Monday, March 23, 2015


To say the news is bleak lately is an understatement. If you've been watching the MSM, everything seems hunky dory. If you read between the lines, disaster seems fast approaching. Now as everything, and I do mean just about everything is rigged, God knows when it collapse. Japan has been stringing on their slow moving collapse by 25 years now. But as 47% of their GDP is going toward debt, things would seem to be finally catching up to them.
Let's start with business news as Google has long portrayed themselves as a "good" corporation, who do at least treat their employees with some respect. The rest of us are peasants though. Google removed ads from this site for some bullshit reason but the reality was, they didn't like I what I talking about. This has happened to other sites like this one so I doubt it was any other reason than censorship. Now they have done it to because they published pictures from Abu Ghraib. This is the same company that plans on listing sites by "truthiness" rather than hits which begs the question "Who's truth?" and why do they get to be the sole judge for which they have already proved they are terrible at?

Jobs are going to start disappearing at a rapid rate with roughly 50% of all jobs gone in twenty years. Mind the population won't be 50% less, barring some catastrophe, spelling doom for capitalism in general which cannot survive such an impact. I have long advocated a new economic system and if we can get 3D printing working better, we may be able to implement something like it using credits, a maximum wage and 100% employment, which may entail giving money to people for arts and sciences. Robots are going to replace a lot of what we do and soon, from truck drivers to bartenders, these will all be gone by 2030.
The fact is technology is headed rapidly toward a singularity which will ultimately change human society. Very soon, things like aging, disease and death in general may be a thing of the past. This is something that would be hoarded like gold by the elites as there is no way this gets out into the public as overcrowding would happen quick. But as technology can only be suppressed for so long, sooner or later it will break wide and then what? There have been rumors for some time about a plan to wipe out most of humanity and that time may be approaching.

WW3 could happen at any time right now as historical factors show a repeat of 1914 all over again. The assassination of the Pope, a Chinese invasion of Taiwan or an attack of Japan, or a Middle East uprising could spell disaster for humankind. All are possible right now. On top of all of this, we face an economic calamity that could destroy the planet's entire economic system.
We have played fast and loose, thanks mostly to conservative bullshit like austerity programs, and now it appears we may have hit a wall. In a story I highly doubt the MSM will tell you, came this gem from

Yesterday, an agency of the Federal government, the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Financial Research
(OFR), released a study warning that by three separate measures the U.S. stock market is approaching dangerous “two-sigma thresholds” which can lead to “quicksilver markets.” Translation: we could be heading for a big crash.
A two-sigma threshold is when market valuation move at least two standard deviations above the historical mean. The study notes that “valuations approached or surpassed two-sigma in each major stock market bubble of the past century.” Think 1929, 2000 and 2007. A quicksilver market, as defined by the study, is when stable markets turn on a dime and “change rapidly and unpredictably.”

The study was authored by Theodore (Ted) Berg and notes that it may not necessarily reflect the official position or policy of the OFR or Treasury. Berg is a Chartered Financial Analyst with the OFR, an agency created under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer
The three measures that are flashing warning signals are the CAPE ratio, the Q-ratio, and the Buffett Indicator. Berg is looking at these measures because of the potential for today’s historically high profit margins to be distorting the outlook of other analysts  who are predicting that trend to continue, when, in reality, profit margins “revert toward a longer-term average over a business. This follows other economic indicators that spell doom and possibly soon. All of this brings us to Ted Cruz running for President. WHHHHEEEEE! As a writer, I am thrilled. As an American, I am horrified. Ted Cruz has said he will get rid of Obamcare, with no replacement in mind, meaning 16 millions will lose their insurance and prices will skyrocket, but at least we won't have "government run" health care right? He also went to say that he will abolish the IRS, establish a flat tax, secure Second Amendment rights, protect the border, do away with "every word of Common Core," defend "the sanctity of human life," uphold "the sacrament of marriage," and standing "unapologetically" with Israel. In other words, gay people and pro-choice people can suck it and provide not one concrete idea how to fix our ailing society.
He is just the first in the clown car known as the Republican party. What we have may be an exact repeat of 2012 all over again, proving mankind can't remember anything past last week anymore. Hillary will be the defacto front runner until someone else steals her thunder, ala Obama, which may be Martin O'Malley or hopefully, Liz Warren, who probably isn't going to run but I can dream. Meanwhile, the Republicans will go through their flavor of the week until the decide that Jeb Bush is their man. Scott Walker is the it guy now, but his record in Wisconsin is beyond shaky and he could falter badly in the debates. Bush's connection and money make him still the likely candidate. If he is, any Republicans that actually vote for him will prove the country is lost as people really are too stupid to live. It was only a few years back his brother drove this country into the ground. Yet somehow, they seem to have forgotten all that as W's polls numbers are still in the fifties. Were those people living on Mars during his presidency? He was the worst president EVER and now you are actually thinking of giving their family a third chance? Please. I don't think Cruz has a shot to be honest. He is too far right for a country that is becoming less so. People want higher wages, gay rights, pro choice, and legal weed. I don't see anyone on the right talking about any of that and that will cost them this election and every other one down the road. Buckle up Republicans because 2016 is going to be a bumpy ride.

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