Sunday, October 19, 2014


Our health care system in general has been stripped of it's façade for what it really is these past few weeks: a system run by greedy pricks more concerned with profit than public health. Texas Presbyterian is at the epicenter right now and according to the local press, has been a shit hole for some time. Tell me again how Obamacare is ruining the system when this demonstrates that lack of regulations and corporate greed are far, far worse. Let's see those runner ups, a lot which are Ebola related.
1)Republican Governors running for office- If anyone questions why I give the Republicans a much harder time than democrats is because of losers like Rick Scott, Scott Walker, Greg Abbott and Sam Brownback. Anyone voting for these uber-idiots are dumber than they are rating you below pond scum somehow. Greg Abbott, running for governor of Texas, said gay marriage bans decrease out of wedlock births. What? How does that make sense to anyone? Rick Scott had a hissy fit over a fan during a debate and refused to show up, apparently unaware that the words electronic and electric have different meanings in the English language. Maybe's he's secretly Cuban or something. Scott Walker declared that $7.25 was a "livable wage" which is complete nonsense and I issue this challenge to him right now. Get anybody, yourself included, to live off $7.25 and hour, working 40 hours a week and renting a downtown apartment in Madison. Good luck. The winner has to be Sam Brownback who has achieved the impossible and has finally removed all those pesky taxes from ALL businesses in the state. So, if the right is to be believed, it must be a worker's paradise of plentiful jobs, streets lined in gold and everyone making millions of dollars a year right? Oh, no I am being told Brownback has collapsed the state economy, destroyed needed money for things like passable roads and infrastructure, and has lost more jobs than created. Yet, somehow, someway, he is tied for the lead to be Governor still. This is why I hate Republicans. They can destroy something right in front of them and still act like some battered wife. Sad.

2)Democrats- Holy Christ if I see one more Democrat do/say something incredibly stupid, I am going to slit my wrists. Rachel Maddow said the other day that the Democrats deserve to lose for all the dumb things they are doing and I couldn't agree more. Their ads are targeting the right which will NEVER vote for them and ignoring their own base they need to get to show up to keep the Senate. Instead, they are blaming Obama for everything, which is not going to get black people to vote as you are pissing all over a guy they still like. Incredulously, they have not moved toward young people by advocating the legalization of marijuana, which a huge majority of candidates still oppose. Way to win over the youth. And they have so over hyped "diversity," without any real reason to crow about it, both minorities and whites are getting ticked off. Allison Grimes refused to say whether she voted for Obama about a million times which is just making more and more press and none of it for her advantage. She has been so bad lately, the democrats gave up what should have been a winnable state. The worst is a congressional race on Staten Island which pits Mike Grimm, under 20 counts of fraud, corruption and the like, versus Domenic Recchia, a man I believe may be mentally challenged. There is no other reason to suspect otherwise as he seem to lack even a basic grasp of government policy. This week he unbelievably said he supported the TPP, which a vast majority of Americans from all sides hate, and then when on to prove he had no idea what it was when he went off on some nonsense about it creating jobs here, when the exact opposite of the plan is true as it is NAFTA on steroids. The race is close and I can see why. Neither should win. Can we please have a "none of the above," lever this election?

3)AIG and Maurice "Hank" Greenberg- In what can only be described as tremendous hubris, Greenberg and AIG actually sued the federal government this week for not giving them more money in the stimulus package. Apparently $182 billion wasn't enough money, as two other banks, you know ones that didn't collapse completely like AIG did, got more money than him. WWWAAAAAA! The rich want more and more, and nothing will stop them. This 90 year old better get his asbestos booties ready because his day is acoming and soon, and when it does, it's going to get very, very hot. What a dick.

4)People leaving quarantine- Dr. Nancy Snyderman, for NBC news, went to Liberia to cover the Ebola crisis, unprotected, and her camera guy was infected, after power washing a car, somehow not knowing the disease can aerosol in that circumstance. So Snyderman had to be "self quarantined," which she broke to go to some restaurant to get her favorite soup. Wow! Even if not infectious, this is how panics start. And you are a so called "expert." Sigh. Then we had a nurse from Texas Presbyterian, Amber Jo Visson, decide now would be a good time to go on a trip to Ohio, possibly infectious both there and back. HOLY CRAP! Now while the CDC get some of the blame on this, common sense should have said maybe postponing the trip across the country might be a good idea. This is why the country is falling apart: no one has ANY common sense anymore and certainly not these two idiots.

