Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I know these two subjects are diametrically opposite but here goes. First let's start with the big news that Ebola is now here in the US. WHEEEEEE! This is both somehow overblown and frightening all at the same time. It is overblown because, unless the disease has gone airborne, there is nothing to worry about. It is frightening because out government, airline industry and health care system have proven they have no idea how to stop a modern day plague.

Let's start with the elephant in the room and ask why in the holy hell are we allowing ANYONE from the three countries ravaged by Ebola (Nigeria has successfully fought the contagion by doing everything right) into this country without a quarantine? If you want to go to Liberia, fine. But if you want to leave, expect a three week stay in a clean room. This is how you stop epidemics from becoming a disaster. Instead, we not only allow whoever into the USA, even after they become sick, hospitals miss the opportunity to quash it as well. Turns out the patient walked into Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas last Friday, with "non-specific symptoms" and was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics. Apparently, asking a sick black man, obviously foreign, where he may have been recently was too much for a staff apparently too stupid to live, quite literally if this man has Ebola, which he did. As a result, as sick Ebola patients are contagious, he may have spread the disease to family members or the community at large. Yuck.

While anyone on his flight have nothing to worry about, as he was unsymptomatic at the time, anyone in close contact with him AFTER he left the hospital do have to worry, especially as this guy was not a health care worker (like all patients in the US before him) and no one has any idea how he became ill. That's just swell.

Only after he was taken by ambulance, which will now have to be lit on fire to clean it, did they discover their idiotic mistake, a mistake that could put the entire world in jeopardy should he have an airborne strain, even though that is highly unlikely.

The Dow is dropping today because of this as investors are a panicky group that faint at the slightest hint of trouble. It is also being reported that a second case of Ebola may be discovered in the Dallas area and that the patient had access to school children as well. Now, they have all been quarantined. Time will tell if this burns out here, as there is a 90% chance of that, or if this is just the beginning of an epic plague that wipes out mankind. If it's the later, it's because we as a nation have become really, really stupid.

Speaking of stupid, I have had a chance to watch several new programs and there are some, especially any new comedy on ABC, as some of the worst shows I have ever seen. Donald Trump actually tweeted how racist he found Black-ish, to which I had to agree. Some say it isn't, but those people have no idea what racism is. Shows like The Dave Chappelle Show and Key and Peele also poke fun at racism on all sides and do it in a funny, mostly non-offensive way. Black-ish makes white people look like clueless morons intent on keeping the black man down. That's offensive and racist because for the most part, it is completely untrue.

Last night, ABC ran two more "comedies," Selfie and Manhattan Love Story. Both have wicked annoying voice overs, a complete lack of likable characters and a shelf life of a matter of weeks. No way do either of these shows last until the end of October. Selfie is yet another umpteenth version of My Fair Lady, and not well executed considering the two leads, Dr. Who's Amy Pond and Sulu are in it, yet come across as bad caricatures of the worst of Generation Y. There was nothing redeeming about this waste of time. The follow up, had CONSTANT voice overs which made it unwatchable for moment one. Easily one of the worst shows on TV.

This, along with most of CBS' Sunday night line up, are circling the drain. Considering how much they dragged down MAOS, which follows MLS, these two are probably food for the Reaper any minute now. Expect Mysteries of Laura and Red Band Society to quickly follow.

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