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It was a close one between the piss poor campaigns the democrats ran with, Republicans for not running on any issue that would actually fix anything and the American voter for being gullible enough to think either party is actually looking out for us. Let's see those runner ups in a heavily political column this week. Sharp readers will be happy to see I've changed the numerical order so it descends to number one, something some of you have had conniption fits over. One quick side note to pat myself on the back about. My IQ was measured at 181 which I decided to look up, thinking that thousands would have that in this country alone. Turns out on the entire planet has approximately 358 with IQ's higher than mine or one in 25 million and smarter than 99.99999% of everyone. Wow! This makes me see the world in a whole new light.
10)Kaci Hickox- I applaud this woman for being brave enough to go to a war torn, disease ridden hell hole to help out with Ebola patients. What I can't abide by is her stupidity in thinking people in rural Maine would going to put up with her shenanigans. Her boyfriend has dropped out of the local college due to threats from fellow students and now is now being forced to move due to the sheer hostility from her neighbors. What part of people are panicky morons did she not quite grasp and she just came from LIBERIA? It was in her best interest to stay home even though chances of her infecting anyone were near zero. But she decided to throw a fit about the home quarantine and now her life is going be drama 24/7 for some time. Good luck wherever you go baby, you are going to need it.

9)Weather- For the second straight year, we are going to get another Polar Vortex, this time courtesy of something called the Bombogensis. Superstorm Nori is slamming into Alaska as we speak, having recorded the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded for a non-tornado event. Deadliest Catch ships are being hammered by 50 foot waves and 100 mile per hour wind gusts. Sig Hansen of the Northwestern had said this was the worst storm he has ever seen with even aged veterans scared about the sea. This storm is going to drive down cold weather to such an extent by next week most of the country may be in a deep freeze with January like temperatures. The cold may be so extreme that it may affect travel with planes grounded, trains unable to move and even cars not wanting to start. As every expert is saying, this is because of climate change, which the deniers like to look at and ask "why is it so cold if the Earth's is warming?", not understanding thermodynamics and the jet stream affected by weather extremes. Chances are very good we are going to screw this planet up royally. By the time the deniers come aboard, it is going to be far too late.
8) The Israelis and the Palestinians- New flare ups are suggesting another wave of war on the way courtesy of both sides. Netanyahu recently responded to Obama's alleged "chicken shit" comment about the PM , to which he responded with two ominous words: "grassy knoll." Was that actually a death threat against the President you ass? The Israeli keep building up new settlements in disputed areas, completely unaware that this is pissing off the Muslims something fierce. His take over of the Temple Mount, for somewhat legitimate reasons, has pissed off Jordan, one of the few allies in the area not wanting them dead. However, that action was taken because some religious nut killed a worshipping Jew, followed by a spate of attacks by extremists across the country against soldiers and civilians alike. These two sides are never going to see eye to eye. How long do you think before Israel realizes this and goes full on genocide against them? To be fair, we keep fighting wars forever because of some misguided policy of fair fights in war, which is one place where there are no rules other than to win. The result otherwise is continuous war which is actually worse. Both sides suck just like our two political parties here at home.

7)The Supreme Court- Recent decisions have come back to haunt our democracy which the smarter of us said is what would happen exactly as it did. Citizen's United has flooded the airwaves with lies and half truths and, as a result, the public has been inundated with nonsense that they can make neither heads nor tails out of. Big Business convinced a gullible public to vote against their best self interests, especially in environmental matters. The strike down of voter laws resulted in close election like in Kansas and Florida to go to the Republican candidate as hundreds of thousands of voters were unable to vote. Voting problems at one Broward County station may have single handedly given the state to the despicable Rick Scott and voter suppression may have given Kansas Sam Brownback who has been steadily ruining the state for years. Now comes word that they may gut Obamacare if they decide to strike down the subsidy law which the only way people can pay for these services. Millions will lose their health insurance which I feel should be considered an act of war against the poor and we should make sure politicians hear us in no uncertain terms that their jobs are in serious jeopardy using civil disobedience if necessary. We cannot let the right keep stealing from us and this I feel would be a step too far. Make sure you let people know this because if we go back to the even worse health care system we had before, we are all going to pay dearly for it.
Supreme Corp. cartoon
6)The Media- Our media sucks. Instead of doing their job and asking candidates pointed questions about their plans for the future, they let them slide on half truth and out right lies. The debates everywhere were freak shows with either a slate of independent candidates that turned the whole thing into a shambles or a duality between the left and right that wasn't that marketably different. I never heard one reporter for any network ask a solid question for a candidate that wasn't boiler plate nonsense. The MSM is nothing more than a propaganda machine, no matter what you watch. Fox, CNN and MSNBC are all partisan hacks with no desire to do their freaking jobs. And then they wonder why their ratings are in the toilet?

