Thursday, October 16, 2014


I cannot turn the news on lately without getting a sudden urge to run head first into a cinder block. Everywhere you look lately all the eye can see is rank stupidity on such a scale it boggles the imagination. Obama=idiot. Congress= morons. Voters= dumber than dirt. The Dow has reached positive, albeit weak, numbers for the first time in a week proving PT Barnum right with his quote about suckers. Nothing has changed economically since yesterday, but somehow investors think things have turned a corner. Wow!
The biggest dork on the planet has to be the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden, who could quite possibly be the single worst head of anything in this country, perhaps the planet. For the past year, he has been involved in one scandal after another, but as the President couldn't be directly blamed for any of his many, many mistakes, Congress has been all but silent on this loser until this week, when democrats spidey sensed an opening and plan on holding hearings about budget cuts the House has implemented over the past six years (more on that later).

By spring of 2014, the CDC was involved in one massive error after another. A highly contagious form of H5N1, bird flu, was sent through the mail which, had it escaped, may have killed millions. Dozens on CDC employees were potentially exposed to live anthrax and botulism bacteria. My favorite was when forgotten samples of smallpox where found in an unlocked, unguarded storage area. Yeah nothing spells trust like a failure to safeguards one of the deadliest diseases known to man.
But with the Ebola crisis, which is simultaneously being overblown and underplayed, Frieden has hot new lows. Everytime he speaks he contradicts himself. My favorite was when, during a press conference, said that while you cannot give Ebola to someone on a crowded bus, you could be infected by it, which makes no sense whatsoever. And the CDC is so poorly run, most likely due to budget cuts, that the country is not safe from anything, let alone a possible outbreak scenario.

The nurse who traveled by plane after being exposed to the disease was never told not to fly. Common sense aside here, the CDC and Texas Presbyterian, have failed AGAIN to run their business correctly, which is to assume that everyone in the building is a moron and should have things spelled out to them in the most direct way possible. The higher ups certainly didn't. Then, when said same nurse called the CDC to report she had a low grade fever, they told her to fly anyway, even though someone symptomatic IS contagious. So someone at the CDC has no idea how Ebola spread, yet works for a group whose job it is to know such things. Unbelievable. But wait, there's more. When the nurse, now infected with Ebola was being transferred to a better hospital, which if history demonstrates from Texas Presbyterian's past, could be a shanty in Bangladesh run by a guy who got his degree on-line, standing next to the gurney, amidst three people on full Hazmat suits, is a guy with NO protective gear whatsoever. This level of incompetence is how worlds end.

Now not all of this is Freiden's fault. But let's face facts, this year he has been at the epicenter of one scandal after another that didn't get the attention it deserved because the GOP was still bitching about Benghazi, the IRS and other pointless talking points that only exist in right-wing land. This guy needs to go if for no other reason than to show some sort of decisive nature from our checked out President. This guy is counting down the days until 2016 something fierce.
A lot of people are blaming Obama for this crisis and he is responsible for not closing our borders, using explanations like the disease will spread faster and we won't be able to get the right people there, both of which all bull. Quarantines work and nothing is stopping the president from using military flights to get necessary people to Ebola ravaged nations while stopping the average Joe from leaving, a must do in this situation. But truth be told, the people ultimately responsible is the Republican party who have slashed the CDC budget by 44% since 2009. This was done in order to give more money to rich people, which is no tanking the world economy. Yet the far right continues to use words like "socialism" and "free market," while at the same time having no idea what those words actually mean. We have cut so much from the government that the right is actively trying to destroy, we have made this country a lot less safe. Yet morons keep voting for these idiots.

Nowhere is that seen better than in Florida where somehow, someway, current governor Rick "Uncle Fester" Scott is still barely behind former governor Charlie Crist. Rick Scott is a felon who stole money from Medicare, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, and should be behind bars. Instead, people are campaigning for him. His idiocy was seen in full force yesterday during a debate when he threw a hissy fit that Crist had a fan under his podium. He refused to come out, siting the rule than "no electronic devices" were allowed on stage. The first problem with that is an electric fan is NOT an electronic device. Second, who cares. Unless the fan was sending him messages in Morse code, which it of course wasn't, then it isn't a problem. When the press tried turning the table of Crist, he responded quite accurately, that questions about a fan were frivolous when things like Ebola, the economy and global warming were far more important. When Rick Scott saw the tide turning against him he decided to go out on stage where he gave a Palin-esque answer. Here it is:

Moderator Elliott Rodriguez asked Scott, “And Governor Scott, why the delay in coming out over a fan?”

Scott’s response as best can be described as this: “I waited to be –’til he — we figured out if he was gonna show up. He said he wasn’t going to come to the uh…uh…he was — he said he wasn’t gonna come to the debate.”
Nevermind the fact that Crist was already out on the podium when Scott threw his tantrum, this is what passes for intellect on the right. And yet some are still voting for this retard. We better wise up people and fast because the absolute morons we keep electing are going to get us all killed sooner than later.

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