Sunday, August 31, 2014


Had to give a rare tie to two forces who seem hell bent on ending all life on the planet. Will Putin start a nuclear war in his unadvised return to Cold War politics or will Isis make life unbearable for every single Muslim on Earth with their extremists positions? Only time will tell but we seem to be headed for a cliff from which survival seems unlikely. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Chris Christie and Pension Reform- Chris Christie is a bloated tick who lies more than just about any politician alive and yes, that includes Obama, who if was he was Pinocchio would have a nose that circled the Earth. Many see him as a straight talker but that's only for the MSM and morons who get all the news from right wing loons. Everything is somebody else's fault for Christie, ala the bridge scandal, and things like unions and pensions are bankrupting the country. Actually, the thing bankrupting the country are greedy Wall St. douchebags getting fifty cents off the dollar on all pension plans nationwide. Then, when they start to fail, it's the fault of regular people demanding a real pension and not rich losers stealing from us blind. With this guy it is constantly not his fault, but the greedy (insert group here) unions, teachers, public officials, or whatever makes right wingers get a hard on. The funny part is the whole pension crisis was caused by the Republicans under Whitman when she borrowed from a then surplus and never paid it back, just like Social Security which we keep being told is going broke for the same reason. The government is stealing from you and corporations are all for it as they are the ones making a mint off it. Keep voting for Republicans douchebags and see how far we fall next year.

2)Ultra-liberals- I hate liberals sometimes as much as the far right. This week, mostly liberal women who must have some sort of genetic need to complain, faulted the late Robin Williams for a bit from the eighties that pocked fun at Islam and Iran. In it, Williams grabbed a scarf, put it around his head like a hijab, and said "Welcome to Iran. Help me." Women, and a few men, screeched about racism, not realizing that this was actually sacrilegious as this was about religion not race. Morons. Iran is not our friend (the government, not the people) and Islam is definitely not a Western ally. Can we please stop having this false outrage over EVERYTHING? There are real things to bitch about, the economy, the environment, the Republican party to name a few, so can we stop already with this nonsense? Then we had the same group attack Liz Warren for her reasonable stance that Israel is allowed to defend themselves when she authorized funding for the obviously needed Iron Dome system. Some on the left screamed bloody murder about this, not realizing that war is sometimes inevitable and people, including children, die every day because of it. Funny how these same lunatics kept quiet during the last few Gulf Wars which killed millions of children between bombs, bullets and sanctions.

3)Black Racists- This week, a group of black racists beat Ralph Weems nearly to death in the parking lot of a Waffle House in Mississippi for the crime of being white. Even more surprising, police are NOT treating this as a hate crime, even though it fits every definition of what happened. Why are black people allowed to be racist against white people with zero repercussions, but if a white guy says something innocuous like "pot calling the kettle black," it's racist and that person should be vilified? There is WAY too much racism right now in the black community, a fact echoed by my black friends who live in some terrible neighborhoods. Fact is, this is turning a lot of white people more and more racist. So keep it up black people if you want to see what real racism looks like as there are a lot more of us than there are of you.

4) Christine Lagarde- The head of the IMF is in trouble as she is being investigated for fraud and corruption charges. Why are the French so often embroiled in charges of corruption? The IMF has backed her against the charges but I wonder if she not actually guilty considering her awful tenure so far. She has acknowledged that her plans to save the EU has not worked and that austerity measures have done little good. In response to this momentary spark of reason, she then chose to do absolutely nothing on response. Stunning. She is now caught up in the same scandal that has gotten former President Sarkozy which involves some sort of pay or play deal worth almost 300 million euros. Is there no one on Earth we can trust anymore?

5)Arizona Gun Laws- This week, a nine year old girl shot her gun instructor in the head when the Uzi she was firing rocketed back in her hands, shooting her instructor in the head. This is the exact same circumstances that took place here in MA in 2008 when a boy firing an Uzi shot himself in the face. And while the nine year old, who will be facing years of therapy, has zero blame in this, the parents from NJ do and especially the gun range that allows a nine year old to fire such a powerful weapon that has proven fatal in the not too distant past. Gun experts say the instructor did everything wrong from where he stood, to the amount of bullets in the gun. And he's the expert? I am all for letting people own whatever guns they want but no one under the age of sixteen should be using these types of weapons. Period.

