Monday, February 16, 2015


Mankind is letting me down and I am guessing that if you are reading this column, you agree. Abroad we have what can only be described as retarded monkeys defaming Islam to such a degree it may never recover. Here at home, Republicans are discussing who their next nominee should be with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker getting all the attention, regardless of the fact that both destroyed the states they either once or still govern. It's like picking between measles and the mumps, which some of the lesser intelligent people out there are literally choosing. We have become a world of fools who trust no one and nothing other than our guns, our "gods," and ourselves. Awesome.
ISIS is currently doing something I once thought impossible: they are united the world against them. Every week, they pick some new country to piss off who then retaliate with deadly force. What part of this strategy not only won't work, but will make you lose even quicker are you not getting? After making the EU, US, Japanese and the Jordanians spit blood back at them by butchering their people, yesterday they went a step further and beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians who had been captured in Libya. Needless to say this went over REALLY poorly in Egypt who at this point would rather be seen blowing Obama on camera than say one nice word about Muslim extremists. They have become even more unpopular than under Mubarak, with the Muslim Brotherhood, who once ran the country, now labeled a terrorist group and banned in all of Egypt. That's quite a fall guys.

Egypt responded by bombing the hell out of the north. ISIS, if anything, should be trying to win the hearts and minds of fellow Islamics, not pissing everyone off, including other terrorist groups who say ISIS is "giving them a bad name." When other evil organizations condemn your actions, you know you've crossed the Rubicon. My favorite part is when ISIS says they will soon conquer Rome, a country in which Muslims are the most unpopular subgroup in any of the European countries. Good luck with that.

Top this idiocy with that of yet another terrorist attack in Copenhagen in which some insane douchebag targeted a free speech conference and a synagogue. I get the free speech attack, even if I whole heartedly condemn it, but why are they still attacking innocent Jews?  This is utter insanity and the world will not tolerate this much longer, with even Muslim countries throwing up their hands in disgust. We may have finally reached a point where the norm will no longer continue and people will realize just how dangerous these lunatics are to everyone and everywhere.

Then we have the Republicans here seriously advocating a presidency with yet another Bush on office, somehow forgetting how bad the first two were. Bush 1 got us into a war we didn't need to be in through lies and trickery, sank the economy with the failure of his trickle down economics and paid lip service to anyone who wasn't rich. Bush 2 did the: Exact. Same. Thing. Do we really need a Venn Diagram to show why this is bad idea again?

Scott Walker is getting all sorts of press which is too bad because this guy is a true asshole. He's decimated his state with bad policies, has NO college degree, appears NOT to believe in evolution (which should be a deal breaker for anyone. Would you seriously vote for someone who believed, truly believed, in Santa Claus? If course not. Why is this different?), and has a face I really, really want to punch. It has DOUCHEBAG written all over it.

Now to briefly defend him, the NYT has shown once again why I HATE the MSM. Gail Collins, a long time reporter for the venerable paper, made a stupid error in her column, "Scott Walker needs an eraser," in which she blames Walker for something he did before he was even in office, claiming education cuts he made in 2010 caused massive teacher layoffs. The only problem is Walker wasn't elected until 2011. Oops! How hard is it check your material before you write it. I don't a 1/10000000 of the budget the Times has and I almost never make a mistake that stupid. It just strikes me as lazy, like most modern news today. The worst part is that the rest of the column is quite good. Here's a link:

Walker is an idiot, like most, if not all, of the clown car Republicans we have AGAIN. Can we have some one on either side running in 2016 who isn't a total tool? Let's take a closer look at his record shall we?

When he got into office in 2011, he promised 250,000 private jobs created. He missed that mark by 90,000 and far fewer than the less populated, neighboring state of Minnesota, and WAY less than here in Massachusetts. As a matter of fact, for two and a half years, Wisconsin was tied for last in job creation. Illinois at least had an excuse for being in last too as a badly underfunded pension plan that caused taxes to rise and job creation to plummet killed their economy.

In other words, he has nothing to crow about. His state did far worse than most of the nation and much like other Republicans like Sam Brownback and Bobby Jindal, are watching their policies destroy their local economies and have zero ideas how to fix anything that actually requires work. Instead many are going to raise taxes on those who can least afford it and give those tax breaks to the rich instead which has worked never. But this is what you are voting for, less stuff for you so the rich can have more. How dumb do you have to be to keep voting for something that is visibly not working and screwing you over at the same time?

The time has come to wake up and stop voting for people who want you dead. Otherwise dig that grave and get in because you will need it and soon.

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