This is what we have become: a nation of people who do not know that Latin is a classical language and not something George Lopez speaks when he is at home. If this was the game show, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? the answer would be an emphatic NO! Jeff Foxworthy is a Noble Prize Winner compared to anyone who confuses Latin with Spanish.

But this is what we have become. A recent poll said a whopping 77% of Millennials cannot name one of their state's Senators. I have been able to do that since I was six or seven. Yet 90% say they plan on voting in the next Presidential election. Yikes!
We have become a nation of fools. Science is being attacked from all sides from the global warming deniers, even though the evidence can be seen with the naked eye, to vaccinations based on discredited studies that got the writer to lose his medical license. No one knows how to do critical thinking anymore and our schools are to blame. They have been getting worse and worse and the people they are literally throwing out into the street have no chance of getting ahead in today's super cut throat world. Something has to change. Unfortunately it will most likely be society changing from necessity rather than desire on the part of its inhabitants.