Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As of this writing, a new pope has been elected and we are waiting to find out who it is. Before I am finished, I am sure I will announce who it is and probably be dumbstruck as to who it is. They elected a Nazi pope who has solely responsible for the moving around of pedophile priests so how much lower could they stoop. "And I give you, Pope Honey Boo Boo" would be an improvement over Joey Ratz.

Meanwhile, this country is falling apart at the seams. Obama said today that as long as the Republicans are trying to gut social programs like Social Security and Medicare, to name just a few, no agreement is possible. Thank god for that because the last thing this country needs is more austerity programs that only devastate things further. I know this because I have eyes and ears and live on planet Earth. Austerity has been a dismal failure throughout Europe and the people over there have had it. I find it especially stupid that we can't even use the words DEPRESSION when describing places like Greece and Spain which have a severe one at that and have had it for at least three years now. By the very definition of the word, these two countries are not doing well and austerity is the reason, not debt. We should be listening.

It came to my attention these last few days that the tuition assistance program for the military has been eliminated due to the sequestration, you know the one that Michael Reagan said wasn't going to affect anyone. Well guess what, numnuts. Here's one front and center for you and affects those troops you keep stroking yourself over. These brave men and women risk their lives for us and we throw them away the minute they get back with decreasing medical services and now eliminating any help getting a better education which is why many joined in the first place. Talk about bait and switch. My military friends are PISSED. Why to support the troops guys.

At the same time as this and the gun grab going on nationwide, even the MSM has gotten wind of something we here on the Internet have been reporting for months: the DHS and other odd government entities like the IRS and Forest Service, have been buying hundreds of billions of rounds of ammo, mostly hollow point ones which they have said are for "training purposes." So let me get this straight. You are buying enough super expensive bullets, at a time when we are running out of money, to practice with, even though hollow points offer no special value. Right. Every single person I have talked with said that all armed forces use something called dummy bullets for practice which are cheap, crappy bullets perfect for training practices but of little use elsewhere. Here's a link to a Marine who says the same thing:

They are also buying armored tanks, riot gear and other crowd control devices to be used on American soil. Where is the outrage? Forbes magazine has finally caught on and are asking why the DHS needs such things, especially when money is tight. Of course no response from Herr Napalitano and her New Gestapo. Most over the last week however have gone back to the ole "conspiracy theory" bullshit, which is stunning as the facts are out there for all to see. It's not a conspiracy when I can see the information with my own eyes. Can you people not read? Media Matters and Raw Story both "debunked" the story when all they did was ask a government spokesperson who, of course, denied the whole thing and they left it at that. Great reporting there because, as we all know, the government never lies, money is always plentiful and woman love guys with small penises and bad personalities.

I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we gave KBR at least $300 million dollars to build internment camps throughout the country. I have the documents to prove it. But DHS says they will have to let 10,000 illegal aliens free because they don't have anywhere to put them. Then where did that $300 million go and why are not concerned about it? Either the camps exist or they don't, but the DHS cannot have it both ways. Here is an ad for one of the centers in Georgia that proves we really did build these places:

Still think I am mad? Why advertise for a prison that doesn't exist? You wouldn't. So we know that KBR did build these places, as I have also linked to other ads just like this one in previous posts. Here's a link to five more:

So DHS has the space and personell to house these 10,000 illiegal aliens yet refuse to do so. Why?

Here's a link to KBR's money shower in the mid 2000's that I keep writing about:

It happened. Deal with it.

Now comes word that a new FEMA is in the works. Here it is straight from Congress:

It's goal is to establish six nationwide detention centers that sound an awful lot like concentration camps. So at a time when we are broke we are spending billions on camps we know exist as the government only denies it to the MSM who then give up, go home and write about salmon fishing in Washington. True reporters like myself, dig deeper to find the real truth.

As I said a new Pope has been elected from Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglia or Pope Francis 1. Looking at his history, I see little that would make me think he will usher in a new era for the failing Church as he is still not going to fix anything that is killing it. He may indeed by the last Pope as St. Malachi predicted, although how this one relates to Peter the Roman as he is none of those is still up for grabs.

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