Monday, March 30, 2015


We stand at a crossroads right now with black and gay rights being put up for grabs. Gay people are gaining ground in leaps and bounds, mostly thanks to the support of the business community who see this as a way to drum up more money, clearly aware of which way the trends are going, even if our beyond stupid politicians do not. Black people however are both being subjected to rampant racism in the justice department while simultaneously making sure that bad black stereotypes continue ad naseum by their own actions.
Let's start with gay people. Some of the people I know, religious or not, are getting angry at the gay community for, well let's face facts, waving their private parts in our faces. They don't see the reason why their sexuality has to be so avert and obvious, unaware of the massive discrimination they face everyday in states not in New England. They do not like gay people being in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. They do not like the idea that people cannot refuse service to someone they find offensive. In other words, they certainly do not understand the 14th amendment and the Equal Protection Clause that protects us from bigotry every day.

Back in 1925, Jim Crow laws allowed signs that said "We do not serve black people." Change black for gay and it is the same thing all over again. No one should be denied service because of the color of their skin, their religion, their creed, or their sexuality. If you do not want to deal with gay people, go into a business that requires as little human contact as possible, like this one. It pays garbage and the hours suck but you work from home and don't have to run into those pesky gays you hate so much. I do not discriminate as, gay or straight, I hate working with large numbers of people who bring their germs to work 24/7 which inevitably makes me sick too. Since not working from a large office, I've only had a cold twice in seven years and the flu once in over a decade. Go me.

But gay people have a powerful ally right now and that is Big Business. Since Indiana went all gay nuclear on it's people, tens of  thousands have rallied to their cause as the state lost almost a hundred million dollars so far and it's only Monday. Apple has come down hard on them and the city of Seattle has placed a ban on travel there by city officials for state business. Even worse however is the fact that Angie's List has stopped the building of a large facility to be built there costing the state over a thousand jobs and fifty million dollars in lost revenue. Tack on another fifty million as Gen-Com, the largest gaming convention in the country, is no longer showing up and taking their money with them. Even the NCAA is wary about being there for the final four this week. This is an economic disaster of epic proportions and their dick governor looks like a deer caught in headlights. He flailed miserably against George Stephanopoulos yesterday on ABC news when he refused to answer a simple yes of no question about gay people's rights. It was just sad and everyone who voted for this asshole should take a long, hard look in the mirror because they are dicks too.
Gay rights are here to stay and all the crying and whining about it will not help. I am dying to see what idiot Republicans, like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee will do, when they come out against gay rights and get slammed for it. Even young Republicans support gay rights and call it a deal breaker in their votes. The GOP is going to start losing hard if they keep kissing butt to the insane right and do not instead move more to the center. Wall Street may be threatening the democrats with withholding campaign funds if they continue to ask for reasonable banking laws but the opposite is also true where GOP coffers are going to be mighty empty from everyone but banks if they continue their anti-gay, long expired positions on gay rights. Join us on the right side of history already.

Then we have black people are becoming their own worst enemy. History is on your side as massive racism seems to be existing in many a police department and now white America sees it as well. So have you done any outreach to try to bridge the gap between white and black and unite us in a peaceful America? Of course not. Instead, all we see are black people getting arrested in mass numbers for stuff they actually did, cry racism when none exists, and attack white people in larger and larger numbers. Talk about the wrong strategy.

This week, here in MA, a black man shot a cop in the face, another raped an 18 year old girl in her driveway, and about a dozen were picked up on massive drug charges (heroin) in Worcester. That was just over the last few days. Almost none of the people arrested for a major crime here have been any color other than black. If we look at everyone arrested in the NFL last year, 99% were black. In Florida yesterday, eight people died, ten wounded, all black during a spring break party. I get that the police are racist but part of the problem may be that all they arrest are black people all the time making them see black people as a constant threat.

The black community needs an awaking as well. They need to stop a culture of thug worship that demeans white America as well. Too many guns exist in the hood and part of that is a War on Drugs that makes black people akin to slaves again. But because they refuse to get involved in any meaningful way into politics, they get the short end of the stick again and again. If they had a black leader worth a damn, that might change, but as long as we have Jesse Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton, and even Obama leading the pack, nothing is going to get better.
Let's look at two different stories that demonstrate what I am walking about when it comes to black racism that many in the black community say is not possible. Empire star, Tariji P Henson screamed bloody murder about her son being detained by police calling the stop "racially motivated." Unfortunately for her, and great news for people looking for truth, cameras caught the whole thing on tape, exonerating the cop who actually bent over backwards to help the young man by not giving him a moving violation and only ticketing him for possession of pot. Henson was forced to apologize but this is yet another example of a black person screaming RACIST! when none existed. This happens with sickening regularity and I have seen it first hand when black people have accused someone of being racist when obviously there wasn't any intention of that. If you think racists are everywhere, they will be whether they actually exist or not.

In St Louis this past week, in a story the MSM missed, a white man was beaten by three black guys for the crime of being white. They accosted him on the subway, asking to "borrow" his phone (aka steal), and when he refused they asked him about the Mike Brown case. When he said nothing they started to beat him as other black passengers laughed and filmed it. Good thing this guy didn't have a gun because it would have been Bernie Getz all over again meaning we've learned nothing in 30 years.
This is what we have become: a society obsessed with sex and race and doing a lousy job with both. Black people have to get their act together because at this rate, nothing is going to change as white America writes you off. Gay people however, will be everywhere, like it or not. Black people should be looking at the gay community and emulate them. Get big business on your side. Get politicians on your side. Stop blaming white people for everything. Most importantly, start by fixing your own houses and stop young black men from becoming just another statistic rather than CEO of some company. Start behaving better and society will reward you. Act like thugs and no one will care.

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