Sunday, February 15, 2015


This week saw two more terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists in Copenhagen that killed several people, going after a cartoonist and Jews. Meanwhile in this country, resident Muslims are calling for action against a douchebag who killed three young, innocent Muslims over a parking space, stating it was a hate crime with zero evidence it was anything like that. Muslims are getting the short end of the stick in a lot of ways in this country but can we please stop applying the words HATE CRIME to every attack some white ass does against minorities while conveniently ignoring the vice versa at every single step? Let's see those runner ups.
10)Melissa Harris Perry/Kyle Smith- I am getting mad on a Hulk level recently with the state of our news media lately. Earlier today, I read an article by Kyle Smith, a "film critic," author and writer for the NY Post, deriding Jon Stewart for the sin of not being funny which is like saying water isn't wet, the sun isn't hot and Justin Bieber's music will live forever. You may not agree with his politics, but to say that guy is NOT funny is just plain stupid. There have been plenty of comics who joke about topics I do not agree with, but because they are indeed funny, they sell the material well. Calling out Stewart for being not funny says more about you than him, asshole. And then there is Mellissa Harris Perry of MSNBC news who "interviewed" Eric Holder and treated him like some second rate game show contestant. In the interview, she said her team had nicknamed him "the duck" and asked him to quack for her, which he wisely did not do. I loathe Eric Holder and even I found this tasteless. This is the state of our corporations today: the people at the top only got there by connections and family, not hard work. The result is the insane have taken over asylum and we are forced to live through drek like this.

9)Jon Stewart- This has nothing to do with anything the man has done or said but because of his selfishness leaving the Daily Show. How dare he spend more time with his family. What the hell will I do if they replace him with Pauly Shore or the like? It has been a fantastic 17 years Stewart and I wish you the best.

8)Peter Liang- Proving that some grand juries are totally retarded, a NYC one this week indicted Officer Liang for a fatal shooting in a darkened stairwell that never should have happened. Akai Gurley was shot and killed by accident by a rookie cop who never should have been a cop in the first place. Training for the NYPD apparently is just getting a gun and a uniform and thrown out into the street. But unlike past shootings this guy is going to get his day in court and, most likely, see what a jail looks like from an interior perspective.
7)Kayla Mueller- I am sick and tired of hearing about this neo-hippie who died because she was too stupid to realize that going to Syria for any reason, no matter how noble, was suicidal. The news places her as a hero to be looked up to, when my opinion is she deserved what she got. Why do people find it necessary to go to some far off place to help the poor and needy when there are millions of people right here in the USA that are facing similar problems? We have homeless. We have sick people that need aid. We have children starving every night. Why are none of these people volunteering to help them? Is it because a lot of them are black? Going to the Middle East, and being white, is not a good idea. You wouldn't walk through Compton after dark, so why Damascus? Stop going to Muslim areas where your capture is predetermined.

6)Sam Brownback/Roy Moore- Speaking of morons, these two are almost a full deck short of a pack. Both the governor of Kansas and the Chief Justice from Alabama have worked together to cut back on LBGT rights, oblivious to the fact that they are so on the wrong side of history. Brownback is currently turning Kansas into a third world nation, all the while oblivious to anything that would suggest otherwise. And voters in that state elected him over the democrat because he had the gaul to go to a strip club 16 years ago. This week, Brownback eliminated protections from discrimination from the LBGT group, setting their rights back decades. Meanwhile Roy Moore instructed local judges to ignore the Supreme Court over their declining to overturn Alabama's pro-gay marriage laws, which is ironic as the right screams the loudest over "activist" judges and then does exactly that at every turn. Moore does know the Supreme Court trumps him right? Gay people are people and the Supreme Court looks to make that the law of the land soon. Get with the times guys.

5)Brian Williams Haters- Yes Williams exaggerated his stories. And who cares? The media should have no say in this as they lie far greater on a daily basis with no oversight. They crow about a 5.6% unemployment, knowing full well that is a grand lie as they do not count anyone not on unemployment, driving the rate up to at least 23%. Some news, especially ones that rhyme with Dox Shmooze, lied on such a scale that we not only went to war in Iraq over nothing, nobody paid the price afterward either. Williams may be a schmuck but there are a lot of people living in glass houses throwing rocks here. The media in general cannot be trusted and Williams is at the bottom of that pile.
4)Mother Nature- Can we please stop with the snow already? There is seven feet of snow outside right now and I can't take much more of this. Driving is an adventure as trying to see around corners is next to impossible and it has been so cold lately, yeti have been spotted in my yard. More snow is on the way for Tuesday. WHHHEEEEEE! I can't wait for spring.

3)SNL on VH1- I don't know who edited these old episodes together but I think we can safety say whoever it was did a piss poor job at it. Classic sketches were wiped from them including Richard Pryor's Exorcist, Kevin Spacy's Star Wars edits and Poker Billy with Emilo Estavez. Even worse, later episodes had all the music cut out, which is odd as some of these I had seen before and the bands got to play one song on them until this butcher came along and wrecked them. NBC edits have been far superior to the VH1 ones and I can only hope someone else re-edits these again properly.

2)Fifty Shades Of Grey- Another plead to people out there to STOP watching and reading utter crap. This book was not surprisingly derived from Twilight fan fiction which is still one of the worst books of all times. Now comes this movie that many are saying is every bit as bad. The sex scenes are boring, the two leads have zero chemistry and the whole affair plays like a badly edited Lifetime flick. Cinemax has better sex scenes. I love the fact that women in the South went for this big time meaning that Bible belt likes the whippings.
1)Muslims- Not a good week for Muslims, extremist or not. The scary Muslims attacked twice in Copenhagen, shooting up a synagogue and free speech meeting. The attacker of both was a 22 year old Islamic poser who got a face full of bullets for his trouble. His family should be deported as well. In a country where Muslims are already second class citizens, do not expect things to get better. Here at home we have Muslims crying foul over the death of three young Muslims by an insane 46 year old moron, who will be facing the death penalty. Many are screaming HATE CRIME even though I have seen no evidence that their religion played any part in their deaths. The fact remains that Muslims in this country are treated better than anywhere else that isn't a Muslim country. You want to see hate, go to Demark. Should you tread in certain areas, you won't make it back in one piece. This is not to say that aren't hate crimes against the group. A Muslim family was attacked at a supermarket in Dearborn and a mosque burned to the ground in Houston this week, under suspicious circumstances. If we don't learn to get along and soon, these kinds of attacks will escalate ten fold and I have no desire to see innocent people hurt like the poor family in Michigan who did nothing wrong. At the same time, we have to go after extremist as if our lives depended on it, which it does. If some radical moron gets a hold of some WMD. Muslim lives will be shattered in the end and war will be all around us. We cannot let that happen. So congratulations Muslims, you really know how to piss everyone off this week. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

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