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The latest polls are out and unless democrats voters show up in droves, which is possible if unlikely, the Republicans are going to win. If this happens, expect multiple bills to be sent to Obama to veto and a few, like the TPP or Social Security cuts, may pass as Obama has championed them currently or in the recent past. Mitch McConnell is set to become the next Majority Leader, and if you thought Harry Reid was bad, wait until America sees what that dick is going to accomplish. Let's see those runner ups.
1)A to Z/Bad Judge- There have been some woeful sitcoms this year. Black-ish is not only racist, but NOT funny. Cristela is better than that but decidedly average all the same. Selfie was beyond bad and it's follow up, Manhattan Love Story, is pushing up the daisies. Mulaney I actually like but it's rating spell doom.  And now comes word that the two Thursday NBC sitcoms A to Z and Bad Judge will finish off their run and then hit the dust bin of history. Why have comedies become so lame lately? Maybe next year will be better. Probably not, but I can dream.

2)Lamar Houston- Last week, the Patriots finally got their act together and crushed the Chicago Bears. Down by twenty points into the fourth quarter, defensive end, Lamar Houston, sacked Tom Brady and then went about on an ill advised celebratory dance. In the process, he laughably tore his ACL and is now out for the season. Even worse, he is one of the few bright spots on a terrible team. Not anymore. This should be shown to every high school, college and pop warner football team as a lesson how NOT to act. What a doofus.
3)Robel Phillipos- In another life lesson, Phillipos learned the hard way that not only is covering up evidence for a terrorist attack your buddy committed not a good idea, you should also not be talking to the FBI stoned out of your mind without a lawyer. At least that was what his laughable defense was when questioned if he removed items from the Boston Bomber's dorm room to which he said no, which was a lie. After being arrested when the truth came out, his defense was he was too stoned to remember what he had said to the FBI when they questioned him. This did not work at all, was found guilty and now faces years behind bars. His life is ruined and he is now an convicted criminal with few job prospect for when he gets out. Hope it was worth it. The other two convicted of similar charges face jail time AND deportation. I can't believe any of these losers were even in college.

4)Kaci Hickox and Dr. Craig Spencer- Ebola is a real threat and is overblown at the same time. The CDC is telling people things that are NOT true, such as you need to get the disease in your mucus membrane areas or through sexual contact. You can actually get the disease through things like sweat on your skin. There have been confirmed cases of this transmission and most medical sites agree with this. We also found out that Dr. Craig Spencer lied to authorities when asked if he had self quarantined. He said he had, but when confronted with credit card information, he backtracked and admitted to traveling across half the city. Kaci Hickox has flaunted self quarantining herself by going on a bike ride with her boyfriend, and while it is unlikely she would spread the disease as she unsymptomatic, it is not impossible, so she is pissing off her neighbors to the point the police are there to protect her from a panicky crowd. It doesn't help that her roommate when she was in Liberia has tested positive for Ebola. There is nothing wrong with being noble and treating those that desperately need it. But you also have to have those same sympathies when dealing with people who are being lied to by a government that has become pathological in nature.
5)AT&T- Back in the late 90's, I moved to NJ and into a house outside NYC. When I went to connect my phone, AT&T blackmailed me for $100 dollars because according to them, I had no credit. When I informed them I was standing in my house, looking at several credit cards in good standing, they insisted I was lying and was forced to fork over the $100 dollars for the worst phone service I ever had in any state I have lived in. I would rather use two tin cans and a string than give those assholes another penny. Now comes word that they are ripping off their customers by dropping their connection rates to dial-up territory by as much as 90%, or so the FCC is claiming. After hitting as low a threshold a 2GB, AT&T would throttle the speeds downward for millions of customers, So much for their "unlimited" data stream. They have countered that the suit is baseless, but they have been sued by individuals for years claiming similar objections and they have lost every time. Just another example over how the private world will screw you over for a nickel.

6)Kylie and Kendall Jenner- I am a professional writer. I also hate the Kardashians/Jenners. I loathe when people like this, or Snookie, or some equally untalented hack writes a book that no one in their right mind would read, which I am usually right about. This was no different. Seems the two youngest in the Kardashian clan decided to write a book, basically yet another rehash of the Hunger Games. I love dystopian futures and even I am sick of them. The latest "Rebels" City of Indra," tanked, selling only a pitiful 13,000 copies in it's first week, and knowing how the publishing world works, at least half of those were bought by the Kardashians or friends themselves. Can this waste of space family please go away already and take Kanye with you?
7)DOJ and George Zimmerman- Regular readers know that while I have no great love for George Zimmerman, I also believe he got a fair trial and was found innocent, as he should have with the evidence the prosecution had. Black people got all lynch mobby, which has to be the ultimate in irony, and demanded justice, even though that is exactly what Zimmerman got. Trayvon Martin deserved to get shot. Zimmerman wasn't much in the right either but if some black douchebag is pounding your head into the pavement, shooting him seems reasonable. But thanks to constant pressure from the black community, Zimmerman is now being investigated by a grand jury for civil rights violations. How is this not double jeopardy? There was never an iota of evidence that Zimmerman was racist or singled out Martin specifically because he was black and shot him thus for that. This is yet another witch hunt from the disgraced Eric Holder who had to fuck things up one more time before he leaves by the end of the year. What a dick.

