anything original anymore not based on a book, comic or video game? This film will be terrible.

5)Teresa Giudice- This Real Housewives of NJ star, along with her husband, are going to jail over tax evasion. Teresa got 15 months and her husband got 41 and an eventually deportation. As this is Federal, both have to serve 90% of their sentence before getting out. Rumor is, she will be filing for divorce and is understandably panicked over prison time. The country club prison she will be going to, will still be prison and very hard for some spoiled princess used to getting her own way. Now, there will be no cameras, except surveillance ones, and her celebrity status may not work to her advantage. The really funny part is I highly doubt she had any knowledge about any of this, at least according to news reports who say she looked shocked and horrified when the extent of the fraud was revealed and glared at her husband as if she "wanted to rip his face off." Trust me, she's not that good an actress. Either way, I hope she likes a year in jail. The Ritz it ain't.

6)Dr.Gwen Korovin- The doctor who killed Joan Rivers, who was also her personal doctor, is fighting back against rumors she took a selfie as the comic was under for the procedure that led to her death. She is also fighting back against the widely reported story that she performed an "illegal" operation that caused her death. Either way, she's getting sued by the Rivers family, and while I usually find malpractice suits worthless, not so much this time. There are way too many questions about her involvement, and the fact that the doctor at the head of the clinic she went to stepped down as well, says they expect a lawsuit as well. This shows that even highly paid doctors can be terrible. Just ask Michael Jackson's kids.
7)Texas Abortion Ruling- This week, due to some right wing judges, appointed by Bush nonetheless, overruled a lower court ruling and are now set to close 13 clinics and the only ones left will be in the Houston area and a couple in Dallas. South or west of San Antonio and you are out of luck. Worse, even though this will be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court next year, Texas is set to close them anyway. This will have a serious effect on woman in Texas who continue to vote against their own self interests and as no one wants to have a serious discussion about abortion and religion, as I showed above, this kind of stuff will continue. When will logic and common sense return to this rapidly devolving country?

8)Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital- Here's a fun fact for anyone who lives in Texas: your health care system is one of the worst on the planet, at least for industrialized nations. How in the holy hell do you let a guy from Liberia showing signs of Ebola leave the hospital for two days? Then when you realize how bad you screwed up when he returns very, very sick, the ambulance that transferred said sick patient to the hospital is left in service for 48 hours before you decide to decontaminate it. Texas health care is basically this: don't get sick and if you do, die quick. This is impossible to understand unless you realize that Texas is one of the few states left with a positive attitude towards the Tea Party.
Ebola cartoon
9)NBC News- I watched in horror last week as NBC news inexplicable sent a news team to LIBERIA to report on the Ebola crisis. Dr. Nancy Snyderman and her crew stood outside the apartment the Dallas Ebola patient lived in, actually touching the door with an ungloved hand. EEEEWWWWWWWWWWW! I said it right then when it became apparent that someone was going to get the disease for their unbelievable lack of common sense and protection. 24 hours later came reports that the camera man came down with it after helping someone decontaminate a car by power washing it. Apparently, he was somehow unaware that doing this without protective gear would allow aerosol particles into the air, Ashoka Mukpo now has Ebola. While he is from Providence, RI, his family has a weird past involving affairs with Buddhist monks, reincarnation and being born to a 16 year old mother and a much older American doctor. Anyway you look at it, Mukpo is an idiot as is anyone who volunteered for this outrageously dangerous assignment.
10)Homeland Security- Stories from whistleblowers have called Homeland Security and anything they touch, toxic at this point. From the TSA to the Secret Service to Border Patrol to their own organization, everyone says morale is low, people are leaving with alarming frequency (leaving the dregs behind) and managers are quick to jump all over someone for the slightest mistake. In other words, it just like everywhere else in the country right now where employees are treated like slaves rather than people and fading salaries are making people jump ship faster and faster. The TSA has been a disaster ever since they took it over. The Border is less safe today than it was before 9/11 somehow. They replaced the head of the secret service with a woman who had no business in the job because they were more worried about appearance and being PC than picking the right person for the job, regardless of sex. The worst part is their complete inability to doing the one thing they should be which is ending all travel to and from the three countries suffering from Ebola. If you want to go Liberia, knock yourself out. But you are not coming back without a 21 days quarantine. The inability to do this is making the chances for an Ebola outbreak here much, much higher and, as seen in Texas, we have no faith in our health care system not making it worse. STOP LETTING PEOPLE FROM EBOLA RAVAGED AREAS INTO THIS COUNTRY!!!! Contrary to what you are being told publically, there is still a chance that Ebola could go airborne and if it does, civilization dies with it. Why roll those dice again and again. So congratulations DHS you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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