6)Zara's- In a bit so mind bogglingly stupid, you have to wonder if IQ's are not dwindling rapidly world wide. These ass clowns said to themselves, "You know what be great fun. Concentration Camp chic." So these brainpowers went and designed said shirt with stripes and a huge star of David on it and actually put it in their stores. Guess what group had a giant conniption with this and rightfully so? The shirts were pulled quick but way to damage your rep Zara's.

7)Will Hayden- The star of the now cancelled Sons of Guns was arrested this week for repeatedly raping an 11 year old girl. What a douche. Anyone who rapes a child deserves the hell they are going to get because one thing I know about prison from some of the people I know still there, is that they LOVE child molesters in jail. Prisoners cannot wait to explain to these lowlifes how much they hate what they have done. Criminals may be evil but even they toe the line when it comes to kids and animals. On a quick side note, some idiot reporter said a Sons of Anarchy star had been arrested, instead of Sons of Guns so way to fact check douche.

8)Death- Will someone please tell the Grim Reaper to lay off funny comics and go after some of the less talented. We just got over the death of Robin Williams and now it looks like the supremely funny Joan Rivers may join him. I am not into fashion and still watch her Fashion Police show to see what quips she had for the week. At 81, she was still sharp as a tack. But now she in a coma and things look bleak. I wish her only the best and hope Death will go after Tom Green, Pauly Shore or some other unfunny douchewad instead.

9)Burger King and Warren Buffet- Had the world not been set to flame broil, these two would have been my douchebag of the week. Burger King unwisely has decided to move their HQ to Canada in what appears to be a blatant tax dodge. Warren Buffet put up $3 billion for the move, proving that their are no good billionaires out there and the whole group should be tarred and feathered for this nonsense. Walgreens faced such a backlash they stopped their inversion tactics. Fate will see if BK will follow suit, or if boycotts doom the franchise. I know I have eaten my last Whopper.

10)Isis/Putin- Who will end the world first? Will it be Isis by doing an act of terror so heinous that the rest of the world commits genocide against all Muslims? Or will Putin start a nuclear war by invading Ukraine? It's a toss up. Isis has gone so far to say they are targeting the Pope, which would be the start of another World War, just like when Gavic Princip killed Archduke Ferdinand and set the stage for hundreds of millions of deaths world wide for the next forty years. One man set the world ablaze in 1914. It could happen again if Pope Francis gets assassinated by one lone nut bag. Or Isis could set up bubonic plague bombs as one recovered laptop of theirs suggested. There is supposedly a lot of chatter about an upcoming attack either in London or on our Southern Border. Either way, Muslims will become the new Japanese of the late 1930's and we all know what happened to them. And then there is Putin who bravado is reaching dangerous territory. He repeatedly reminds people Russia has nukes, apparently oblivious to the fact that the rest of the world does too. The EU has given Russia one week to pull out of Ukraine or face more sanctions. Considering all 28 countries have to agree on this, that threat may be unlikely but you never know. Either way, Putin is putting the world at risk for old school land conquests. So congratulations Isis and Putin you are both douchebags of the week.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Last year, all signs pointed to a massive loss by the GOP for shutting down the government and acting like spoiled children. The democrats had it in the bag. All they had to do was not do anything stupid and run a smart advertising campaign. Then the President somehow blew the launch of his signature program, named after him for God's sake, to such an extent that it STILL isn't really working yet in some states like here in MA where the website is still somewhat broken. The one thing, ONE THING, that had to go right, blew up in their faces and they are still reeling from it. But the Republicans are still acting like drunken Nazi's, not that you'd never know it from the deomcarts incredibly inept ad campaign that borders on a dive mentality.

