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Long time President Hugo Chavez died yesterday after a long bout with cancer. He joins a very suspicious group of Latin American leaders that all seem to be getting cancer at the very same time that most of them are trying to separate themselves from the draconian capitalistic policies of the United States and Europe. Here's a list:

Lula - Former President of Brazil - Cancer of the larynx

Dilma - Current president - reversing cancer in the lymphatic system

Cristina Kirchner - Argentina's current president - Thyroid Cancer

Nestor Kirchner - Former president of Argentina - died of colon cancer.

Hugo Chavez - Venezuela's President - Prostate Cancer

Evo Morales - Cancer in the nasal cavities

Fernando Lugo - the Paraguayan President - lymph cancer

Ollanta Humala - President of Peru - Cancer in the gut

Why are so many leaders in these countries suddenly coming down with cancer, especially at a time when cancer rates should be falling? Many are speculating that members within the intelligence community have developed a way to give cancer to people. This is not as idiotic as it sounds.

First off, cancer should have been cured years ago. Why? Because, unlike diseases like AIDS, the flu or the common cold, cancer is not a mutagen type illness. Our main problem has been finding a way to kill the cancer cells in a way that doesn't kill the host. The sad part is, there appears to have been many, many types of cures developed over the years that have been stifled by Big Pharma that want no part in cures any more. Think about it. What was the last disease that was actually cured? You'd have to go back to the fifties to find anything like that, when diseases like polio and smallpox were virtually wiped out due to vaccines that actually work.

This is from which talks in great detail about cancer and why we are being lied to. Here are some excerpts.

In the Himalayas, there is the kingdom of Hunza, between China, Pakistan and India. Many of the people who live there often live to be 100 years old or more. One of the most amazing and unique things about these people, is that there has never been a single reported case of cancer among them, EVER. This is an incredible statistic, considering the vast amounts of carcinogens polluting our planet these days. You may well say “ But they live in the highest mountains, far from the influences of this modern age.” That is true, but it would not account for such things as radiation ( all the above ground atomic tests from the 50’s ), chemtrails ( for over two decades now ), and all the other various pollutants in our atmosphere today.

The diet of these people contains more than 200 times the amount of nitrilosides as the average American’s does. The man who owns the most apricot trees is considered to be the richest person among them. One very revealing fact is that when anyone who grows up in this area, then leaves to live elsewhere, is then just as susceptible to cancer as everyone else, unless they were to continue consuming large amounts of apricot kernels, or other foods high rich in this compound wherever they go.

Eskimos also have a diet high in nitrilosides, and also never contract cancer, as long as they adhere to their traditional foods. The same is true for the Hopi and Navajo Indian tribes. There are other groups too, and the one thing they all have in common is diets rich in nitrilosides.

This is how vitamin B-17 ( also known as Amygdaline and Laetrile ) works: it’s a combination of three things; two units of sugar, one of benzaldehyde, and one of cyanide, to form a single molecule. The cyanide, when combined with these other two elements, is rendered inert UNTIL they come in contact with the protein coating of cancer cells. In fact the cyanide and benzaldehyde together are 100 times more toxic than either one by itself. An enzyme in the coating of the cancer cell then unlocks and releases these two deadly toxins, which then kills the cancer cell. This enzyme which facilitates this process is found ONLY in cancer cells, nowhere else in our bodies. There is another enzyme which, after the cancer cell is destroyed, then converts the cyanide into a harmless by-product that is actually beneficial for our systems. Nature is simply amazing, is it not?

The reason the ‘government’ removed B-17 and Laetrile ( the purest form of B-17 ) from the market in the mid-eighties is simple: because it works. Ask yourself this question: why would Big Pharma want something natural ( AND cheap ) that cures cancer, to be known by the general public, when they can charge thousands of dollars for their “voodoo witch-doctor” ( my term ) cures like chemo and radiation treatments that actually kill more healthy cells than cancerous ones

Why does Big Pharma not want cures? Because it is more profitable to keep someone taking some sort of drug for the rest of their life rather than cure them outright. Many credible studies have shown that high doses of Vitamin C and even hemp oil have better chances of curing cancer than chemo which devastates the body. But those cures are cheap and the pharmaceuticals won't make a dime off it.

But Big Pharma is not interested in your health, They are only interested in profit and one of the main reasons that these industries should be nationalized. Trust me, contrary to popular belief, government runs things better than the private sector in almost every avenue. Yes it may be bloated and covered in red tape, but stuff actually gets accomplished. I dare anyone to name an organization that was better run due to deregulation or private enterprise than the government. Good luck because I've looked and have yet to find one example.

There is ample evidence too that cancer may not be so much a genetic possibility but one caused by a virus that attacks a certain genome strain. If that's the case, it is completely reasonable that the government may have invented a cancer weapon and factions within it may be using it to destabilize the Latin America economy, which is being run on a anti-corporatist agenda and working better than ours I might add.

With the death of Hugo Chavez, a door has been opened for the giant multi-nationals to take over Venezuela again and lead the country back into poverty. Chavez was a socialist who did great things for a majority of his people. He has even helped the poor in this country as Citgo is the only oil company to provide low cost heating oil for people in need. Many have condemned this as blatant ploy to get re-elected, a notion I wish some here would follow. I want someone to take on the elites and multi-nationals and bring some stability back to our government. Chavez was not the demon some in the press as making him out to sound, especially the more right wing ones.

I have read that some ex-pats are cheering his death here, which makes me wonder if some of them may not have been some of the elites who fled rather than face his wrath. It strikes me as odd, that for all the good he did his country, that some would bitch and moan about it unless they were the ones who stood to lose everything in his socialistic agenda, ie rich or stupid people. Nice to know that even Venezuela has Tea Party-like morons who understand nothing about how things work.

Of course some, like Pravda, are blaming the CIA for Chavez's death. Joe Biden blamed leftist extremists. I think Pravda may be right for once considering the rag they have become over the years as the death of Chavez presents many new opportunities now for the world elite.

Chavez may not have been perfect but he did great things for his people. And for all of you out there who saw him cuddle up to Iran and Cuba, I for one, don't blame him. He had said in the past that George W. Bush tried to have him killed which made him very unhappy with the US and would even make me side with others who hated us as well.

We have made the word "socialism" a dirty word with connotations to fascism and communism which it isn't. Hitler co-opted the term to get votes and, once in office, had all of those same people arrested. Communism is scaliest taken way too far where private property is abolished and the elites become just as powerful as corporatism. Socialism is the way to provide equity to all and has worked wonderfully in Europe. Their failure isn't due to socialism, as some place blame, but runaway capitalistic policies that have bankrupted the nations. Socialism is alive and well here (Medicare, Social Security) and one of the reasons the GOP is so determined to kill those programs to enact their fascist state that have been craving for decades.

Chavez did a lot of good things for his people, ran fair elections (better than here) and raised millions of his people out of extreme poverty. What politician in this country over the last thirty years can say that?

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