Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I know some of you are reading this headline out there and thinking sure Ebola and terrorism could end the world, but Ferguson? But in actuality Ferguson is a symptom with all that is wrong with this country and due to the either apathetic left or insane right, I see very few chances for mass survival over the next decade.
Let's start with an obvious one: Ebola. Right now, Ebola is not a great threat to society. If it is airborne, which it does seem to be, it is of the most limited range possible. Unlike the Flu or smallpox, both of which are contagious at six feet, as of this moment, only those in very close contact with an Ebola victim are contagious. Still, what this is is yet another repeated warning that there are way to many people on the planet.

I am positive that the more conspiracy minded out there will call me out as a government shill working for the CIA in some black budget population control scheme. I am not. I am a man with a science background who predicted this exact scenario way back in 1988. A paper I wrote about mass extinctions, conjecturing that a seventh extinction level event would begin soon due to over-population, was inevitable. As we are killing roughly 30% of the world's animal supply as we speak, I think I can safely say I was right.

But the Earth can also be seen as a living organism, aka the Gaia theory, so we can also equate humans to viruses and overpopulated animal species. If we postulate that this is true, then the Earth will posses natural defense systems to counter what happens when a species get's too big for it's britches. We would see a dwindling of natural resources, degradation to the natural environment, falling fertility rates and diseases culling the herd. Isn't that exactly what is happening to us right now?
Now falling fertility rates sound good, but the reality is that even with plummeting numbers of babies being born for tons of reasons that would take up an article of itself, there are still so many of us that it's already too late. The population is rumored to still grow to 12 billion by the end of the century. There is no way that we can feed and shelter that many people without huge social changes. Considering that anti-aging technology is rapidly becoming reality, that 12 billion may be woefully understated.

This many people, most trying to live a typical middle class life, will destroy this planet and everyone on it. The lack of resources, particularly water which may be a rare thing by 2100, will not support that many thirsty mouths. That alone could wipe out billions. But the scarier thing is that the Earth may intervene long before that.

She has been sending us warnings about NOT going into certain areas, first with AIDS and now Ebola. As we move further and further into areas we are not supposed to be, the planet is going to shake us off like a bad case of fleas. Sooner or later, some monstrosity is going to make it's way out of the rainforest, like full blown airborne Ebola, and then 70% of the planet dies over the next six months. But because we are not having ANY discussions about population control, due to the religious and conspiracy theorists, we are signing our own death warrants.
But we never get that far as it appears Muslim nutbags have struck the Canadian Parliament. Could it be a false flag event to start a bigger war? Maybe. There is the usual fog of war here with reports of multiple gunman, reports by the way that I would be very suspicious of as eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable, especially in tense situations. Stunningly, the security at Parliament seems less severe than getting into the Smithsonian. There are NO outside security guards so anyone could walk right in, which is exactly what happened. This comes hot on the heels of another attack earlier by a Canadian convert to Islam, in which he ran over two soldiers with a car before being taken down in a hail of bullets. What I find odd about this is several Afghani soldiers tried to make it into Canada recently before being arrested. Where they going there to aid in this attack? I always found their explanation of going there to seek asylum fake.

But as I write this, the building is in lock down and at least one gunman is dead. And of course some are blaming Obama for this, somehow not knowing that Canada is a separate country. Muslims have made themselves persona non grata across the planet. If you want to see what real hatred for Muslims looks like, go to places like Burma, India or Denmark. What, Denmark you ask? Throughout Europe, Muslim immigrants have behaved so badly that even the most liberal resident wants them dead. This is not some racist rant against Muslims but a reality that a majority of the planet views this faith as dangerous and evil. North America is one of the last places where this is not true, but every attack like this today turns the tide against them. I truly fear for what will happen to innocent Muslims everywhere if another 911 happens. Today's attack will not help.
Lastly, there is Ferguson, MO. New evidence surfaced today that does not look good for charges being filed against Darren Wilson. The autopsy report, overseen by three different pathologists, all agree that evidence says Wilson's account is more likely than the eyewitness. According to the report, Brown was shot in close range as he struggled for the cop's gun, could not have had his hands up when he was shot, and was most likely moving toward Wilson when he was killed. This would back up other eyewitness, all ignored by the media who built this story up more than it should have been, who said they saw Brown charge at Wilson. I still think this should have all come out in court, but the reality is that charges seem unlikely.

The chances for rioting are 100% when this happens. How big the riots get and the number could alter our country in horrific ways. Public protests could be outlawed for "public safety." Mass arrests could lead thousands of black men into a jail sentence they will never escape from. Laws could be rewritten to give police even more power. If things get bad enough, martial law is also inevitable. What happens if they announce this a day or two before the election? The suspension of elections could have far reaching potential.

I would hope that black people will NOT riot, but that is near hopeless I believe. They are no brighter than the lot of us lately. Republicans are gaining support as the democrats run the worst ad campaign in modern history. They have gone after voters they were never going to get and ignored the base for corporate interests. The full problem of Citizen's United is in full view. Any law they don't like, they are spending billions to talk you out of. And because most people today have the brainpower of a garden slug, are falling for it. Our country is doomed if we don't act, but I already feel it is too late. So sit back, grab a cold one, and wait for the world's end. I have a scary sensation it's coming soon.

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