Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This past weekend massive riots broke out in Keene, NH at the same time and close proximity to the famed Pumpkin Festival, which is quite cool if huge numbers of elaborately carved squashes are your thing. I think it is, but I am a middle aged white guy. But this year, a huge number of super drunk college douchebags decided to go haywire and create mayhem in the streets. Riot police showed up and arrested 84 people, with many more expected to be coming as news footage is scoured over. Local colleges are threatening to expel any idiot who participated in this latest round of youth idiocy and rightfully so. Meanwhile, protests rightfully continue in Ferguson, Mo. Depending on what color you are, either one of these is a reason to hate the opposite race. Both sides are competing for who can out racist the other, and that is exactly what the powers that be want, because as long as we are divided, we won't realize how bad they are actually stealing from us.
Let's start with Ferguson, Mo which is seeing another uptick in violence from protestors, both good and bad. The good protestors are the ones NOT rioting in the streets and peacefully saying what a lot of us, of all races, are seeing: you guys got screwed. Not only does it look like Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted, but white people seem okay with this. REALLY? First off, knowing what evidence I could find out, which is vague, there certainly seems like enough evidence to bring this to trial. That in itself would be a good thing because it will take years to get through the system anyway and give people a chance to cool down. Instead, incredibly, word is he will not be remanded to trial. This means rioting on a grand, perhaps nationwide, scene and one that could have lasting consequences on protests, civil disobedience and our freedoms.

Rioting solves nothing. It makes the rioter look uncivilized, destroys places the locals need to eat and get gas and makes white people look at blacks like savages, or vice versa as in the Keene riot.  There have been 70 days of protests now in Ferguson, most peaceful and part of the American way. But if Officer Wilson doesn't get indicted, this country might well burn. Tensions are ungodly high globally and the smallest thing could lead to unimaginable results.

The latest details suggest a struggle within the police car, with conflicting eyewitness testimony as to who started what. No where in any of the evidence do I see a reason to shoot Brown, unless he was attacking him at the time, which is possible. Either way, a trial jury should be looking at this, not a grand jury. Pray the reports are wrong because of Wilson goes free, the country may go away with him.
And then there is Keene, NH. They arrested twice as many as the Ferguson riot, no white person watching said "those cops over-reacted," and locals demanded their heads for destroying their town and their economic well being, as the Pumpkin Festival brings a lot money. I personally know of several people who left as the riot prevented them from getting there. That's money lost because some people are dicks.

Yet black people have been all over the airwaves, literally making stuff up about this incident. They claim no one in the media is using the word riot and are sending out memes like this:

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Ferguson, Mo is a protest about social justice. Keene, NH are a bunch of drunken frat boys too stupid to attend college. Apples and oranges. Yet here some tweets from black youth not much brighter than the Keene fools.

The kids at threw beer cans at cops and got arrested. Mike Brown threw his hands up and caught SIX shots

If anyone wanted to question if racism still exist in America, please research the coverage of riot and compare it to

How the media works: Whites = Clashes Blacks = Riots Whites = Revelers Blacks = Rioters Whites = College kids Blacks = Thugs

None of this true. White people look at Keene, NH and are siding with the cops. I write about bad cops on a weekly basis, and even I stand with the police here. Not in Ferguson. Keene. No white person, who isn't a racist is looking at Keene and Ferguson and not seeing it for what it really is.

Black people meanwhile ONLY see race and that is just as dangerous as blaming black people for all that's wrong with the world. This is not a black and white issue. One are soused jerks bent on bacchanalian destruction, while the other are angry black people seeing an opportunity to either stand up for what they think is right or criminal minded asses using the opportunity to steal. A big difference is that in Keene, those idiots are drunk. What excuse do black rioters possess?
The point of all of this is that Ferguson has a point to protest and a right one, just not the uneducated thugs using this as an reason to steal from their own community. Keene NH is further proof of an uneducated white youth too stupid to know better. This happened when I was in college too, so it's not a new thing, just a larger one as there are more people on this planet than there should be. Ebola is natures way of telling us that. We need to start working together and soon because the end result is the death of civilization. Fun.

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