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A quick word that my columns will be spotty this week due to work concerns, doctor visits and the like. It's a slow news week anyway so good timing on my part.
I really hate piling on the Republicans day in and day out, because most of the Democrats are no great prize either, but when you continue to do the dumbest things imaginable on a regular basis, it's hard not to. I have a rule, when it comes to evil versus stupid, I will pick evil every time. Evil may kill billions, but they always have a plan and some level of humanity might survive under them. Stupid can wipe out a universe. And the Republican party at this point is beyond stupid.

Take House Republicans "new" budget plan. It is the same boiler plate crap they have been peddling for decades now with no takers from the public due to it's obvious unworkable nature. It is word for word the exact same proposal as Paul Ryan's, which the American people thumbed their nose at and was the key reason for the Romney/Ryan loss, as I predicted six months before the election. Well it's back with the usual brand of Medicare vouchers, ending Obamacare and a dozen other gimmicks which will never work in real world scenarios as echoed by countless economists, not to mention real world failures. It's like their stuck in a time warp and can only propose ideas that not only won't work, they have been PROVEN not to work.

As always, it kills Obamacare and then is exceedingly vague as to what they would do next. Way to plan ahead guys. Of course it is the Republicans who never seem to have a workable plan for just about anything. It turns Medicare into a voucher program which would make seniors pay a lot more for health care. The military gets even more money it does NOT need. I know people in the military and they all say the amount of money wasted they see everyday is staggering. And they want to feed this greedy piggy even more slop. Of course, all of this has to be paid for by draconian cuts to social services and other programs for the poor.
Here's the funny part: this bill is so bad even Senate Republicans are saying they won't vote for it. They like having their jobs as Senate elections are not based on gerrymandering bullshit so they actually have to campaign. It is also dead on arrival as, even if it did pass the Senate, which would also cause howls from the public, Obama would veto it stat. And that's why I will never vote for a Republican ever. If the democrat sucks too I just won't vote, and that is something a lot of people are doing as voting ranks continue to drop like a hot rock.

What drives me nuts about the far right is how wrong they are about just about everything lately. These anti-science wing nuts and starting to look scarier and scarier because they belief in things like creationism over evolution or that the Earth is only 6000 years old is just plain retarded. Climate change is not only real, it may destroy us all if we don't address it and treating idiots who don't believe in it as Holocaust deniers is a step in the right direction. Much as Coca-Cola is paying health experts to promote it's drink as a "healthy snack" (Really?), oil companies and the like are using false data to promote their evil agenda.

This is from the Independent.UK:

Humanity has raced past four of the boundaries keeping it hospitable to life, and we're inching close to the remaining five, an Earth resilience strategist has found.

In a paper published in Science in January 2015, Johan Rockström argues that we've already screwed up with regards to climate change, extinction of species, addition of phosphorus and nitrogen to the world's ecosystems and deforestation.

We are well within the boundaries for ocean acidification and freshwater use meanwhile, but cutting it fine with regards to emission of poisonous aerosols and stratospheric ozone depletion.

"The planet has been our best friend by buffering our actions and showing its resilience," Rockström said. "But for the first time ever, we might shift the planet from friend to foe."

There are way too many people on the planet right now and if we don't get it under control, nature will and that could end the world.  Facts are showing we are rapidly hitting that point.
What about the lack of regulations that Republicans are clamoring for? It's letting banks run hog wild again, creating dangerous bubbles that could destroy the economy when they burst and causing all sorts of environmental disasters across the country. They scream about every time a train derails carrying crude but fail to say a peep when those same pipelines burst and cause far more damage than the train derailment. Like clean water and air? Then don't vote for these losers. This is from Arkansas and Newsforage.com:

Hundreds of used syringes and vials of blood were found in the Arkansas River on Saturday.

Taylor Smyth says he takes his kids to the river almost every weekend, but after coming across the needles in the same spot that his kids build sand castles, that might change.
He says he was out with some friends boating on the Arkansas River Saturday when he saw what he thought was a tackle box.
It turns out it was five biohazard containers completely filled with vials of blood and syringes with the needles still attached.
“I don’t feel comfortable swimming now,” Smyth said.
He thinks someone was dumping them off a bridge upstream.
“There’s no telling how long this has happened or if it’s happened more than once,” Smyth said.
Pawnee County Sheriff Mike Waters says they have found six other containers spanning over thirty miles of the Arkansas River in the past few weeks.
“I know diseases can be transmitted through needles, so for someone to throw it off a bridge, I’ll tell you, they’re a low down dirty dog,” Waters said.
Smyth says he’s furious that whoever did this not only put the lives of his children in danger but hundreds of people who come to the river every week as well.
“It’s sickening to think that there’s a possibility that someone could get hepatitis from something like this, the possibility is very real I think,” Smyth said.
Authorities say they are checking with hospitals in the area to see if any of the vials belong to them.
Yuck. Yet the people of Arkansas continue to vote utter morons like Tom Cotton into office because he wants to go after that dang gummit Obama. Awesome.
And we have all heard the horror stories over how the country will end if the minimum wage is increased. Unfortunately, the truth is, not only do business not close down, they thrive as people with more money have a tendency to spend it. Where some of the assclowns got their MBA's in business is beyond me because most of them do not understand Economics 101.
Some conservative rag tried to pin higher wages on the closing of eight restaurants in the Seattle area, who recently raised their wage to $15 an hour. True to right wing bullshit, no one bothered to actually ask any of the eight restaurants why they closed until the "liberal" MSM got involved and discovered it was all nonsense.
This is from the LA times:
Of the seven restaurants specifically mentioned in Seattle Magazine's March 4 post, one was reported by its owner to be located in the wrong neighborhood for its particular mix of bar space and atmosphere. Another is being offloaded by an owner who has three other restaurants in the city and is opening two more. (A neighboring restaurant is expanding into its space.) A third turned out to be too big for the clientele at its location. Three aren't closing at all, but are getting new chefs because their old boss is moving to Spain to join his partner.
How many owners cited the minimum wage as a factor in their actions? None.

In other words, everything the right is claiming is wrong and provable so. Again. How long are stupid people going to be tricked by the biggest morons on the planet into falling for their bull? The Republican party is the party of stupid. And while the Democrats may be the party of evil, it has got to be better than the guaranteed end of civilization that the GOP offers. Stop voting for retards.

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