5)Ferguson, MO- This clown car of a state may finally be releasing their decision whether or not charge Daren Wilson with the murder of Mike Brown. Considering they are moving in heavy equipment, tanks and helicopters state that this will not be a favorable ruling for the black community. All this would have been shut and dry had they put dash board cameras in their vehicles but said it was "too expensive," which is bull as you can get one for your car for $50 at any auto parts shop now. Twenty years ago you may have had an argument but today it holds little weight. You just didn't want your psycho cops getting caught on camera doing douchebag things. But that came to bite you in the ass as in this case as I believe it would have exonerated Wilson as the alleged evidence supports his story, just like George Zimmerman. But why facts get in the way of a good lynching which is so ironic considering the races involved. This town is going to burn. Congrats.

4)Martha Coakley- This woman gets a spot all her own for repeating the same crap that allowed Scott Brown to win. Instead of running on things people want in MA, like casinos, pot legalization and tuition reform, she offered a jumble of ideas that had no cohesion or ability to get the base to vote for her. Her refusal to run on tuition and pot legalization made the millions of students in this state stay home. The absolute worst idea was to run against a casino, which local unions desperately wanted for the jobs it would create, and as a result, unions abandoned her causing her opponent Charlie Bajer to outspend her 10 to 1. The funniest part is her list of "issues," which were all vague generalities that plagued all the democrats this year. We're not buying it anymore. Offer something concrete or go away. Oh that's right, you lost in one of the bluest states in the country because of your ineptitude. Stop running already, we don't like you and take Scott Brown with you.
3)Republicans- You have to give up to these guys for running a better campaign with better candidates. However, that still doesn't disguise the fact that their ideas will NOT work as they never do. Name me any place on Earth where trickle down economics is strengthening the economy. Good luck, because it doesn't exist. One day after the usual "co-operation" nonsense, they threatened Obama with any immigration executive actions, threatened to repeal Obamacare, even though they still don't have anything to replace it with and are demanding the Keystone pipeline which is bad idea across he board as we need to be getting off fossil fuels, not expanding them. Now that they in power however, they have to govern. Something  tells me, it won't be any better now.

2)Voters- There are a lot of stupid people in this country. 50% of the people who got into office should have been bounced on their ears but because they had an R next to their name, it had to be better than the democrats which was decidedly not the case. What asshole looked at the state of Kansas and said "roads are not paved, schools are falling apart, and jobs are being lost at an astronomical pace but I am voting for Brownback because his opponent went to a strip club 16 years ago." Wow, that is a whole lot of stupid in one area. Hope you like living in a world where Mad Max would feel at home because that shithole is going to be one desolate wasteland in four more years. Enjoy, Kansas. Likewise goes for voters in FL and Wisconsin for re-electing people who are wrecking their economies. I watched the state of CT do the exact same thing when they re-elected Joe Lieberman as an Independent and Jodi Rell for governor some years back even though the person she served under was going to jail for corruption. Democracy no longer works and we have to come up with a better way to do things because dumb people are killing us all. Just look at the ballot questions where people voted for legal pot, minimum wage hikes and ways to get money out of politics, all of which the GOP opposes. We are a stupid, stupid people and if things keep going this way get ready for another Bush in the White House. Kill me now.
1)Democrats and Obama-  I absolutely hate when people get a big dose of reality and then refuse to accept it. Nancy Pelosi is blaming the voter for not showing up when in reality it was their terrible, non-existent platforms that did them in. Obama said the drubbing wasn't a referendum on his presidency when in reality that is exactly what it was. And instead of looking at people like Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren who people really like, they seem to be doubling down on the center right garbage and ignoring the left completely. Hillary is still their shining star even though most of us have said repeatedly, WE DON'T LIKE HER! Her Wall Street, corporatist ways don't make me want to vote for her and much like the 2000 election, I'll be staying home on that night if she is the nominee. Let's face facts. The democrats election was like a bad Seinfeld episode where it is basically about nothing. Generalities and vague promises you never seem to keep are not going to win over a party filled with intellectuals. The right can get away with that as most of their base is barely potty trained but the left is smarter than that and we see through your bullshit. Some smart people are wisely saying that the democrats squandered any opportunity to do something when they first captured the House in 2006 and immediately said "impeachment was off the table," even though Bush committed war crimes to such an extent he cannot travel much due to the chance of his arrest overseas or even in Canada. But the democrats did nothing. Why? The democrats strategy this time around was go after voters that were never going to vote for them anyway while at the same time guaranteeing that their base would likewise stay home. Obama delayed a decision on the Keystone pipeline for 7 MONTHS so his supporters in red states could bad mouth him. This backfired spectacularly as right wingers didn't like them already and the left, which hates the pipeline, wasn't going to vote for someone who was offering something that was anathema to them. The end result was every place this was tried, the democrat lost. Awesome. Here's some passages from a great article about why the democrats lost from

