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If you want to see how fast a society can fall apart, loss of trust in the police is a sure fire way to get it started. The Ferguson Police Department is a shining example of how to do everything wrong, even if the thing that got this all started was the only thing that wasn't racist; the killing of Mike Brown. That's irony. But now they face dissolution, which may be something we should be looking at doing to police departments nationwide, with some examples of it working better than what we have now. Let's look at those runner ups.
10)Lumber Liquidators vs Short Sellers- This story will need a post all in its own, it's so complicated. In brief, Lumber Liquidators was accused by 60 Minutes of selling sub standard lumber that was making people sick. As a result, stocks plunged last week, netting short sellers a fortune. Short sellers were also responsible for the story itself, and a pending lawsuit, perhaps as a way of guaranteeing the company would lose money. Or, conversely, did they think that the rapid rise of profits that LL had over the last few years was due to shoddy materials their competitors were not using? The worst part is even experts are unsure as 60 Minutes is hardly a program with impeccable reporting, having been caught in several high profile mistakes that damaged their creditability I believe beyond repair. Their methods seemed shoddy at best, but at the same time, could be correct. This is why trust is being lost today because if I can't figure out the truth, what chance does the average guy have? Either way Lumber Liquidators is in trouble.
9)The Duggars- I fucking hate this family worse than I hate just about anyone. I would rather vacation with Kim Kardashian and her husband as they explain world politics to me than spend one minute with these giant douchebags. It's bad enough they have some weird addiction to children that should be classified as a mental disorder, but they scream bloody murder about "Christian" values and then fail to live up to them on a daily basis. They are obviously pro-life, venomously anti-gay (neither if which is really that Christian if you have ever actually read the Bible) and now as it also turns out, budding psychopaths with a tendency for cruelty against animals. A video popped up this week with Jill Duggar's husband, Derrick Dickhead, I mean Dillard, sledding into a cat ON PURPOSE. Three things make me violent: Hit a woman, hit a kid, hit an animal. I will beat you senseless for any of those three issues if I see it. I must have missed that part of the Bible where Jesus said "go forth and wound and hurt and kill all the animals." Must be in a newer addition. Stop paying attention to these assholes please. You can literally watch anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, else.
8)Thorbjoern Jagland- Who the hell is this guy right? He was the head of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee until earlier this week when in stunning rebuke was demoted all the way down to member. It would be the equivalent of being CEO one minute and office drone the next. What happened? Conservatives took over the chairmanship and ousted him, for what I think were accurate reasons. The members were rankled by his giving of awards to Barack Obama, who had done absolutely nothing to earn it other than being black and President, a Chinese dissident in 2010 and worst of all, the EU, in 2012, which seemed odd to give a peace prize not only to a non-human but one that was destroying the continent as well. This was a serious fall from grace.

7)Jillian Jacobson- This 31 year old teacher from Placentia, CA killed herself this week in a tragic end that also claimed the life of her father, who also killed himself years earlier. Suicide is an awful thing, and some people are either too sick, mentally or physically to continue, and to them I have my support. This idiot on the other hand decided to off herself at school by hanging herself so her students found her. WTF? Yeah, no trauma there for your students. If you want kill yourself, please do, but do so in your own home please.

6)Peeps Milk- You read that right. If you ever thought, "Hey what if we combined milk with the grossest, sweetest, most disgusting candy on the face of the Earth," do I have a treat for you. Coming this Easter to a store near you is Peeps milk which will  be Peeps flavored and may single handedly cause diabetes rates to skyrocket by Summer. I would rather drink motor oil than that.
5)Sheila Kerns- Yet another teacher that makes you question the types of people we have educating our kids. This Ohio teacher was fired, arrested and then convicted for showing the film "The ABC's of Death," to her high school students. The film is not meant for anyone under 17, which would be most of the people she showed it to. Her defense was that she didn't know the film was that bad, showing at very least a incredible amount of stupidity, it doesn't explain why she showed it many more times without being aware. Enjoy your 90 days and the end of your career.
4)Justin Harris- This fuckwad is why I loathe Christians who also happen to be Republican lawmakers. Harris is being investigated for giving up two of his adopted daughters to another man who then raped them. His excuse was the usual "the Bible let's me do whatever I want" bullshit while also playing the victim card that said Child Services threatened him if he didn't keep his adopted child when he wanted to return her I guess. A kid is not a pair of socks dumbass. The fact that he adopted them during his campaign for an Arkansas House seat cannot be taken lightly. Once he got what he wanted, he tried to dump them off on someone else who just so happened to be a child molester. I hope at the very least he loses his job, if not going to jail for this.

