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We have become a truly stupid people and it is smacking us in the face with alarming regularity. There is a voting block of the public who keep putting people into office who do nothing but sabotage their own interests and then vote them back in again. We have racism staring us front and center from all sides and yet we continue to ignore it. Worst of all, we have business leaders and heads of state making decisions so stupid it is simply mind-blowing.
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Let's start with the SAE who made several ultra-racist videos showing a complete lack of knowledge how technology works. We've all seen the video of several privileged douchebags chanting about how black people will never be part of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and they can hang from a tree if they don't like it. I am obviously paraphrasing and not using any of the disgusting racist slants these dicks were chanting, but it was obvious this was not some random just made up song, but one taught to these assholes earlier.

Now the frat is shut down, several people have been expelled and everything is back to normal right? Hardly, as a new video surfaced showing their elderly house mother saying the word "nigger" over and over with a huge smile of her face. Good Christ. She claims she was just singing along to song but, a word to white people, saying it was part of a song does not make it better. Although a quick word to black people is if you want to word to go away stop using it all the time yourself with the idiotic notion that because you are black, it's alright. It isn't. Words are not segregated. The word is awful and should be just eliminated from our language completely and anyone who uses it, regardless of race, should be treated as a leper for it.
I will honestly admit, I didn't think racism was this prevalent in the white community still. Mind you I live in the North East where racism was never a huge deal in the first place, but I have seen it creep into a lot of people I know who were never racist before until black privilege became a thing. By black privilege, which is a real thing, I mean the idea that black people think they are ALWAYS being treated like second class citizens simply because they are black and not an asshole. The shooting of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and now Tony Robinson come to mind. And while I will be the first to admit that any time an unarmed black guy is shot by a white cop is cause for alarm, the facts also dictate that Robinson was a thug acting like a douchebag, as heard in as least three 911 calls in which the perp was mentioned by name by people who knew him and identified him as such. He was 19 years old and already had a conviction for armed robbery. Yeah, he's a peach. That being said, if the cop had a partner and trained to use non lethal force, like he should have, Robinson would still be alive and headed for jail rather than a dirt nap. But to hold this up to the same standards as Eric Gardner or Tamir Rice is ludicrous. Robinson, like Brown and Trayvon Martin, asked to be shot and that is far different than murdering people like Rice or Gardner.

Now much like the Ferguson Police Department, are we really to believe that this is only frat that has racist attitudes in the country? Of course not. Races are falling further and further apart which is exactly what the powers that be want. It's why me and my black friends work hard to eliminate ideas that everyone is racist and work together for a better future. But both sides are doing real damage to that ideal.
Speaking of doing real damage, the Republicans hit a new low this week when they undermined a proposed peace deal by sending a letter to Iran saying that deal could be undone at any time. WTF? Is war the only ideal they understand? The Daily Show last night erroneously equated this with Nancy Pelosi's visit to Syria in 2007 but that is apples and oranges. The democrats tried to make nice with Assad, which is hardly a horrible thing. On the other hand, the Republicans and trying to destroy a peace deal with Iran without having seen detail one about it. Talk about sour grapes.

Here's the funny part. The 47 Senators who signed said letter should be brought up on charges for violation of the Logan Act which equates this with treason and is punishable from anything to three years in prison to the death penalty. Considering it was written by freshman Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, an alleged constitutional scholar, you would have thought he would have known better. Now while there is no way that anyone will actually be prosecuted for this, as Nancy Pelosi was accused of doing in 2007, it is telling that the GOP is sabotaging a peace deal and instead would rather just bomb people back to the stone age regardless of outcome. Fun.

The GOP has been a train wreck so far, doing absolutely nothing to help the country with all the bills so far aimed at abortion, gay people, the Keystone Pipeline and Obamacare. That's it. No jobs programs. No minimum wage hikes, which a lot of people in their own party support. No alternative health care program. Nothing. And people are still supporting them.
This is how stupid Republicans are. This is from a great site, Cannonfire:

In West Virginia, a union PAC spent $1.4 million trying to keep the statehouse in Democratic hands but couldn't reverse the cultural trends turning the state red. Exit polls found that even union members were almost evenly split between the Republican and the Democrat in the major statewide race for U.S. Senate.

Now Republicans, in control of the state legislature for the first time since 1931, are taking advantage of their opportunity, pushing measures to expand non-union charter schools and scale back requirements that public projects pay higher, union-scale wages.

On one hand, the dummies brought it on themselves. On the other hand...

...jeez. Is there another hand? I mean, there's only so much sympathy one can expend on workers who won't pursue their own interests. If you beg to be screwed, you can't complain after. 

Of course, we must consider the effects on voting patterns...

Belonging to a union increases the odds of a voter supporting Democrats, and labor increases the participation of lower-income voters who tend to back Democrats, said Roland Zullo of the University of Michigan's Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations. "If you have more unions, you have higher rates of voting, especially in places that are poor," he said.
If you can think of a way to reverse this trend, please share with us all.

Republicans are voting in people who then fight for things like lower pay, easier firing patterns, elimination of unions, elimination of unemployment, SS, and Medicare, and other things that directly impact their lives. And then they still vote for them. It is ridiculous. It would be like Hitler killing off the Jews one by one and yet Moisha Tannebaum from down the street is still a member of the Nazi party. How stupid does one have to before light dawns on Marblehead?
The Republicans are killing us off just like the Nazis. They are doing it by keeping health care from those who need it by not expanding Medicaid in their states, killing an estimated 100,000 people per year. That's a lot of dead people and some of you out there are all for it.

The Republicans are a stain on our society, and while the democrats may not be much better, evil is better than stupid any day. Stupid gets people killed quick. Evil is much more subtle. And the GOP is hands down the king of Stupid today.

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