Sunday, March 31, 2013


It was a close call this week between the reckless policies of the EU and the unhinged actions of Kim Jong Un and North Korea. One could lead to an economic Armageddon and the other a regional nuclear war. Ugh. Let's see those runner ups, containing some doozies themselves.

1)Lindsay Lohan- This trainwreck in action struck again, this time on the set of Charlie's Sheen's sitcom "Anger Management." Seems ole sticky fingers walked away with clothes and jewelery from the set, claiming the producers would take it out of her salary, for which no deal had previously been made. I also hear she was quite the diva on set refusing to come out of her trailer, acting like a spoiled brat and being VERY demanding. Everytime she left the set, the crew would applaud. This girl is damaged beyond repair.

2)Steven Brooks- This Nevada lawmaker lost his mind, literally, and hours after being thrown out of office for "mental instability" (a first in the state by the way), Brooks was arrested after a high speed chase and assaults on several officers and police dog. After his car broke down, the tow truck helping him called police to report the man acting very strange and violent. When police showed up he took off, tire still flat, while throwing things out the window. After a spike strip disabled his car, his wrestled with several officers and tried to attack a police dog with a wrench. Brooks is being held on $100,000 bail on four felony charges including resisting a police officer with force, willful harm to a police service dog, felony evading arrest and throwing objects from a vehicle with intent to harm. Nice. He is still facing several felony and misdemeanors counts from an earlier altercation with the police. Seems like the legislature did the right thing throwing this lunatic out. If only we could do that for most of Congress.

3)Obama- I still hear he is keen on using the Chained CPI index to screw the little guy out of more money in negotiations with Republicans. This cannot be allowed to pass. If this goes through, revolution becomes much more likely.

4)People who harp on Obama Taking Vacations- Obama has a tough job. I have no problem with him going away for a little while wherever he wants to go. But as he is the President, he is still on the job wherever he goes. They do have phones and lap taps outside the White House. By the way, to all the right wing douchebags complaining about the 131 days Obama has taken off so far, Bush Jr took 1020 days over eight years, or three years of vacation. Reagan took over 400. Obama will have tops, 250 by the end of his two terms. This proves my point that Republicans can't count.

5)Dr. W Scott Harrington- This Oklahoma dentist gets the first ever "YUCK" award for exposing as many as 7000 people to AIDS and hep B and C by using unclean, even rusty, equipment. After a patient with no risk factors came down with AIDS and Hep C, health officials traced the problem back to this dentist, who was so cheap he was using medicine twenty years expired, allowed technicians to do complicated procedures and reused needles. EEEWWWWWWWW. I hope that in addition to losing his medical license, he goes to jail for a very long time.

6)Dr. Ben Carson- Speaking of idiot doctors comes this conservative asshole who recently raised everyone's ire by calling homosexuals second class citizens who don't deserve equal rights so as not to upset the "status quo." The most hilarious part about all of this, is that Dr. Ben is black. You could just have as easily inserted the word "nigger" where gay appears and it would be the same talking points made about slavery in 1850's. He compared gays to child molesters as well which, understandably, did not go over well with anyone not a total bigot. These morons keep saying" I am not a bigot but....." after which comes out something super bigoted. The Bible does not give you any recourse about damning gay rights. As a matter of fact, as someone who has studied the Bible closer than most religious scholars here's a dirty little secret: In no passage does God or Jesus condemn homosexuality. Until the 12th century, the Church not only didn't give a rat's ass about gay people, they married them. In Churches. This gay hate crap started during the Dark Ages like the Inquisition, the Crusades and the persecution of pro-science individuals. We call them the Tea Party now.

7) Baltimore PD- A Navy Veteran was shot and wounded after a police officer fired at him as he stood with a shot gun in his back yard. Now the guy was in the wrong, as he shouldn't have been firing a shotgun in his back yard. However, he was trying to get a feel for the weapon after his mother was tied up the previous week in a burglary. The cops never said who they were, according to numerous eyewitnesses, never told the vet to drop his weapon, and basically shot him on sight. That is some awful training. That cop should be fired.

8)U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald- This bitch could be the worst judge ever. Ignoring the fact that the LIBOR scandal destroyed countless lives and ruined many a business and family, she threw out substantial parts of the lawsuit against the Big Banks, including Bank Of America and JP Morgan, that caused the financial disaster they helped create. In her ruling, she said it would be seen as "unexpected" (you think) as many others doing similar actions were fined billions of dollars in the past. Overseas banks like Bank of Scotland paid billions to their government for their criminal actions but not here where the rich walk away scott free no matter what trouble they cause. This woman needs to be removed from the bench.

9)North Korea- Kim Jong Un is throwing a giant temper tantrum, most likely because new sanctions placed on the impoverished country, took away his toys. No more yachts or expensive cars or fine wine. And he is having a hissy fit over it. This is a dangerous situation, worse than the news is reporting it. We keep acting like countries with nukes will behave in a responsible behavior. But when the man at the top is seriously deranged, as Kim Jong Un might be, a madman has his finger on the button. And I am still reading articles saying that if Iran gets nukes, so what. You might want to turn a TV on numnuts because North Korea is showing exactly why a rouge nation should never be allowed to get nukes. They might use them. It is entirely possible that Un is a psychopath, raised on being taught he was a God who could murder or rape without consequences. A person like that, as a leader with nuclear capacities should make everyone on Earth nervous. This is beyond bad right now and we should be really worried about it.

10)EU- Somehow doing even more damage is the EU who have singlehandedly destroyed all faith in our banking system. Cyprus is a disaster area looming into Great Depression territory like Spain and Greece and the steps being taken by the EU will only exacerbate the problem. Iceland showed the problem can be fixed but major steps need to be taken to do it. The EU seems incapable of that. Numbers as high as 80% of bank accounts over $100,000 euros may be taken in the future, which will destabilize the entire European banking system as there is no way people would do business with them ever. With interest rates laughably low, there is little reason to have a bank account in the first place. Many are going to do just that and the entire system stands to lose trillions in capital over the next few months. A bank collapse seems inevitable and with it, a destruction of the derivative market and a freefalling world economy. Awesome. So congratulations EU you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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