Sunday, March 29, 2015


Republicans do know this is the 21st century right? They are aware that 90% of corporations are gay friendly now, as they spend the same dollars as everyone else right? Apparently not, as grand douchebag Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, just approved Jim Crow-esque, "I hate gay people" discrimination laws that, according to him, are not that at all, even though they clearly are. I guess it depends what your definition of is is. Sigh. Let's see those runner ups.
10)BBC- These assclowns have been just horrible at running a TV channel for decades now. They routinely use old tapes over and over in some idiotic attempt to save money, almost causing the loss of all of the Monty Python shows and the complete erasing of every bit of footage from 9/11. That didn't stop them from getting sued this week by an angry person who refused to pay his 110 pound "telly fee" because he claimed the BCC was part of a terrorism plot as they clearly knew WTC 7 was going to fall over. There is existing footage that to this day no one can explain how the station knew WTC 7 was going to collapse a full 30 minutes before it actually did. The funny part is the guy actually won. On top of that, because of some spat between Jeremy Clarkson and a producer in which blows may have been traded, Top Gear has been effectively cancelled, even though it the top show on the planet for this type of show. You guys really couldn't come up with a more "slap on the wrist, don't do it again" attitude instead of sinking the best, most profitable show you have on your entire network? It is heartening to see that stupidity is world wide. The head of the BBC is now under protection for numerous death threats against him. That's funny.

9)Rolling Stone-Speaking of lawsuits, these guys may be getting sued as well, most likely for libel, due to their god awful reporting on a University of Virginia rape case that now appears to be completely fabricated for unknown reasons. Even her own friends do not believe her. Had Rolling Stone done their job and actually investigated the incident, they would have discovered the whole thing was made up from start to finish and then they wouldn't be facing what is likely to be a multi-million dollar payout. So Clarkson gets fired for fighting, but the bitch who wrote this story is still going strong at the magazine? Why? She's obviously incompetent and biased, two things a writer really can't be. If they need a new person, I am available and will do a far better job.
8)George Zimmerman- Why won't this guy go away like Casey Anthony did? And she actually killed someone ON PURPOSE! While I still feel the verdict was correct, I also really dislike this guy. This week he compared himself to Anne Frank and blamed Obama for all his troubles. Yeah , it had nothing to do with your wanna-be cop attitude and stalking a young black kid, it was all Obama's fault. JUST GO AWAY ALREADY! Nobody wants to hear from you, ever.

7)Ted Cruz- This week, Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president and a lot of us chuckled with glee because he has zero chance of winning the White House barring some miracle, like Hillary being his opponent and days before the election a video surfaces of her talking about how she wanted the complex of Benghazi burned to the ground because the ambassador there snubbed her the last time they saw one another. Other than something like that, demographics say he would lose badly. It didn't help this week that he is using a terrible system to get donations on his website that may lead to identity theft, didn't secure that now leads to a pro-Obama site and appeared as a deer caught in headlights during many an interview this week. And this guy was a debating champ? Against who exactly because he comes across like a brain damaged hick? Keep em coming Cruz. You will make the race much more interesting.

6)Robert Bergdahl- I have criticized Obama for rescuing this waste of space since day one. The reason being is that every military source I have said this ass was a traitor and he should have been left to rot. But of course the administration played him up as a "hero" and saying he served with "honor and distinction," all of which makes Susan Rice look like a liar once again, even though the Benghazi thing was bull. Now it turns out, he really did desert, as we all already knew, and will be facing life in prison. So we rescued him to now incarcerate him at our own expense? WTF? This is why this country is so ass-backwards.
5)Phil Robertson- Is Duck Dynasty still on because I have to wonder how hick do you have to be to enjoy this giant crapfest of a family? This week, Phil went on another great rant, this time about atheists in which he went on a super long triad about how if an atheist family is going to get raped, which he goes into great, sickening details, the people doing it have no reason NOT to do evil because there is no God. Yeah, that happens all the time. So what? People who believe in God also do sickening horrible things, usually in the name of whatever imaginary being they currently worship. If people were killing each other over who was real, the Easter Bunny or Santa, we'd commit them. But because it is religious, we put up with it. Religion is making us less safe, not more and it is time to leave these ancient fairy tales behind and start looking at things logically. And I believe in a God, just not the Zeus and Cupid of days gone by.

4)Luke Goodman- Who the hell if Luke Goodman you ask? This is a prime example of the Darwin awards in which really stupid behavior leads to a graphic death. Dumb-ass went on a ski vacation with his friends to Aspen where, as a 23 year old would, bought pot candy for the first time. He ate two pieces, already a lot, and felt nothing after a few minutes, so he then ate the whole bag. Guess who freaked out and lost his mind? This would have been fine, expect this fool also had a gun with him which he used to shoot himself with. Anti-pot people are all over this, even though this had less to do with pot and everything to do with common sense and reading directions.
3)DEA- This is an organization whose time has come and gone. This week, they got caught having sex fueled parties in Columbia, sponsored by the very drug cartels they were supposed to be stopping. Yeah, no conflict of interest there. Even worse, when the DOJ looked into it, the DEA did everything they could to stone wall the investigation. We need to save money and eliminating the budgets for the DEA and ATF seems like a good start at this point.

2)Andreas Lubitz- This grand high douchebag, committed suicide this week, killing around 150 people with him. Apparently suffering from Depression and a recent breakup the day before, Lubitz commandeered the plane he was co-piloting and flew it into a mountain, killing everyone aboard. If you want to kill yourself fine. There are too many people on the planet anyway. But please refrain from taking anyone else with you. The saving grace of this is at least he didn't drive the plane into a populated area.
1)Mike Pence- This guy may have single-handedly destroyed his state, like most Republican Governors seem to do. Gov. Baker in this state so far has been an abject disaster with a budget that will do nothing for the state but cause more debt and a clearly inability to manage even the smallest problems. But that's nothing compared to Mike Pence who just made Indiana a place where gay discrimination can flourish. The problem with that is that thanks to social media, this story had blown up world wide gaining attention from sponsors, advertisers and corporations, none of which are happy with this. Here in MA, gay people were allowed in the St. Patrick's day parade for the first time because major sponsors like Guinness pulled $50 million from the event last year, along with several others. Guess who was back this year? Gay people buy stuff just like everyone else and anyone with a business and a brain knows this. Why knock a potential customer? The same will happen here in Indiana where if anyone is dumb enough to actually discriminate will be putting up a "going out of business sign" sooner than later. So congratulations Mike Pence you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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