Thursday, February 12, 2015


Anyone who questions the dumbing down of America need look no farther than then people in power in our government, our media and our entertainment systems. When did this nation become a country run by lunatics? Why do idiots keep voting these same people into office? Why haven't lynching of CEOs become commonplace by now? When did we sell our souls for a new I-pad?
Take movie critics lately. I speak from experience on this subject as I worked in the entertainment and news media industry for some time, even having been a professional film critic for almost five years for a medium sized newspaper. Lately, however, film reviews have bordered on the unreadable due to a profound lack of film experience beyond the most boring dramas the industry has to offer.

I take special umbrage with any praise for the way over-hyped nonsense called The Grand Budapest Hotel. I have talked with dozens of people from all walks of life and living in different parts of the world and every single one of them said the movie wasn't that great. But critics and Oscar voters saw something the rest of us didn't and awarded it some of it's highest honors. This reminds me of the time Juno won best screenplay that still to this day I consider one of the worst movies EVER. To say I loathed it would be a vast understatement. Every character in that film talks the same, hipster bullshit kind of way and I would like to point out that since then, everything she was written has been equally terrible, especially Jennifer's Body and the beyond awful Young Adult, which sucked even with Patton Oswald.

Yesterday, I went to see Jupiter Ascending which critics savaged and the fanboys loved. Truth be told, fanboy reviews are better as they will review a film based on its merit and not whether it will win ten Oscars. And as I expected, I loved it. The visuals were stunning, the special effects awesome and, like Star Wars or Star Trek, hidden Easter eggs everywhere with a touch of celebrity cameos sprinkled in just because. How can anyone watch this film and not say "brilliant?" My favorite critic response is the story is either it's "too confusing" or "silly," which should be code for "I am too stupid to understand any film not spoon fed to me." How do you get a job reviewing films when that same person lacks any skills to understand a plot that isn't some paint by numbers schlock fest?
The reviews have destroyed the movie to such an extent I am beginning to wonder if Lana Wachowski's cross dressing might have more to do with it than the movies they make because between this and Cloud Atlas, another films savaged unwarrantedly by critics, they seem to be missing the mark more and more.

And then we have the GOP which is just acting like children at this point. They have decided to go all Benghazi on net neutrality rules which is a necessity, regardless of what you may have read otherwise. Some of my more intelligent friends have fallen for their nonsense too which make outrageous claims about soaring prices and government control of the internet, neither of which is likely. What it will do is prevent greedy corporations from soaking us even further and not allow them to set up two internets, one for the elites and one for the rest of us. Guess which one will work and which won't on a regular basis? It'll be like electricity in Bagdad; it might be in working one minute and then nothing the next.

They have at least backpedaled on the idiotic anti-vaccination crowd after the internal polls showed the base HATED this idea, somehow not realizing that rich, white, liberal woman were the ones doing this and most of them would sooner cut off their hands than vote for the GOP. The House and Senate Republicans are at odds right now over the DHS budget, which some want to hold up as a negotiating chip, ala Ted Cruz, while others like John Boehner would rather not. The really funny part about this is that Democrats are using Republican strategies against them by demanding a 60 vote majority in the Senate which they can't get because no Democrat is voting with them, even if they agree with the bill, thus making Republicans look like losers who can't get anything done. What goes around comes around.
There has been threats of the Senate using their "nuclear option" to make the bill pass with a simple majority, but then that would face a guaranteed Obama veto, due to language that eviscerates Obama's immigration policies, and have no chanced of an override. This is what happens when a dog chases a car and eventually catches it: they have no idea what to do next. These guys have no idea what to do now that they are in charge and can't even work among themselves. And these are the same idiots 90% of the country put back in charge even though they have the lowest approval rating in American history.

We are a stupid people and getting dumber. Anyone voting Republican at this point is a moron. Not that the democrats are much better, but some like Liz Warren are, and that is being seen by more and more people. A recent poll had her ahead of Clinton in Iowa and NH. That is a telling statement. If we are not a nation of morons, we have to demand that Warren run as she is the real deal and not some stuffed shirt on a power trip. She could actually make a difference and maybe, just maybe, save us from ourselves.

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