Sunday, November 30, 2014


I am getting sick and tired of the MSM hyping something up only to back peddle somewhere down the road. We got fed a long litany of provable nonsense about the Mike Brown case and then we all watched as channels like CNN told us about mostly "peaceful protestors," as the city burned down behind them. You do know we can see you right? Let's see those runner ups in a very Ferguson oriented column.

10)Walmart- I hate Walmart. Those greedy pricks who own the stores make billions by mostly by paying their workers a terrible wage and then cry poverty anytime someone even suggests raising their taxes. The ultimate FUCK YOU to their workers was having the gaul to hold a food drive for their own freaking employees. Some enterprising workers of Walmart then took the box and chained it in front of royal douchebag Alice Walton's apartment, with her net worth of $39 billion, who seems incapable of paying her employees a livable wage while stealing from them wildly. We used to have pitchforks and torches for these kind of assholes and if things keep going the way they are going, that may happen sooner than later.


 9)Thanksgiving Day shoppers- Anyone who left their house before midnight on Thanksgiving is every bit the douchebag that the stores that opened on that day are. Can we have one freaking day without consumerism being shoved down our throats? Can workers have one day off from their shitty jobs to be with their families? If you want to know why the world is falling apart is the above two where corporations are paying us less and less and demanding more and more. Early reports say a lot of you felt that way as online shopping surged as brick and mortar ones didn't do so hot. Many are revising their early, way too rosy predictions, for ones that say maybe this Christmas won't be so good after all. As no one has any money that is hardly a surprise. A big shout out to three states, NH, MA and Maine that make it against the law to open on Thanksgiving. So much for that bullshit about regulations "destroying the fabric of society" that instead, help families and the little guy versus the out of control corporate America. Big Corporations need a lot more regulation, not less and every study I have ever seen backs that up.

8)Cops- Last night I got stopped by a cop because I was doing 61 in a 40, on the highway where the speed is normally 65, but apparently slows drastically ahead of the tolls.  It was around 2 AM, no one was on the road and I slowed to ten miles an hour before going through the EZ-Pass. Luckily, I hadn't been drinking, don't do or have drugs on me and was let off with a warning due to my stellar road record of no tickets or accidents in years. But this whole thing was an obvious shakedown for people who may have been drinking on a holiday weekend. And while I have no love for drinking and driving, this Gestapo like action is rife with the possibility of trouble. And there in lies trouble for the boys in blue. If a middle aged white guy feels apprehension when pulled over, and no reason to be scared, how must black people feel? Or Hispanic? The facts say that, as the protests abroad about police brutality hint, people of all ages, all colors have had it with the police. There have been way too many shootings lately for no apparent reason and getting pulled over now takes on a whole new dimension of fear, regardless of race. A 12 year old boy was shot in Cleveland, thankfully by a black cop this tine so we are not subjected to reverse racism, but showed the stupidity of a child playing with a gun that looked real and the quick action, perhaps too quick action, cops sometime use as the kid was shot seconds after police arrived. How come if I add up all police shooting throughout Europe over the last decade, I wouldn't even come close to one year in NYC? In V For Vendetta, a girl's death turns the public against the Fingerman, aka the police. Could Mike Brown be that same catalyst? He may have deserved to be shot, as the evidence suggests, but the protests may have moved beyond just him to a furious anger at the police. The police need cameras on them at all times because our trust in them is gone. If they don't do this, expect a lot more attacks on police that have been happening more and more.

7)Larry Steve McQuilliams- As said above, this right wing lunatic went on a ten minute shooting spree in Austin Texas this week. While no one was killed, other than McQuilliams, he did try to set the Mexican consulate on fire, fired numerous rounds at FBI and police buildings and was wearing an IED around his body when killed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this ass's motivation. Expect more of these kinds of lone wolf attacks by the same group that flies into a rage when Muslims do the same thing.