3)Bob Menedez- Showing I do not just pick on Republicans, this senator from NJ is being investigated for corruption charges which is not the first time either. This is from

A federal grand jury in New Jersey has for months been investigating Menendez’s interactions with Salomon Melgen, a close friend and financial backer of the senator, prompting Menendez to rack up hundreds of thousands in legal bills as the probe intensified. A New Jersey newspaper reported this week that several Menendez aides declined to answer questions before the grand jury, citing a constitutional privilege that covers the New Jersey Democrat and other lawmakers and staff.

In 2009 and 2012, Menendez intervened with top officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — the agency that oversees the Medicare program — about a CMS ruling that Melgen had overbilled the Medicare program by nearly $9 million. Melgen has repaid those funds. FBI agents and investigators from the Department of Health and Human Services have searched the Florida ophthalmologist’s offices twice as part of the probe.

Other actions by Menendez have also come under scrutiny. He contacted the State and Commerce departments for help in pressuring the Dominican Republic’s government to honor a contract with a port security company owned by Melgen. The senator had traveled repeatedly on Melgen’s private plane, and Menendez was forced to repay $70,000 from his own pocket for some unreported flights after they came to light.

Melgen has also donated heavily to Menendez’s campaigns, including $700,000 in 2012 to a Democratic super PAC that spent heavily to help the senator secure reelection.

Can he survive another probe? He has been Teflon in the past and the public pays little attention to these kinds of things when they really should be, but anything is possible.
2)Antonin Scalia- This one man could convince the Supreme Court to destroy this country with his idiocy. During a pointless, yet another attack on Obamacare, this time over subsidies, douchebag Scalia said that if they struck the law down, Congress would certainly fix things before they completely fell apart, eliciting laughs from the court when the defense quipped back, "this Congress?" If subsidies fall apart, so does our entire health care system if a fix isn't implemented within weeks. Does anyone think that is possible? If subsidies die, then 8-15 million people lose their insurance and rates skyrocket to unaffordable levels for the rest of us and the GOP will be to blame. Should this occur, there is near 100% chance of angry, sick people shooting right wing politicians in the street. If you want anarchy, kill the subsidy program. When people can't afford stuff that lets them live, they have nothing to lose by coming after the people they blame and it won't be Obama, at least according to all the polls that say they will place the blame on the Republicans. Good luck guys, because if this goes bad, 2016 will be the least of your problems.

 1)Ferguson Police and the Police in general- I have to admit, I didn't think it was possible for the Ferguson Police Department to be as racist as it was. Wow, talk about a complete breakdown which will almost certainly lead to the dissolution of that department as there will be no faith in them from no one no matter what. That ship has sailed. Previous posts went into great detail about the total racism that prevailed there and they were horrific. But it's not just them and this may be rampant throughout the country. The NYPD recently tweeted that the reason so many innocent people were being shot in the city is "due to people off their meds walking into the bullets." Yeah, it's not the fact that you guys are the worst shots in the nations, incapable of hitting a target more than 40% of the time at a range of six feet or less. That's pathetic. Michael J Fox could do better. I have an idea that maybe we should disband ALL police forces nationwide and replace them with private security forces with much less power. This experiment has been tried in Sharpstown, TX with a population of 66,000, so not a small burg or anything. After they disbanded the department, they saved over $200,000 and crime dropped by 61%. They did this by doing things cops used to do like walk a beat or patrol a specific area. Now, cops are little more than revenue generators and tax collectors. They are actually making things worse. So let's have a little common sense, get rid of the cops, hire private contractors (who will make less money saving taxpayers a fortune) and watch as our society becomes even less violent and a whole lot less racist. End the War On Drugs with it and we could really clean up this world. So congratulations police, you are rapidly becoming persona non grata and are indeed douchebag of the week.

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