5)Joseph Randle- Are black people preprogramed for crime lately? Yet another black athlete has been arrested, this time for the unthinkable, rape, murder perhaps? Nope. This time is was shoplifting. So a guy making millions of dollars a year thinks nothing about stealing underwear and cologne which would have set him back a few hundred dollars. Who does he think he is, Winona Ryder? Why do some think they are above the law, and that obviously extends to white people as well? Stunningly, Randle landed an endorsement deal for underwear out of all this, but he is still being fined $29,000 a game and has to donate a lot of money to charity but come one, this behavior should not be rewarded. And can some white or Hispanic player do something stupid, because there are WAY to many black people getting arrested this year, with all but one, black? That's not racism. That's reality.

6)Obama- It is bad enough that we do not have a travel ban from anyone who has recently been to one of three hot zones right now, but he's not making anyone feel better when a Ebola Czar was named this week and instead of some towering figure of responsibility and authority, chose some idiot lobbyist instead. Ron Klein helped cause the housing crisis and led to the loan of Solyndra which never should have happened. Yeah, he sounds peachy. Obama has left the building apparently, because I get the feeling he would rather being Basketball than running the government. Honestly, who can blame him.

7)Ebola jokes and scaremongering by the MSM- Never has a problem occurred that has been somehow both overplayed and underplayed at the same time. The MSM continues to blast us with mostly erroneous information that they would know about if they were actually interested in doing their job. The sky is not falling, the world is not ending and Ebola is not airborne. At least not yet, according to several experts who are saying the strain is showing signs of strengthening and could become airborne, although the chances for that are still small, but not zero. Yet the media tells us nothing. And then some think it funny to get on crowded buses or planes and say, " I have Ebola." Yeah, real funny. Some are even calling 911 and using Ebola as a way to get quicker health service. It will also get you 21 days in a cell but hey whatever floats your boat.

8)Republicans and the CDC- Republicans have been throwing Obama under the bus for not stopping flights to and from hot zone countries, oblivious to the fact that there are NO direct routes to Africa from here. And then they seem to not remember that they were the ones who cut the CDC budget by 44%, thus preventing things like Ebola vaccines to happen. I am sure happy that rich people were able to buy that third summer home so that the rest of us could worry about an Ebola cure that might have happened instead. Rich people suck and a lot of you are helping them. Way to be traitors and morons.
Chart showing cuts to CDC emergency preparedness funding.
9)Tom Frieden and the CDC- This whack job running the CDC is a joke. Under his watch, scientists sent dangerous flu samples through the mail, exposed dozens of people to anthrax and discovered s smallpox sample in an unlocked, unguarded store room. Lately, the CDC is putting out information about Ebola that is directly contradicted by the WHO, the Canadian Government and the UK Air force. Ebola can be transmitted by sweat, which means any exposed surface is vulnerable to the disease, not just through cuts in the skin or through an orifice. Then, some idiot told infected nurse Amber Visson that traveling by plane was no problem, even though she was showing symptoms, meaning she was infectious. EEEEWWWWWWW! If I had even looked at that plane she was on, I would have showered with chlorine, burned all my clothes and barricaded myself in my bedroom for the next 21 days. This ass is not qualified for this job, which is just like every appointee we have seen for more than a decade now.

10)Texas Presbyterian- Texas health care has been one of the worst run hospital systems in the country, finishing at or near the bottom for decades now. A total lack of regulations, something the state is known for, is draining these companies of needed materials. Right to work rules mean people coming forward saying how bad this place is, risk their jobs because they can be fired for any reason. Who actually thinks that is a good thing? Word is, the hospital left infected materials piled to the ceiling as they lack an incinerator and the stuff has to be driven 100 miles away. Way to save a buck. The place is now near empty as no one in their right mind wants to set foot in this death zone now. Especially since not one, but two nurses became infected due to lack of training and gear. They were making $600 million a year, none of which was actually being spent on health care and instead into shareholders pockets. If we ever do get airborne strain, pray they don't wind up here, or we will all be dead in six months. So congratulations Texas Pres. you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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