Take Tom Cotton from Arkansas. I watched a lot of political ads while there recently. The ones from Tom Cotton were filled with half-truths, misleading statements and outright lies. Helpful hint, if you ever see any "information" from the beyond awful Heritage Foundation, realize that there is zero chance of it being true. They specialize in using fake data to set their right wing agenda and if their building should one day be set ablaze from an angry mob, I will hold up my hand in solidarity. Anyone who works for these douchebag extremes are terrible human beings.

But his opponent, Mark Pryor, is running a spectacularly bad campaign as well, not helped by outside ads that are some the dumbest I have ever seen. Cotton is a Koch backed lunatic, yet that doesn't appear in ANY ads I have seen. The most prevalent one is this stupid idea that anyone in Arkansas gives a crap that Cotton voted against funding for a children's hospital and then said he did vote for it. OHHHH, that'll get people to the polls. Cotton is a dangerous man if he has the backing of the Koch brother. They need ads that highlight minority and women positions that will be headed for the shredder if the GOP gets complete control of Congress. Or how about ones that say the GOP will eliminate unemployment, minimum wage hikes, and food stamps, something that a majority of the people in that state use? Where are those ads? Whose running these campaigns?

As for the MSM, they can take a flying leap as well for the stunning lack of reporting about Mitch McConnell's interview with Politico when he said point blank that if the Republicans get control of the Senate, they will grind everything to a halt with riders that will force the President to use his veto power on a near daily basis. None of this will fix anything and actually make things worse. So who in their right mind would vote for this?

An audio tape has also surfaced from that meeting last month headed by the Koch brothers and attended by people like Tom Cotton, Jody Ernst and other GOP hopefuls, as well as the usual brand of retards like McConnell. In the audio tape linked below, McConnell explains in detail what his plans are if the GOP takes the Senate.

Here an excerpt:

“So in the House and Senate, we own the budget. So what does that mean? That means that we can pass the spending bill. And I assure you that in the spending bill, we will be pushing back against this bureaucracy by doing what’s called placing riders in the bill. No money can be spent to do this or to do that. We’re going to go after them on healthcare, on financial services, on the Environmental Protection Agency, across the board (inaudible). All across the federal government, we’re going to go after it.”

So if you vote for a GOP candidate, understand that their ultimate goal is to bring this country down. How American is that? At least his opponent is running ads that highlight McConnell willingness to drown the poor by cutting services and his desire to eliminate the CPA which is the only thing at this point protecting us from the evil Koch brothers and his equally douchey billionaire associates. Hell even Warren Buffett looked like quite the ass this week for investing in Burger King's unwise move to the north, which is something that may doom the franchise if a major boycott does happen.

McConnell is a stain on society and anyone voting for this jerk deserves the hell that will come with it. Depend on food stamps? Not in a GOP world. Can't get by without unemployment? The right has killed any chance of that, unless of course Obamacare gets repealed. Tuition going up? The right has guaranteed that.

So by all means vote for a Republican this fall is you really hate America because not only will their ideas not work, they will destroy us. Look no further than Europe who have done the exact things the GOP is clamoring for. How well has that worked there? Oh that's right, it hasn't. Yet the yahoos of the US only care about abortion and gay people, which matter very little in the long run, as we are in a period of epic decline. The democrats have done little to help because of nonsense like the Citizen's United Act which ended democracy in this country once and for all and they now have to bow down to the corporate overlords like the rest of us. If they don't play ball, they don't get any money. No money, equals epic loss. And that is the unfortunate truth. Ha, Heritage Foundation. That is what truth looks like. Drink it in, because I highly doubt you will ever see it again in your world.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We are now seeing reverse racism everywhere on the planet where the white guy has to watch his every word for even a hint of politically incorrect bull while every other race seems to free to do as they please when white people are involved.

The most extreme case happened in Mississippi the other day when two white men were beaten within an inch of their lives by a group of twenty black guys upset over the media-inflamed Mike Brown case whose funeral the other day was like a head a state dying rather than the thug wannabe this kid was. Whether he was shot for false reasons have yet to be determined, although a recent CNN piece about an alleged audio tape of the shooting has been called into question by experts and CNN has backed off on its authenticity. Incidentally, CNN is laying off a lot of people as their ratings are in the toilet and it is because of an inability to report the news correctly that is driving people to the ultra-false narratives of MSNBC and Fox news. Can we please have a network that reports the freaking news already?

