Thursday, March 21, 2013


When you get hit up the head enough times, eventually you get the idea. Not if you are a Republican however which seems to have missed the massive beating the took in November by doing the exact same crap that made people so mad at them in the first place.

We have states like Arkansas and North Dakota passing the most stringiest anti-abortion laws even though a majority of their own people don't support them. We have the Tea Party screaming about deficits, ignoring every single other problem we have. Let me ask you a question for all you deficit hawks out there? When you get laid off from your job, is the first thing you do start paying off your credit card in it's entirety? No, you pay the minimum until you get back into your feet. Not with our government though which they want the debt paid off immediately and damn the consequences.

Now comes word the the House has passed Ryan's awful budget plan 221-207, where every democrat and ten Republicans voted against it. It will now die a painful death in the Senate where it has no hope of even being heard. Even if it did somehow make it through, the President would veto it, and kill it outright, with no hope of overriding it. What a monumental waste of everyone's time. This is no better than Dianna Fienstein trying to get her anti-gun bill passed which of course, it didn't. This is a another waste of time. Can we please focus on things that might pass and help us all?

Republicans spent the last week at CPAC trying to woo woman and minorities to their side, and then in the span of just a day later, ruin it. Mitch McConnell said Hillary Clinton looked like a rerun of the Golden Girls, as if he is anything to look at. Then, they collectively bitched about Obama's pick for heading the Labor Department, Thomas Perez, even though he has more than the credentials needed for the position. The reason being is that he has been a champion for minority rights. And that is why the GOP is filled with racists. They are not even trying to hide it. Good luck with those minority votes come 2014.

The GOP stands for only one thing: greed. And their policies prove it.  Lately though, even some democrats are showing their true colors. A bipartisan bill headed for a vote, and written by a democrat from CT (Jim Himes) wants to put even less regulation on the derivative market. This is the same derivative market that helped crash the economy in 2008 and had not been fixed one iota since. And now they want to make it even easier to lose money and tank the economy in the process. By the way, Jim Himes used to work for, you guessed it, Goldman Sachs. This bank rules both sides and until it is removed for the equation, nothing will change until the whole thing blows up in our faces. This is why anyone connected with bankers should never be put into office regardless of party affiliation.

Meanwhile, corporations are fighting for even lower taxes, even though 60% paid no tax and 40% of them made money back from the government in subsidies and tax breaks the rest of us do not get. 200 CEO's are lobbying the government for a lower tax rate of 25% and to loosen restrictions on offshore banking. That is the same offshore accounts that house somewhere between $30 and $300 trillion dollars, or enough money to fix every problem world wide. And they want more because enough is never enough. That is greed to the nth degree.

The GOP is lost and the democrats prove the are beholden to the same interests half the time. We need sanity back or otherwise we are all going to be so screwed, democrat, republican or independent. Unless you have money and lots of it, it won't matter. Start fighting for what is right and ignore the party nonsense. Your life depends on it at this point.

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