6)Scott Strapp and Burt Reynolds- I hate Creed but love Burt Reynolds. Unfortunately, both are broke for vastly different reasons. Strapp apparently has had a complete breakdown and is now on psychiatric hold, much like Amanda Bynes was and still should be. And while I have no love for his music, I have no ill feelings towards him personally and hope for him nothing but the best. Apparently, Strapp is broke and homeless, his mental illness certainly not helping. Reynolds on the other hand found out the hard way how shitty our health care system is. After suffering two major illnesses back to back, and few residuals from a career of films, he was forced to put up items for sale to survive. If someone like Burt Reynolds can't pay his medical bills, what chance do the rest of us have?
5)Republicans- After 15 separate commissions and $14 million dollars, not to mention all the time wasted, Benghazi has finally been put to rest. The latest commission, run by Republicans, found no evidence of a cover up, no evidence Obama did anything wrong and even cleared Susan Rice and her talking points as the CIA had conflicting reports that happen in the fog of war. So thank God we can all get on with out lives and, wait what? John Boehner is calling for ANOTHER investigation and Lindsey Graham is having a hissy fit over the latest mock scandal? Fuck me. What could they possibly discover that they haven't already dug up? These douchebags are worthless.

4)Al Sharpton- Will this hypocritical fuckwad please just go away already. But no, there is he is again in front of the cameras stirring up trouble in Ferguson. The evidence strongly suggests the Wilson was telling the truth about what happened and many, many eyewitnesses were wrong about what they saw, a fact of life as eyewitnesses suck and suck hard. But this formerly fat douche is playing the race card again and again, just like the Trayvon Martin case where racism is NOT part of the story. Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman for no other reason than he had a chip on his shoulder and paid for it with his life. Isn't the Mike Brown case the same? How hard is it for black people to realize that attacking people for no reason, like the idiotic knockout game which is mostly black people beating white people with no repercussions, may lead to their death? This waste of space is not helping.
3)Ferguson DA Robert McCulloch- This guy played politics with this something fierce. He hid behind a grand jury, which almost never finds police at fault, to make sure this all waited until after he was re-elected. The grand jury use was nothing more than a big flashy show as when non-police actions are examined, these go to trial almost 99% of the time. Vice versa, and put a cop in front of a grand jury, and the chances of them getting off are 99%. This means that grand juries are absolutely worthless and need to be banished from our legal system. Regardless of what you feel about this case, this should have gone to trial, where I expect Wilson would have been acquitted. But they dragged Zimmerman through the system for exactly the same reasons, and as all the evidence was there for all to see, no riots afterward. This was all hush hush, behind closed doors and just made things worse. I hope this guy gets impeached or at the very least, not run again. His decision to announce the verdict at 8 PM was pure grandstanding and all but guaranteed a riot. Way to go douchebag, way to go.

2)Ferguson Protestors- To everyone who looted and burned stores, the black community who did not participate would like to tell you to go fuck yourself. Everything that happened did nothing but make things worse, especially for the poor workers who no longer have a job due to their building a smoldering heap. This was not helped by Mike Brown's stepfather who incited a riot by screaming about "burning this town down," when the verdict got read. He should have been arrested but the cops were stuck between too much force and too little. I loved the idiots who screamed bloody murder about the police and then went on to bitch that they did nothing while stores burned. Sometimes you cannot win. Also, the "hands up, don't shoot," crap is just that, crap. It didn't happen as the evidence and reliable witnesses have said. This isn't a black issue, but a human one. White people are dying too and not getting a fair shake in the legal system either. Reframe your argument and you might have a chance to actually change things for the better.
1)MSM- These assclowns spent the last three months reporting erroneous facts, whipping the public into a frenzy, and then going out of their way to talk about "peaceful protestors," that mostly fled when things started going tits up. It was hard to take reporters serious when they are hiding behind cars, buildings in flame all around them, and gunshots heard all about, yet they continue to say a majority of people were behaving correctly. Right. Don Lemon cowered as things got bad and all he could comment was the smell of marijuana in the air. Yeah, that was the story everyone was interested in. The black community smokes weed. In further news, water is wet, the sun is hot and CNN is retarded. Over the last few days CNN has interviewed various eyewitnesses, including Dorian Johnson, the thug with Brown when he died, dismissing all the evidence contrary to what really happened. When they couldn't find any peaceful protestors during the riots, they would cut to so called experts who would talk about things they obviously knew nothing about. Van Jones talked about "a few knuckleheads" destroying property, oblivious to the fact that there were an awful lot of "knuckleheads" that night who were behaving like vandals and Vikings. The press is still talking about what the eyewitnesses saw, as if that makes it real. Eyewitness testimony is and always has been terrible. People lie, make stuff up and even see things as they did not happen. The brains of most people are not tape recorders and the press is treating it all as if it was equal. In the long run, they are still behaving like Al Sharpton, saying they want peace but then doing everything they can to make sure that doesn't happen. Our press sucks and that is why they are douchebags of the week.

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