But back to Ralph Weems IV, who was in critical condition but now stabilized, in an attack at a Waffle House that for some inane reason is not being labeled a hate crime. WTF? How is this NOT a hate crime? Because hate crimes only apply to white people, that's why? I haven't been able to find any stats on this trend but I am willing to bet the number of non-whites charged with hate crimes is as close to zero as one gets. In other words, the hate crime law itself has become racist against white people, which is a thing regardless of what anyone says. Weems, and his friend, were beaten whose only crime is being white. When has this happened the other way where black people are beaten by a group of whites that were not the police? Never, unless you time travel back to the Deep South 1960's. Today, it's black people you have to worry about and with good reason. Again, all black people are not bad, but all black racists are black. And their numbers are growing thanks to thug culture and anti-white blame game nonsense. This will not end well.
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By the way, how come white people didn't riot over this? How come the media ignored this story, just like the very similar story of a black cop in Utah shooting an unarmed white kid? Do you still think that reverse racism isn't in play here? I sure didn't see Al Sharpton at either venue, or at the nine year old Chicago kid's funeral who got shot five times in chest, or the 13 year old Compton teen shot by his 17 year old neighbor while he slept in his own room, or the Dorchester teen who got shot in a drive by. Funny how nobody reported any of that.

And this not just happening here. In the UK, a major scandal is brewing over news that at least 1400 kids had been sexual abused in a Pakistani community, solely because officials didn't want to look like racists. That's how far we've fallen. White people cannot even protect children anymore, because anytime a white guy does anything, it's racist, even when it's not. This number may be on the low side, and the UK government knew these kids were being tortured, abused and raped and did nothing because the minorities of the world have decided to cry wolf at every opportunity. The end result is this. Happy now? Other stories of similar incidents have cropped up in the UK as well recently, including a high level pedo ring that may have had ties to the government. Shocker.

Not even Robin Williams is safe as the recent tribute during the Emmy's to the fallen star was deemed racist, mainly by white liberal women who really need a tall cool glass of shut the fuck up already. We get it, you like to complain. There are SO many things to bitch about so stop going after needless nonsense like this. In a bit from the eighties, Williams takes a scarf from a woman in the audience and ties it around his head like a burka. He then says "Welcome to Iran. Help me." That's funny and not racist in any sense of the term. He was making fun of Islam, which makes it sacrilegious, and Iran, who is still our enemy, but not racist as race had nothing to do with the joke. If you going to play the race card at least use the damn term right.

Here something to actually complain about: the housing market is heading south again. New houses sold in the Northeast have fallen a whopping 30.8% this last quarter, with the Mid-west and West showing similar double digit losses. Only the South saw an eight point gain, mostly due to lower cost of living stats.

Prices are also falling nationwide as flipping houses is ending as a money maker, something I have warned people about six months ago when major players like Blackstone ended 60% of their rental holdings. Only 31,000 distressed houses were sold last quarter, which is down almost 800,000 since this time last year. Ouch. Median house prices have dropped 3.9% since June and 6% since May. They are still up around 3% from this time last year, but the writing is on the wall that housing prices may start sliding and fast as new buyers have left the market, due to overpricing and companies like Blackstone pricing first time buyers out of the market as they pay cash over a mortgage. Mortgage rates have started to fall again as reality set in that the housing market may be set to implode again, or as some have put it, housing bubble 2.0.

Check out this graph below. Notice that around 2004, the housing market started to deflate and hasn't really recovered since. More houses are on the market than we have buyers, meaning prices are going to nose dive and quick when no one is buying as prices fall and investors wait for the bottom before jumping back in.


