Thursday, March 14, 2013


I am starting to have near murderous thoughts lately when it comes to anyone still supporting the Republican party. Mind you, the Democrats are almost as bad but at least with them I don't have to wade through a minefield of abject stupidity on a daily basis. When did mankind become so blind to everything around them? When did we become such a myopic people? If there was ever a case that our education system was hopelessly broken, just look at the Republican party; battered badly after yet another election whooping, still repeating the same crap that was rejected just a few months ago.

Paul Ryan held out his new budget plan, the one that we can't get passed because it's filled with nonsense, and lo and behold it's almost exactly the same as the last two. You know the one that every singly rational person, no matter what their political standing, called toilet paper not worth wiping their ass with. It's back baby and the GOP is standing whole heartedly behind it.

I would like to point out that for the Tea Party retarded, all budgets originate in the House, per the Constitution, and that is the single biggest reason no budget has been passed in six years. Any attempt to pass said budget is filibustered needing sixty votes which the Democrats have never been able to do. The had a majority not for two years. from 2009 to 2010 as has been commonly repeated, but a grand total of four months from the end of September 2009 until February 4th 2010 due to illness, or GOP temper tantrums about election results that stretched on forever. To be fair, only three bills passed that whole time so the Democrats do get some of the blame there. However, unlike the Republicans, the Democrats were never able to hold the party together as assholes like Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Joe Lieberman of CT were constantly throwing wrenches into the works. Not surprisingly, neither is in Congress any more.

So now we have Ryan's "new" budget plan which voters urinated on and, like a zombie from the Walking Dead, just won't stay down. Of course, the one thing they say will stabilize the economy best is by repealing Obamacare which they say will save $1.8 trillion. Unbelievably, Ryan does plan to keep the law's $716 Medicare savings plan, which is exactly the same one he flip flopped all over at least four times during the election. The GOP kept harping on that about Obama "killing" Medicare again and again during the run up to the election, conveniently forgetting that Ryan's plan had the same cuts, which he promptly disavowed, the supported, the disavowed again and is now supports once again. Geesh!

As before, he wants to voucherize Medicare which would kill the program once and for all as the costs will soar beyond what people can afford in this plan, only now he calls it "premium support." It would also cut $757 billion from Medicade by converting the program into a block grant for states and cut an addition $929 billions in steep cuts to social programs, like food stamps, unemployment and job training. It also includes $7 trillion in tax cuts, because rich people are barely getting by apparently. Ryan claimed once again to offset this with closing tax loopholes that still remain unnamed three years later. How dumb does he think we are? Here is what he had to say about his drubbing in 2012:

"The election didn’t go our way. Believe me, I know what that feels like. That means we surrender our principles? That means we stop believing what we believe in? Look, whether the country intended it or not, we have divided government. We have the second largest House majority we’ve had since World War II. And what we believe in this divided government era, we need to put up our vision.”

If you aren't smart enough to know when the country rejects your arguments, you adapt, you belong in the trash heap of society. It is hardly surprising that the group that fails to understand evolution as a fact cannot evolve themselves in times of need. That is hilarious. This plan is DOA with no chance of passing and doesn't even have a breath of compromise in it. The American people have spoken and they said they don't want you fucking around with social programs, they want universal background checks for all weapon sales and the want higher taxes on corporations and the rich. Unless the GOP adapts to these ideals, they will win fewer and fewer elections.

All of this is leading to the end of our society which is now mirroring how Rome fell 2000 years ago. Let us look at eight reasons Rome fell:

1)Expensive election with unknown campaign funding sources- As explained earlier, Citizen's United ended our democracy and has made a proto-fascist state under the control of the elites. Our last election cost $3 billion mostly funded from private sources. The Roman Republic had hugely expensive elections with the same results.

2)Politicians use their power for personal wealth gain- The later era of the Roman Republic was filled with politicans lining their pocket and accumulated great wealth unlike their lessers. Sound familiar?

3)Endless Wars- The Romans were involved in many wars near their end. We just entered into a new Cold War with North Korea, are eyeing Iran, as we still recover from Iraq and Afghanistan.

4)Foreign powers influence the government- Romans took in tribute money from lots of outside sources, mostly for infuential reasons that led to much infighting. Citizen's United did the exact same thing.
5)Profits made overseas, stay overseas- Romans who made their fortunes outside the realm kept it there, or even moved it abroad to avoid paying taxes on it. Right now, there is somewhere between $30 and $300 trillion parked in offshore banks as we speak.
6)The Middle Class collapses- Just before the fall of the Roman Empire, the middle class was exterminated due to high taxes, cheap slave labor and a job shortage. Just like today.
7)Gerrymandering- Rome used all sorts of methods to reduce the power of everyday people. The Republicans have done the same which is the only reason they still have a majority in the House.
8) The loss of Compromising- The Roman Empire fell when the Optimates (rich people or the GOP) could not agree on anything with the Populares (the common people or the Democrats). Look at Ryan's plan? Is there anything in there that even hints at compromise? Not that I can see. The filibuster is used on every single bill nowadays to such an extent that in just the past few years, the motion has been used more than the 1950's, 60's, and 70's combined.
So there you have it: a blueprint for how to kill a society and we are following it to a T. If you are still a Republican after reading all of this, God Bless you. Somebody better because you are preaching the death of everything you hold dear. Dick.

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