Wednesday, February 25, 2015


What a nation of cry babies we have become. If anything truly traumatic ever happens here, people are going to lose their minds. Over the last week, we have been inundated with accusations of racism and sexism where none may actually exist. We now live in an age where free speech has been diluted to a right as long as even the most innocuous statement doesn't piss some one off. The whole point of free speech is to be able to say what you want and unless the comments are truly despicable, should be either ignored or laughed at. But lately, any statement, no matter how much in jest it actually is, is taken as a huge insult that demands justice. Please!
Let's start with the Oscars this year. The right wingers cried up a sea over comments made by various winners, even if most of what they said was accurate. But the liberals out there were no better when Sean Penn made an obvious crack at the director of Birdman when he said "“Who gave this sonofabitch a green card?” The knee jerk crowd went wild on Twitter, which is rapidly becoming a new fangled lynch mob, jumped all over Penn and the obviously "racist" Academy Awards. Nevermind the fact, that Penn and Innartitu are close friends and the director found the joke hilarious, the Speech Police are demanding blood. This is not racist and lately, this is becoming the boy who cried wolf. When real racism appears, a lot of us are not going to notice because minorities are screaming about every perceived slight constantly. Learn to pick your battles guys.
Black people are still bitching about not getting awards for acting this year, conveniently forgetting that last year, black people dominated in the awards with 12 Years a Slave, which whole heartedly deserved to win. That was a spectacular movie. This year, not so much. For all the crowing about how Selma was snubbed, the fact that they made LBJ into a racist President when he most certainly wasn't, rubbed a lot of Academy voters the wrong way and it should of. If a white guy made the movie and turned MLK into a pot smoking, womanizer (which he was), the minority crowd would have every reason to complain. Why is it okay to demonize someone who helped black people more than just about any President since Lincoln but the reverse is fine? Here is what one Academy voter had to say:

“I’m tired of all of this talk about ‘snubs’ — I thought for every one of [the snubs] there was a justifiable reason,” an anonymous Academy voter told the Hollywood Reporter last week. “What no one wants to say out loud is that Selma is a well-crafted movie, but there’s no art to it. If the movie had been directed by a 60-year-old white male, I don’t think that people would have been carrying on about it to the level that they were. And as far as the accusations about the Academy being racist? Yes, most members are white males, but they are not the cast of ‘Deliverance’ — they had to get into the Academy to begin with, so they’re not cretinous, snaggletoothed hillbillies. When a movie about black people is good, members vote for it. But if the movie isn’t that good, am I supposed to vote for it just because it has black people in it? I’ve got to tell you, having the cast show up in T-shirts saying “I can’t breathe” [at their New York premiere] — I thought that stuff was offensive.”

And there lies the problem. If black people are constantly throwing race around, which happens with alarming frequency, white people are going to stop listening. And that is too bad because there are some aspects out there which are still racist and need to be addressed. Because of the awful War on Drugs, we have turned several generations into a modern day slave class. These young black men and essentially unemployable due to their criminal record. Even worse, black men who have never been in trouble are still having trouble finding a job as any non-black (not just white people), are subjectively racist and don't want to hire them for fear they will steal something or get arrested for something else and lose a trained worker. Their are good stats out there that show how hard it is for black men to land a job over a different race, not necessarily white, as Hispanics and Asians do not have the same problems. Because black women are not being mass incarcerated like men, they can have the easiest chance of getting a job as their employers get a double minority for their choice. If you are black, female and went to a good college, the world is your oyster.
The point of this is to say, just because you weren't nominated this year, doesn't make the Academy racist. It means black people have to start making better movies.Yeah, Medea films may pulling the black crowds, but there are not winning any awards any time soon. Make more movies like Chris Rock's latest, Top Five, which was a hysterical film and has cross cultural interest and less like Norbit.

Giuliana Rancic on Fashion Police got into trouble this week when she commented how Zendaya, who God knows how this no name made it too the Oscars, looked dreadful and her dreadlocked hair made her look like she "smelled of patchouli oil and weed." Black people went nuts over this including the famous like Whoopie Goldberg (who I am rapidly tiring of), Viola Davis (who also looked dreadful at the Oscars), Kerry Washington, Solange (why is she even revelant) and of course, Selma director Ava DuVernay, who cannot steer away from a imaginary race controversy if she tried. Rancic has been forced to apologize and co-star Kelly Osbourne said she may leave the show over the comments. Nevermind the fact that the late Joan Rivers would have defended her answer, where the hell is Kathy Griffin in all of this? MIA of course.
The main issue I have is Rancic said NOTHING racist. Unless of course the black community is suddenly awash in hippie perfume, this barb was directed at them not black people, which is what she should have said and turned the tables on the mock racists instead of some lame apology. Yet another case of a young diva, who had appeared on Fashion Police three times in the past, not being able to handle any criticism and crumbles to pieces when it is. This is the state of America today where even a perceived slight is cause for a mob to form and it has to stop. They do know white people have dreadlocks too right?

Talk to people from other countries like South Africa or India or Japan or even Ireland. I do all the time. They will tell you they laugh at us everytime something like this happens and call us babies who need a Whambulance, and they would be right. Black people in South Africa consider being called a nigger "quant," as they know being beaten within an inch of their lives is far worse. Muslims living in places like India can see what real hatred looks like and it's not here in America. And if you are black, major cities might be fine in Japan or Ireland but out in the countryside prepare to see racism in action as people there will call you nigger right to your face. When I was in Ireland a few years back, I only say two black people in Dublin the entire week I was there and they looked ill at ease. Probably because they wandered into the wrong bar and got a face full of true racism and were shocked at how bad it can be. Trust me those two came back to America and said "it's not so bad here after all." Maybe Goldberg, Davis, Solange and Zendaya could book a trip together overseas and see how awful it could be here. And if you don't like it here, do not the let door hit you in the ass on your way back to Africa. Nobody's keeping you here if you think it so bad. Trust me, a few years months living abroad would change their minds stat.

We need to start working together because this divide and conquer method is working against us. And until you realize that black people and white people and Asian people and Hispanic people are all being screwed over equally, nothing is going to change. Stop being so thin skinned and accept a joke as a joke even if it's in bad taste..

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