Thursday, October 9, 2014


Anyone voting Republican should have their head examined. I know democrats are a bunch of scum sucking, lying weasels, but at least some in the party, like Liz Warren, are trying to do some good. Name me any Republican out there right now how has ANY answers to the current economic disaster that doesn't involve stealing money from the poor and huge tax cuts for the rich which we know from visible, recent experience does NOT WORK? How stupid a people have we become where even established science like evolution is not believed to be true by 42% of the GOP? Let's see those runner ups in a shortened week due to work projects this weekend.

1)Stephen Collins- I hate child molesters more than I hate any Republican in office and that is saying something. Turns out family favorite actor, Stephen Collins has admitted to just that, allegedly at least three times, including a sexual assault on a 14 year old when he was in his twenties way back in 1972. Usually, I hate these kind of accusations years after the fact because most of the time it's some gold digger looking for money with little to no proof and way late. However, these do not come from the accuser, but from leaked tapes that have the actor himself admitting to said crimes. A word to the wise out there, if you actually commit some heinous act like this, NEVER admit it to anyone, least of all your estranged wife during a taped couples counseling visit. As a result, he has been fired from the set of Ted 2 and an upcoming play, forced to resign from the board of the SAG and, worst of all, will be no longer receiving huge residual checks after his long running series, Seventh Heaven,  which was pulled from syndication. I am willing to bet his co-stars, who will also be getting zip from a series that will be DOA, possibly forever, hate him more than his ex-wife does. Imagine realizing that the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions you make every year doing nothing, just ended. I'd be pissed. This once successful actor will be joining Jeffrey Jones on the molester bench of failed actors. Enjoy.

2)Kevin Davis- The more squeamish readers out there may want to skip this next story as it is one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read, let alone published here and I have seen all three Faces of Death movies. Seems budding psychopath and Texas native, Davis was bored with life and hated others, but instead of offing himself, he first strangled his mother, then hit her repeatedly with a hammer. Afterward, he used his hands to play with her brain, and just to be extra-sicko, raped her dead corpse. YUCK! Turns out, he wanted to do the same thing to his sister but she luckily didn't come home in time before he turned himself into the police. He claims to be sane but the jury is out on that one.

3)Anti-pot studies- I have read some real winners this week, including one in Time Magazine that might as well been called Reefer Madness Redox for it's accuracy. In it, it claimed that driving was wildly impaired (it isn't), hallucinations can happen (never in all my years knowing people who smoke weed has this ever happened) and other bullshit explanation that are so far from the truth they might as well say your penis will fly off if you eat gluten ala South Park. Another so called "20 year" study echoed the same level of nonsense, that was made worse when you realized that the study didn't look at any data they did themselves but other studies, many of which were discredited years ago. It would be like studying the Holocaust, but  also using research from deniers that was patently false in their results. Weed is not harmful, not addictive and has been used by mankind for thousands of years. Can we please legalize it already and make some damned money off it?
All aboard the Dow Jones rollercoaster
4)Stock Market investors- This week the stock market dropped 272 points on Tuesday due to the realization that the nothing that was done in Europe to fix their major problems were not working as Germany looked to be entering another recession. Wednesday, a rumor about the FED not raising interest rates got all that back. Today, the market dropped back 320 points as of this writing around 3PM EST as some perhaps realized that the EU is still teetering and the US economy isn't much better. How dumb are Wall Street investors who seem to be schizophrenic beyond words at this point? If you want to worry about something, notice that the market is no longer based on reality but the whims of a small child.

