Sunday, March 15, 2015


Two weeks in a row for the GOP. Way to stick to your guns guys. The funniest part is that Obama and Hillary did not have an overly great week to begin with. Our douchebag in chief is still trying to stick the TPP on the American people, which if it passes, will make Obama the worst President of all times thanks to the fact it will end America as we know it forever. On top of that he was being vilified for his attempts at a peace deal with Iran which I don't have a problem with as long as it's a good deal, and light years better than the crap one Jimmy Fucking Carter did with the North Koreans back in 1994 which destabilized the entire region. Hillary is still struggling with Email-gate, mostly brought about by her own ineptitude. This was one of those weeks to sit back, watch the carnage and recover from the beating the Republicans got last week. But no, like the attention whores they are, they threw a temper tantrum and wrote a "I hate Obama" letter to Iran for which 47 Republicans are going to face this issue whenever they are up for election because NO ONE was happy with their traitorous asses. Let's see those runner ups.
10)The Chew- My fiancĂ©e likes this show and even I have to admit it has it's charms, especially when they travel to some new place and show a fantastic new dish, candy or other awesome edible. But this week, they may have crossed a line so awful, she no longer wants to watch. For some inane reason, on this week of all weeks, Paula Deen was on. Watching Carla Hall, who is black, hug this racist pig was truly nauseating. Deen is a fraud, whose home style bullshit is all an act as her speech patterns change in the same sentence, should be run out on a rail, especially this week with so much racism around that even I am surprised by it. Reading some of the emails and tweets about this, they may be losing more than just us. Way to drop viewership guys and look like racist sympathizers. Here's an idea for this week for Carla. Why don't you dress in a slave outfit and call everyone "Master." If you're going to be a racist show, embrace it.

9)Governor Charlie Baker- There were no winners in the MA governor race this year as both prospects really, really sucked. Baker has lived up to his expectations by so far being one of the worst governor's in state history and he's only been office a few months. His budget plan is another shell game that won't fix anything, with the usual crap about "overtaxed businesses." Then, Captain Dipshit also wants to eliminate the tax breaks for movie production saying it all goes to star's huge salary demands, which is partially true, but ignores the fact that when movie productions come here, hotels fill up, restaurants get more business and even dry cleaners get a lot more work. Get rid of the tax credit and no one will film here. Trust me, this is a subject I am an expert on as I worked in the business once upon a time. This guy's as ass and typical of just about every Republican lately.

8)ATF- I fucking hate the ATF and DEA with the heat of a thousand suns. These are the kinds of government organizations that politicians should be talking about getting rid of instead of things like Education and the EPA which make us smarter and healthier. Yeah, let's get rid of those. The DEA is a modern day Gestapo and the ATF is beyond pointless. This week, the ATF announced a proposed ban on 5.56 ammo, claiming that they are being used "to kill police" even though there is no recorded cases of that actually occurring. These guys tried a similar stunt some years back with shotguns that went nowhere thanks to upset gun owners. I may hate the NRA too but here we have a common enemy. There are also proposed bans on body armor and here in MA, the Supreme Court ruled we have no rights to stun guns. Why should any protective or mostly non-lethal weapons be banned? Because if our economy falters, like it appears it may very, very soon, they don't want their soldiers being gunned down when they come to take everything from us. Bitch to high heaven over this illegal, unconstitutional, ban to anyone who will listen.
7)McDonalds- In yet another clear sign that the TPP would be used against us, McDonalds is suing the city of Seattle because they raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. Their reasoning is, wait for it, the Fourteenth Amendment which also the one that freed the slaves using the Equal Protection clause in it that says all American must be treated equally. This is the same law that keeps gumming up the Republicans whenever they try to make poor people subjected to random drug tests which studies show are incredible expensive and catch less than 1% of those tested. Way to waste money there. Seattle's minimum wage laws only affect those with more than 500 employees, otherwise known as those that can afford it, and as always, they are claiming that their franchises are "independently owned" and shouldn't count, plus the whole 14th amendment thing. The former was struck down before and I have little reason to suggest that the latter will work either. Then they wonder why they are one of the most hated countries on Earth and why their profits keep dropping. This is from Huffington Post:

Ever since the Fourteenth Amendment was passed, corporate lawyers have tried to leverage it into a racket to strike down laws like Seattle's. In 1938, a frustrated Supreme Court justice complained that "of the cases in [the] Court in which the Fourteenth Amendment was applied during the first fifty years after its adoption, less than one-half of 1 percent invoked it in protection of the negro race, and more than 50 percent asked that its benefits be extended to corporations."

If this goes all the way to the Supreme Court we can only pray that common sense prevails because half of those douchebags are fucking retards.

