Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Regular readers know I have come to really hate our President. Not for any of the bullshit Republican nonsense like the birther garbage, Benghazi, the IRS "scandal" or any of the mock conspiracies that never seem to end. The real issue with this man is his disdain for many liberal polices that include protecting abortion rights, gay issues, pot legalization and minimum wage hikes just to name a few which Obama has been super wishy-washy on over the years. It took him almost his whole time as president to come around on gay marriage which should have been a no brainer from the start. But his worst actions all involve his total lack of common sense when it comes to banks, regulations and trade. He has let the insane run over the asylum and we are paying a dear price for it.
Under his presidency, not one banker has gone to jail for wrecking the economy. As a matter of fact, he continues to hire Wall Street assholes to be regulators for the same companies they just left. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. His numbers that are claiming the economy is doing gangbusters are absolute lies, based on statistical tricks that most of society do not understand. The CEO of Gallop polling, George Gallop, recently wrote a scathing review of modern unemployment rates which he correctly says are complete fabrications. I myself have demolished said stats in previous posts and I would know as I not only have a degree in statistical analysis (anthropology actually, but with a heavy influence on statistics which I excelled in), I also currently work using those skills for various free lance options. Unemployment numbers are off by around 18% and that is on purpose.
Rumor is Hillary Clinton right now is trying to figure out a way to appease to the masses in populist tones while simultaneously not pissing off the banks whose money she will need to win. This is why this country is doomed because actual solutions will never happen as long as the bankers control the government which they do. And if the TPP law ever goes into effect, they will control the world completely. This is not some conspiracy theory but fact as several honorable people like Robert Reich, Liz Warren and Bernie Saunders have all spoken out publically about how evil this plan is. It is so bad, our bought and paid for media has ignored this story for years, even though it would give corporations nation-state status and actually have more power than any nation itself on Earth. It would literally turn us back into a feudal state where the American people would once again be turned to serfs. If this should ever actually pass, a lot of us would have no choice but to fight back by any means possible. Revolution would come whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, it's chances of success in today's Big Brother world would also make it unlikely to succeed.
If the TPP passes the first thing to go will be millions of jobs. Sure things may be cheaper but that matters little when you have no money to spend. We know this as fact as this is exactly what happened as NAFTA went into effect, something detractors like Ross Perot warned us would happen and he was right. If he wasn't such a loon, people might have listened closer. NAFTA cost us around 700,000 jobs according to the Economic Policy Institute. The TPP would triple that number easy. When we passed a Korea-US "free trade" agreement, we had a 80% drop in exports there and a loss of 80,000 jobs here in the US. The only winners in that agreement were the corporations who made mad profits by laying off more expensive US employees and sub-contracted out to lower paid third world nations that Korea had deals with. The average American lost again which is all we have done for 35 years now, no matter who was in office. The idea that there is much difference between the Democrats and Republicans is becoming lesser and lesser, unless all you care about is abortion and gay rights because that is the ONLY difference between the two at this point. I don't see a majority of Democrats demanding higher wages, pot legalization or banker regulations at all at this point. We are being lied to on a level unheard of in human history and it has to stop but that would require Idiot America to get their heads out their I-pads and freaking pay attention for two seconds.
Here why the TPP is the worst idea ever: it would allow them to challenge any nation’s health, safety, and environmental laws that stand in the way of their profits, including our own. They could ignore any laws they don't like, using an arbitrator that could drag out for years as they continue doing whatever they feel like. It could even be used as a gun confiscation law, which would immediately be met with the worst mass shooting in US history as anyone doing said gun grabs would need a suit of armor to protect them from angry gun owners everywhere. But it still could happen as the language in the law suggests that as a possibility.
free trade at last cartoon
Imagine a world where corporations have all the power over governments, over nations, over YOU! Do you really think the beyond psychopathic corporate structure would give two shits about any of that? OF COURSE NOT! But there are people on both sides of the aisle, including our dick president, demanding this as some sort of stop gap versus China but creating a Frankenstein monster in the process and one that also has no OFF switch. Call your Congressman and demand an end to the TPP talks. If it passes, America will be dead and buried. Enjoy your Real Housewives when you can because most of this country will be unemployed, broke and, most likely, poor as hell if this does pass so get off your asses America and do something for once. The alternative is an end to democracy and freedom. Your choice guys.

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