 It was a very cold morning indeed on Wednesday November 5, 2014. It was a day of reckoning for a Democratic party that had just suffered an electoral bloodbath as savage as a Rob Zombie slasher flick. The thorough drubbing of the blue jackass party was not unexpected given mounting ominous signs as well as the increasingly unpopular President Barack Obama who is at best a complete fraud. While triumphant Republicans are touting the stomping as a repudiation of the hated Obama what goes unsaid is that the results are a rejection of a Democratic party strategy based on running only slightly to the left of their more overtly fascist counterparts. Democrats have come to stand for absolutely nothing outside of what it takes to save their own miserable skins and are a shell of what the party once was when it championed a vibrant middle class that was the envy of the civilized world. The chickens finally came home to roost on Tuesday but they may as well have been vultures descending to pick the remaining flesh from the rotting corpse of a major political party.

Were the Democrats to actually become serious advocates of the poor and downtrodden and denounce the destructive forces of late stage predatory capitalism and imperialism, people would turn out to vote in such numbers that no amount of dirty money or voter suppression could overcome it. But then again if my aunt had a pair of balls she’d be my uncle. The Democrats – under the current leadership – will never eschew corporate money nor take a moral stand on anything outside of their phony identity group politics. It is always easy to preach the message of equal rights for all and then proceed to shit on every last one of those who were gullible enough to believe it after the votes have been counted. It sure as hell didn’t work out on Tuesday and it won’t work in 2016 either. Enough people are now able to see through such insincere pandering as the dishonest horseshit that it always was. Just ask Hispanics who were counting on serious immigration reform from Obama
and his party.
There is a word that can be used to describe any who are optimistic that the Democrats will be able to turn on a dime and quickly return to power in 2016 and that word is “fools”. It is astonishing that such a reversal of fortune has taken place in less than a decade but for the most part that bog of shit and quicksand that Dems are being sucked under by is entirely of their own creation. They stood by Obama as his hatchet man Eric Holder passed out get out of jail free cards to Wall Street criminals, over the drone strikes, the kill list served up with his breakfast, the extrajudicial murder of American citizens, ginned up wars based on lies, a bullshit health care “reform” effort that was nothing but a big, sloppy kiss to insurance parasites with plenty of tongue, NSA surveillance and data-mining and the moral outrage of backing neo-Nazi death squads in Ukraine. So fuck them, they earned every bit of that ass-whipping and now before the bodies from the massacre have even cooled are getting in line for seconds.

What is truly unbelievable about the Democrat’s 2014 implosion is that it has paved the way for the unthinkable in that the Bush crime family now has a clear path back to power. Were this a work of fiction the title of the final installment of the trilogy of terror would be “The Bush Supremacy”. Who would have believed that such a thing could ever happen back in 2008 but such are the unintended consequences when “impeachment is off the table”.

That article said it all. Here is a link for the whole thing which is well worth reading:

If the democrats ever want to win they better take a page from the GOP playbook and rebrand and quick. Offer candidates people want and do not say or do the dumbest things like Allyson Grimes, Mike Grimm's spectacularly bad opponent, and John Walsh from Montana (plagiarism, really?). Obama better pivot left and stat or his legacy will be that of the LAST black President for a hundred years. And for God's sake, stop forcing Hillary down our throats. WE DO NOT WANT HER! Ask Coakley how that goes. So congratulations Obama and the democratic party, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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