6)Dr. Wei-Hock “Willie” Soon- Speaking of things I hate, climate change deniers are definitely up there. I have been studying this subject for over two decades now and have worked tirelessly to destroy so called anti climate change "scientific" data that, as someone who works in statistical analysis to this day, finds a lot of their proof not credible, and sometimes, intentionally so. The side that knows we are destroying his planet and all of its inhabitants is finally realizing that these fuckwads are taking money from oil companies and the like and have set out to prove it. Take Dr. Soon for example, whose work I am familiar with and found it not credible in the past. Turns out, researchers have discovered he has taken millions from Exxon Mobil and the API. Shocker. The fact the Heartland Institute, a right wing think tank and constantly bullshit purveyor, came to his defense says loads about Dr. Soon. Climate change is real, CA may have only one year of water left and overpopulation will soon lead to an end to resources in many, many places. Stop falling for bullshit.

5)Secret Service- Ever since Homeland Security took over the Secret Service it has been a disaster. My source within the ranks say morale is at record lows and people are constantly jumping ship for better prospects, something that never used to happen with many staying their entire careers there. This week, two drunken agents crashed into a cordoned off area near the White House as some loon with a fake bomb was there. Can we please get rid of DHS already and take the ATF and DEA with you?
4)Ferguson- Racism is alive and well apparently, as post racial America is an illusion. White people are secretly racist and conspiring against blacks. Black people are overtly racist and are turning otherwise sane white people racist. It's a never ending cycle that we need to get off of and the best place to start is Ferguson. This week two cops were shot almost certainly because of the DOJ report that said the KKK was running their town. It also came out that of the 21,000 residents, 16,000 had arrest warrants. I know statistically speaking, black people are more likely to commit crimes than other races, but that may be because of cases like this were black people are being targeted rather than wanted. However, here in Boston, a city of almost 700,000, only 2300 arrest warrants were issued last year so it's not systematic everywhere. Black people need to stop treating all white people as the enemy because it making people more and more racist against them. White people have to stop treating black people like modern day slaves. Trust me, there is common ground here. We just have to have the courage to find it.

3)The SAE-Speaking of racist douchebags, this fraternity was front and center with a video of several white douchebags chanting how much they will "never allow a nigger into the SAE," and a line about lynching, all the while smiling with glee. Yuck! The claim that this chant is only several years old is most likely true as anti-black thoughts have only begun creeping up over the past five years and no, Obama is not to blame for it, but this idea that anytime anything happens to a black person it's because they are black, and not actually guilty. Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown have bitterly divided this country because white people saw it as someone who got what they deserved and black people saw racism where none existed. On the flip side, some police departments and courts have been proven racist now and have been leaning hard on a people that is now fighting back. But these white over-privileged morons are just like the frat assholes when I went to college with and as several have been expelled, their future is in doubt. The ACLU is talking about suing for free speech concerns but free speech does not apply to private institutions who can fire or expel who they want at will.

2)Democrats- President Obama Business is still trying to fast track the TPP, which democrats I like such as Liz Warren, Bernie Saunders and Robert Reich, have all come out strongly against. The TPP will give sovereign powers to large corporations that will allow them to ignore laws such as environmental protection, minimum wage laws and other things that do not want to follow. McDonalds is already suing Seattle for wage laws. Under the TPP they could sue the US and cost taxpayers billions in court fees and settlement payouts. Environmental laws would be ignored which could lead to massive bouts of illness that we will have no recourse against. The TPP is the single worst law EVER to be debated in this country and our idiot President is all for it. Then we have Hillary who can't even manage the smallest scandal as email-gate is proving. Who is advising this woman? This should be another non-scandal but she can't put the fires out due to her own incompetence over all of this, which a three year old would have seen coming. And she's the front runner? God help us.
1)Republicans- Then we have this group of retards, who make brain damaged puppies look smart. We have 47 traitors write an ill-advised letter to Iran which promptly blew up in their faces. Even fellow Republicans all agreed this was beyond stupid. When people like Michael Reagan write columns about the GOP shooting themselves in the foot AGAIN, you know you have gone too far. Rand Paul and John McCain backtracked on it quick but made themselves look even more incompetent with claims of "not reading it," and "I was on my way out the door when I signed it because it was snowing." Don't care, don't care, don't care. The author of this piece of shit was freshman Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas who must have slept through Liz Warren's class that he took because he learned nothing from her. Dumb ass made rookie mistakes about treaty ratification and Senate powers, or in other words, stuff you should know as US Senator. Cotton is a typical GOP hypocrite who used government loans to get through college but now opposes them. That's the GOP motto for you: " I got mine. Fuck you and yours." Chris Christie fared no better this week after reports that his audition, which is what elections have turned into, for Sheldon Adelson turned ugly after he referred to Israel as occupied territory. Oops! No wonder he doesn't have any big donors. His poll numbers have hovered into near negative regions and because of that developed the worst strategy to win back voters. He has decided to make entitlement reform his central theme, even though when Bush tried that back in 2005 it blew up in his face as it had a 90% negative reactions across the country. Congress ignored it, lest they face defeat in coming elections. So fat boy thinks this will work? Good luck with that. You won't last another round in NJ so your political career is coming to an end. By the way Congress' ratings are so low they actually don't register anymore. Recent polls have them as around 5% with a 4.5% margin of error. In other words, the actual number may be below one percent, or statistically unreadable. You guys are going to face some hard questions come 2016. So congratulations Republicans you are indeed douchebags of the week.

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