5)The Police versus Black people- There has been an up and down week for both sides of this argument as to who is ultimately at fault for the total loss of respect for both parties by a wide majority of Americans. I have talked with people nationwide who have noticed a huge uptick in douchebag police tactics, a media that refuses to use race as a descriptive factor in crimes and a black community using race as a cover for everything. This was seen best in the Hammond, Indiana case where a cop with attitude ran face first into a black guy being a belligerent ass. Depending on who you talk to, either side was at fault. I think both acted like morons. Jamal Jones was a passenger in a car stopped for a seatbelt violation. Anyone not wearing a seatbelt is a douchebag right there as it gives cops a chance to harass you. After being pulled over, one of the officers (one white, one black) asked Jamal for ID which he stupidly did not have. Let me say this to the cheap seats: by law, every time you leave the house, you MUST carry a photo ID. It is the law in all 50 states and joggers, minorities and the forgetful have all wound up detained because of it. If an officer asks for your ID and you do not have one, they can detain you up to 24 hours to determine who you are. So when this idiot started getting uppity with the cops about not having to show ID, the cops got understandably pissed. When they said get out of the car (a little too roughly by the way and with a strong suggestion of douchebaggery), Jamal refused. So they broke the window, tasered him and dragged him out. He is now suing for wrongful arrest, which is unlikely to fly. Anytime a cop asks you do something, do it. It is understandable why, considering the cops just shot another black guy in St. Louis who may or may not have been armed but regardless, do not give cops any lip. This is not a black or white thing but a common sense thing. At the same time, can we please hire officers who do not have such a huge power trip condition like these two seemed to be getting off on?
6)Governor races in CT and MA- There are governor races going on right now in two states I have lived in or currently live in that offers no choice whatsoever. CT is business douchebag Tom Foley versus current idiot Dan Malloy. Here we have Martha Coakley versus Charlie Baker. Both races are neck and neck because, truth be told, most of us do not like either. Foley is a venture capitalist who knows how to get rid of jobs quick as Malloy does the same by pissing off the gun manufactures that help his ailing state survive, and are now leaving. Neither is good for the state. A recent debate here in MA between Coakley and Baker was the most boring debate I have ever seen as no questions were asked of any importance and the answers given were the typical boiler plate crap I have grown to despise. Not even the third party candidates were any good, leading me to believe that we have truly thrown in the towel when it comes to having anyone run anymore who have any ideas how to fix this country from going flush. At this point, it is unlikely I will even vote as I could not care less who wins. I would not be feeling the same if I lived in Kentucky, Arkansas or Alaska. But here in the MA and CT, it doesn't matter.

7)Scott Walker/Rick Scott- Here are two prime examples of people deserving to be voted out of office. As I will go into more detail below about the idiocy of Republican voters, these two idiots are neck and neck with their opponents somehow. Walker recently denied a livable wage increase, saying $7.25 was plenty to live off of. It isn't. It will now go to the courts to decide. Scott has been an unmitigated disaster for the state of Florida but is still a hair ahead in the polls versus former governor Charlie Christ. This is sad beyond words when people who should be out on their ear may stick around for four to six more years.
8)Leslie Rutledge- This bitch currently running for AG of Arkansas was caught red handed for voter fraud which is ironic as that is what the right, and Rutledge herself, keeps saying the left is guilty of, even though only a handful of cases have been discovered. Rutledge registered to vote in multiple states and the DC area and may have to pull out of the race as well because of this, as you have to a registered voter in the state you are running in, which is true but so are the other two places she was registered as well. She was further hampered by appearing in a Super Pac ad, which is against the law as well. For someone running for AG, she sure doesn't know dick about the law. Let's see how dumb the GOP voters are in that state?
Tea party cartoon
9) Republican voters- How on God's green Earth are people like Mitch McConnell still ahead in the polls? Or a majority of Republicans for that matter? Was everyone in a coma when the GOP had complete control of both Congress and the White House and then used that power to run this once great country into the ground, a fact we are still paying for? What exactly does the right suggest we do that will work that is causing this shift to the red against blue? Nothing the right says they will do will work and we know this because it is the same shit they have been shoveling for years and has been a proven failure. I know Obama is a dick and a lot of democrats in Congress are not much better, but for God's sake, the right is worse. Only if we get rid of the morons in office and give the democrats all the rope to hang themselves with can anything change. If we go back to what didn't work, it won't work again and this time with perhaps fatal consequences. Here in the NE, it doesn't matter much, except in NH where Scott Brown still trails Janet Sheehan and has little chance of eclipsing her at this point. Here in MA, Markey is going to soar to re-election and as in both CT and MA the State Senate is solidly blue, a GOP governor is not going to make that much difference. But if you live in any of the swing states and are voting red over blue just cause, you are part of the problem and are a traitor to this country by signaling you are fine with a fascist regime, which is what the GOP stands for. It is stunning when interviews are given and people are asked questions that show that they are against the GOP ideals. But when asked who they will vote for, it's always anyone with a R next to their name. So congratulations Republican voters in swing states, you are voting against you self interests and in cases where health care is an issue, your lives, and are indeed douchebag of the week.

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