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A quick side note that because of work requirements in which I have taken a job that would normally take months and only have days to do it in, my column will suspend until Tuesday. The Warmonger has to eat so you'll have to make do without me for a few days. Something tells me, few out there will even notice. If you are out there are care about this site, feel free to donate to my PayPal account as I could really use the money.

But with weather becoming a serious problem, and here in the Northeast this weekend, horrific, we can all silently give a big FU to Mother Nature, climate change deniers and everyone still posting that idiotic article in the UK Independent 15 years ago about how snow was a thing of the past, as if it was some scientific journals and not a rag wanting to sell newspapers. Let's see those runner ups.
10)Republican voters- A recent poll recently said Condi Rice was not only the front runner for Barbara Boxer's spot in Congress after she retires, but she leads against unnamed democrats as well. Now mind you, it is way to early to even suggest she could win but the fact that she is in the running at all says loads about how stupid a people we are. Voters there do know she should be behind bars right now correct? It's the same with Jeb Bush who has hired the same felonious douchebags who lied to get us into the Iraqi war with zero repercussions. These assholes committed WAR CRIMES, not some fictitious scandal they keep drumming up against Obama, but real crimes. The kind they hang you for. Bush, Cheney and the like don't travel much as there is the possibility they will be arrested the minute they leave US soil. And yet some out there think Jeb Bush will somehow be different from two of the worst presidents in American history. The only bright spot I see is that Chris Christie is falling out of favor fast with donors with both NY and NJ top donors going to other candidates and his polls numbers shrinking fast. That douchebag appears to be done before the race even started. Of course the words race and Christie don't go together anyway so there's that. Can the GOP wake up and smell the coffee burning already with these awful front runners?

9)The Oscars- Having watched some of the nominees up for an award I have to say a lot of them are not as good as you would think. The Grand Budapest Hotel was a pointless, badly directed film that never once seemed like anything but a movie. Whiplash should have been like Still Alice which had great performances in it but wasn't that great a movie, and why it wasn't nominated beyond acting awards. Force Majeure, which many saw as a slight for not being nominated, deserved to be left off the list as it was pretty bad and one of the few they got right. Several anonymous voters commented on how they thought a lot of the best picture nominees weren't that great, and that missing out on movies like Guardians of the Galaxy showed a snobbery that was getting old fast. They actually said Guardians which I thought was fantastic as it was my favorite movie from last year and also thought it should be nominated. Why is it dramas are the only ones to get any love while also being the easiest films to make? Comedy, horror and sci-fi are much harder. Even stranger is that Interstellar got nowhere beyond technical awards and again, far better than most of the best picture nominees this year. The Oscars this year are going to be BORING as most of the pictures no one has seen, most of the awards are already known who is going to win and for the most part, no one cares. Again.

8)Walking videos of harassment- These have become all the norm lately. A random minority walks down the street and gets "harassed." Now in some cases, they have a point. A woman walking down the street doesn't need to be told she has a great ass or would she like to come over and screw some random guy. That's crass. Likewise for black people, gay people or Jews to be treated badly just because. A recent video of a Jew walking down Muslim areas of Paris showed some real hate where none should really exist. Now on the flip side, the Jewish video took ten hours of footage and boiled it down to ninety seconds. That's not quite the same as being constantly harassed. The same goes for a pretty girl walking down the streets of NYC in which 90% of what was being said was complementary not harassment. If someone says your beautiful and that's all, that's not being harassed that being paid a compliment, unwanted or not. Oh, the horror, someone called you pretty. Stop the presses we've got another Selma riot on our hands. Oddly, the one who got the worst of it was a good looking guy who got harassed by women and gay guys alike, but God forbid some straight white guy gets harassed. That's not PC enough. The world is way too thin skinned lately and we need to grow up stat.
7)Anti-vaccine morons- I get it. You don't trust doctors or pharmaceuticals or reality. And you shouldn't. However, unless there is some real good data out there, which there isn't that says vaccines are dangerous, immunize your fucking children already. The only thing that may have some weight is the fact that vaccines may not work as well as they used to due to Big Pharma cutting back on cost controls to maximize profit. That I can believe. But all that does is make it more likely you will get disease, not that your kids will be a drooling idiot soon after and a completely separate problem that is the thing you should be much more worried about. We have also heard from moron central that diseases are coming across the border from Mexico which is why the uptick in Measles. The fact remains however that Mexico has an excellent vaccination program and it is actually the reverse in that stupid Americans are bringing the measles to them, as is being reported in scientific journals and the Mexican government. Now that's funny. Vaccines do NOT cause autism. Having children way later than God intended us to have is probably why autism is on the rise so the cure is to eliminate debt and a better paying starting wage not vaccinations. This is why you are not being told the truth as that would make everything better and this anti-vaccination nonsense makes a better cover.
6)Marie Harf- Some people I have no idea how they got to where they are. This clueless bitch is a prime example. She currently is the Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department (CIA) and has spent most of her career talking about such bullshit I am surprised she still has a job. She has continued the Obama spin that we are not fighting Muslims but terrorists who have bastardized it, which is not entirely true. There are a lot of moderate Muslims out there who believe that leaving the religion or drawing the prophet Mohammed is a reason for killing them. That is pretty out there. When she asked recently about what other non-Muslim terrorist groups we are going after, she couldn't name one. She was forced to apologize for the massive blunder over not sending a high level person to France after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. And now she laughably says if the terrorists only had jobs none of this would be occurring, oblivious to the fact that a lot of these terror attacks world wide are being committed by people either in school, like the Boston Bombers, doctors, like the Scottish attack on their airport years back or educated idiots like the 9/11 attackers. Jobs wasn't that factor here, religion was. We better wake up soon that Muslim religious morons are starting to take over a lot of territory, like the Nazi's and if we do not treat it like an existential threat, one day, one of these guys is going to do something momentous in which thousands, maybe even millions die. And Harf will have no idea until after it is way too late.

