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Did you miss me out there? I ask because my web traffic is triple today what it normally is. Well I am back, for how long we shall see because me fiancée is sick as a dog in the other room and typing while ill is not easy. So far, I feel great but knowing my crappy immune system it's only a matter of time before I am hacking up a lung too.
Darkow cartoon: Rudy Giuliani
This past weekend was the 2015 Oscars and they were pretty much what I expected. NPH was funny at times, brave for appearing in briefs only and bombed with that idiotic "magic trick" at the end. The awards went to most of what was expected to win with no big surprises but the acceptance speeches were better than usual and made the far right scream fowl and a "how dare they exercise their right to free speech" bullshit. It is the perfect time to make a political statement. If only more people had listened to Michael Moore in 2003 when he said this from WND.com:

Moore said he believes in non-fiction despite the fact that “we live in a time with fictitious election results that elect fictitious presidents. We live in a time when we have a man sending us to
war for fictitious reasons."
He was right despite getting boos from the audience and death threats from morons. These presenters have an audience in the billions. If there was ever a time to get your point across, this is it. Take the speeches this year. I didn't exactly agree with Patricia Arquette's speech on women's pay equality as, while she is correct that woman deserve equal pay for equal work, the current lie that women make 77 cents to every dollar a man makes is not supported by statistics. Remove pregnant women from the equations and they make 98 cents to the dollar. Remove kids all together and women in some cases make more than men, especially in professions like teaching or nursing. But I applaud her for saying something she believes in even if I don't and I am not going to scream hateful things like the so called Christians on the right seem to do with alarming frequency.
We also saw NPH make a funny joke about the best and whitest, er, brightest. John Legend won for a song I really didn't care for, (although it was light years better than that crappy Adam Levine song that sounded like someone was strangling a cat while Slim Whitman sang through a megaphone nearby. That song was nominated why?), and then went one to talk about the mass incarceration of black males which has eclipsed slavery, and a true tragedy. This is of course due to our unwinnable War on Drugs that are turning young black men into convicts before they can shave. A great moment.

Two women directors won, with one, Laura Poitras of Citizen Four, accurately saying we should be a lot more worried about the NSA; a homosexual, Graham Moore, won for The Imitation Game and confessed to trying to kill himself when he was sixteen because we felt like he didn't fit in, and Birdman director, Alejandro G. Iñárritu who dedicated his Oscar to “my fellow Mexicans.” “For those living in Mexico] I pray that we can find and build a government that we deserve, and the ones that live in this country, who are a part of the latest generation of immigrants in this country, I just pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect as the ones who came before and built this incredible immigrant nation.”
The point of all of that is for the past six weeks all we have heard is how "racist" the Oscars are for not including black people in any nomination. I guess racist is now code for "just black people" because the winners this year were as diverse as one could hope for. Despite what the black community and the media have been selling us, the Oscars this year were not an all white blowout, and they never were going to be. Stop being led by your nose, people.

The real racism was front and center this week with Rudy Giuliani's rant about how the President doesn't "love America the way we do," and then went on to his patented statements about 9/11 which he does ALLLLL the time saying only he understands 9/11 because a building almost fell on him. We all lived through it, including Obama. My parents were on a flight out of Logan that day and I had no idea if they were one of the people who died until almost a day later. Fuck him and his bald head. Dumb ass got death threats over this and I completely understand anyone who did. I wouldn't be surprised if someone took a shot at him, but Liberals aren't reactionary lunatics like the gun-mad right (and that statement coming from someone who whole heartedly believes in automatic weapons being legal) so the worst he should expect is a bucket of red paint by some neo-hippie stoned and starving from a juice fast.

Conservatives should have been horrified and to their credit, a few like Megyn Kelly were, but ass kissers like Sean Hannity stepped up to the plate to throw soft balls at Giuliani and comment how much they hate the President because he is black, no wait, a democrat, no that's not it, oh because he "hates America." Yeah, that's it.
Cole cartoon: Rudy Giuliani
Scott Walker, a true douchebag who will ruin this country like he has Wisconsin should he somehow win in 2016 (a long shot at best), had been using this statement in his campaign to raise money for said election. WTF is wrong with Republicans? I agree that Obama has been a lousy President, but I wouldn't question his love of America. I wouldn't question any President that. These guys aren't Blowfeld. He went on to say that the "Liberal, gotcha media," is smearing people like him and Giuliani, regardless of the fact that for the most part, outside of MSNBC, the Liberal media is largely a myth. I would know having worked in TV, film and newspapers over the years. Trust me, reporters and talent are mostly liberal. The editors and owners however are always conservative.
The right is blatantly telling you they are racist against minorities. They could also be signing their death warrant in 2016 as recent polls suggest a big majority of this country on both sides of the aisle want higher taxes on the rich, lower taxes on the middle class, strengthened safety nets, and, the big one, gay rights which the younger you get, under 30, the less the issue matters unless the candidate is anti-gay when their popularity plummets off the face of the Earth. Many candidates say they will make this a key issue in 2016. Hope they like losing because without 0% of the youth vote, they won't win anywhere. They have 20 open seats and 2/3 are vulnerable just like the democrats in 2014. Demographics spell disaster for the GOP who have refused to modernize and may be a rapidly diminishing party as years go on as the country turns more liberal on social issues and more Hispanic, neither a good thing for the right.

For all the hoopla about the Oscars, the real racists were front and center and told you they were. Let's see some protests over this instead. Better yet, vote in 2016 and show them the street.

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