With auto repos also in the rise due to the same mortgage scam now being used on car owners, our unfixable economy is out of control. God knows when the crash will happen as the Richie Rich's have their fingers all over everything, but not even they can keep all these plates spinning indefinitely. When one crashes, they all will, and then things will get very, very bleak, very, very fast. Prepare for it, because even if it doesn't happen in the next six to eight weeks, as I suspect it might, I doubt it has much more momentum to make it much past Christmas.

Monday, August 25, 2014


The more I talk with people across this country, especially white people, the more racism I see. The funny part is that none of these people ten years ago felt the way they do know and, unbelievable as it may sound, black people are to blame for this sudden increase. It seems that every time a black person is addressed for any reason in the slightest negative tone, it's because they are black. It's not because they are speeding, acting like a douche bag or committing an actual crime, no it's because they are black and that is the only reason. It's becoming grating to a lot of tolerant people and that is not good news for anyone.

Take the coverage of Mike Brown, who may or may not have deserved to get shot, which paints this guy in an unrealistic light. One by the AP, makes him sound like a freaking saint, a total puff piece, that fails to mention his love of weed, and rapping about killing white people. I have at least 50,000 songs in my collection and not one has any phrase that would be disparaging to any race. No kill blackie songs. No I hate Asian ditties. No racism period. Why is this acceptable for the black community to record hate music and not get called out for it?

Another article in CNN today, written by a black woman named Kimberly Norwood, makes a few good points about raising her kids that are black in a white community. But she also injects race where none belong. She says she is stopped at lot because she is black, but she also admits speeding, which we all get pulled over for. She says she feels Black Crow laws are coming back (they aren't in even the deep south) and that black people are getting a raw deal. The funniest part is that she's a black woman and lawyer who obviously benefited from affirmative action laws and black scholarships that are somewhat racist to begin with. Race shouldn't matter but your performance. Economics matter more than race and that should be the deciding factor. But I digress.

She goes on to say her and her daughter gets followed by store security all the time and passed over for white customers. I can't speak for the latter but the former is because black people do commit more crimes than white people and FBI stats back that up. 50% of all murders are committed by black people and 90% of that is black on black crime. In the DC area black on white crime is up 18 fold from last year. Some idiots suggest that white on black crime is not being reported as black people don't trust the cops. If some black guy ever gets mugged by a white dude, he will sprint to the police and then the media, where it becomes a spectacle. Don't you find it odd that a black cop shot a white guy in Utah the other day and no one said boo about it. Nordstrom's weren't looted as white yuppies ran rampant down Fifth Ave throwing rocks through Starbucks and turning over BMW's. The sad fact is, if you are black and male and young, you are three times more likely to commit a crime than any other race. You are not getting stopped because you are black. You are getting stopped because almost all the people cops see committing crimes are also black. When you hear hooves, you think horses not zebras.

Or take this gem which somehow got zero press somehow. In Chicago, which is the murder capital for black people lately, a nine year old asked his mom for a cupcake. She said no so he threw a fit and ran outside. Bad move as some dick, almost certainly black from the make-up of the neighborhood where it happened, shot the kid five times in the chest. What kind of man shoots a child five times in the chest? And where is Reverend Al Sharpton with this horror story? MIA along with any press outside a smattering from the local news. Doesn't this poor nine year old matter too?

Black people have got to stop blaming the white man for their problems and accept that they alone are to blame for 90% of their own predicament. You don't see this same levels of violence in poor Hispanic communities, poor white communities, and if they exist, poor Asian communities. Why is it only black people killing themselves in record numbers and then blaming white people for it? Stop the racism and realize, it is not because you are black that you don't matter. It's because you are poor.

Then there is Burger King which is trying to take over Tim Horton's, a popular doughnut place, and more their headquarters to Canada to pay lower taxes. First off, if Tim Horton's disappear, we may see the first major Canadian riots as they LOVE Tim Horton's there. Second, inversions for businesses that depend on US business do poorly when the general public hears about it. Ask Walgreen's how that decision destroyed their profits overnight until they wisely said, "Just kidding," and scrapped the plan. BK may have to do the same soon. Hope you like boycotts because one is coming.