5)SNL haters- We get it. You don't like the show. So stop watching then. I am so tired of hearing "SNL was funny...." and then insert date here. Yes the show has been hit or miss for years but considering it is forty years old, I think it has held up rather well. The usual trolls have come out about the special that aired last Sunday and I loved it, except for the fact that Eddie Murphy was barely there, having refused to play Bill Cosby in the Jeopardy sketch, which was the highlight of the night. This is why his career is in the toilet lately: bad decision making. SNL is an institution and if you don't like it, do something else. No one's forcing you to tune in.
4)Nicolas Brendon- The only person from Buffy the Vampire Slayer not to hit it big after, with SMG, Allison Hannigan, Seth Green, Charisma Carpenter and even Danny Strong still going gangbusters years later, Brendon's career has sank to occasional guest spots of Criminal Minds and a very good direct to DVD film called Coherence and that's about it. He was re-arrested this week for refusal to pay for damages that occurred at a hotel room for which he was previously booked for disturbance claims. This may have had to do with the end of his four month marriage that imploded like his career. I can only hope he does better than this because I like the guy.

3)Andrew S. Hanen- Yet another douchebag activist judge the right screams about when the ruling doesn't go their way and then remain eerily quiet when it does. This dick from Texas just quashed Obama's immigration law which this country desperately needs as the Republican idea is to send them all back to wherever, even though it is not possible in the slightest. Immigration laws need to be updated and revised but the GOP idea for anything not working is to get rid of it, unless it is already not working in which case it should stay indefinitely. These people are retarded.

2)Vanilla Ice- The former rapper was arrested this week for Grand Theft after an empty home next door to one he was renovating for his show was robbed and the stolen material was found in his house. This is from TMZ:

According to the arrest report ... Ice lied to cops about owning the vacant Lake Worth, FL house where his "Vanilla Ice Project" TV crew allegedly made off with the pilfered items -- but he claims he thought some of the stuff was fair game because it was on the curb.

But that doesn't jibe with his foreman who says Ice also instructed the production crew to go inside the house ... and target specific items like a pool heater, valued at $3000. The foreman says Ice also lied to him about owning the place.

Oops! Something tells me, Ice is going to be going to the pokey soon, which would help his street cred he once tried to peddle as a tough kid from the streets when in actuality he grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood. Bye Bye, Ice.
1)Weather and climate denial- Here in the Northeast, we are looking at an absolute disaster this weekend as the Boston area is going to get a driving rain which will add significant weight to the 4000 feet of snow we already have. A shopping mall I drive by daily collapsed yesterday and two people were nearly killed when a wave of snow from a rooftop buried them completely and had to be dug out avalanche style. Trust me when I say people would much rather have two more feet of snow than rain at this point. Meanwhile, the climate deniers are crowing about the cold, unaware that one of the signs of climate disturbances is the fact that more moisture in the air means more snow not less and we are seeing it here in the NE in spades. Climate change is real and we are seeing it now on a monthly basis. This winter is sure a record winner. And so is Mother Nature and the idiots who think humans are not affecting the weather. So congratulations you two, you are all douchebags of the week.

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