8)Democrats- The left seems posed to lose come Tuesday unless democrats show up in droves. But as they have been disillusioned by the current state of morons we have in office, I have a feeling they are not going to vote. I know a lot of people in non-swing states that are not going to vote and that may lead to a lot of Republican wins. The democrats have no one but themselves to blame as they have courted voters that were never going to vote for them anyway, ignored their base to extreme levels and ran candidate that seemed almost Tea Party-ish in their stupidity (Allyson Grimes I am looking at you). The fact she is losing to one of the most hated men in Congress is telling. But when you run away from all the good things Obama has done, you are going to lose Al Gore style. The dems have learned nothing while the right has done everything right they could. I have a feeling, this country is going to go flush real soon because of it.

9)Red Cross- I wrote an article two years ago chastising the Red Cross for failing Hurricane Sandy victims which is all I heard from people I know in the area. FEMA was there right away. The Red Cross took weeks and screwed things up from the get go. They had sex offenders in shelters with kids. They delivered pork meals to Jewish neighborhoods. They engaged in publicity stunts, like using much needed ambulances as back drops to press conferences rather than using them for, I don't know, emergencies or preparing food that they had no way of getting to hungry families which then had to be thrown out. Worst of all, money that was supposed to go to relief project disappeared into the black hole a lot of charities seen to suffer from. Do not give money to the Red Cross until they clean up their act. You'd be better off throwing your money in the street and letting those that need it get it that way.
10)Mitch McConnell- This true American traitor is most likely going to be our next Majority Leader, meaning we have officially crossed the Rubicon. Over the past few days he has said that he will help end gridlock in Congress, which is highly improbable, has claimed to have never said anything about privatizing Social Security, even though there is ample evidence he has as recently as last week and has promised to end Obamacare, even though millions in his state love it as long as the word Obamacare isn't used. Worst of all, in yet another case of the rich playing by one set of rules and the rest of us another, as well as further proof of a bought and paid for media, Mitch McConnell's father in law's boat was found to be smuggling 90 pounds of cocaine into Europe. How is that not a major story? McConnell's in laws, the Chao's, are powerful Chinese nationals and a ship they own, the Ping May, was boarded by the Columbian Coast Guard which found the contraband headed for Europe. The boat is using a litany of tax dodges to hide who owns the ship, including flying a Liberian flag for tax purposes, but investigators have traced the ownership back to the Foremost Maritime Exchange, based out of NYC and owned by James Chao. This is from infowars:

The recent seizure of cocaine on a Foremost coal ship came as authorities in Colombia have stepped up anti-drug trafficking enforcement in the region. The Nation spoke to Luis Gonzales, an official with the Colombian Coast Guard in Santa Marta, who told us that the Ping May’s crew were questioned as part of an ongoing investigation, but that no charges have yet been filed. His team found the cocaine in forty separate packages.

The Republican Senate minority leader’s personal wealth grew seven-fold over the last ten years thanks in large part to a gift given to him and his wife in 2008 from James Chao worth between $5 million and $25 million (Senate ethics forms require personal finance disclosures in ranges of amounts, rather than specific figures). The gift helped the McConnell's after their stock portfolio dipped in the wake of the financial crisis that year, and ensured they could pay off more than $100,000 in mortgage debt on their Washington home.

The generous gift made McConnell one of the wealthiest members of the Senate, with a net worth averaging around $22.8 million, according to the Washington Post’s review of his financial disclosures.
The ties between McConnell and his in-laws have come under scrutiny before. In 2001, they were probed in depth by The New Republic in an article that charged that McConnell led an effort to soften his party’s criticism of China. Through James Chao, who was a classmate of Jiang Zemin, the president of China in the 90s, McConnell and his wife met with Jiang several times, both in Beijing and in Washington. McConnell subsequently tempered his criticism of Chinese human rights abuses, and broke with hawks like Senator Jesse Helms to support Most Favored Nation trading status with China. 

As Foremost established closer ties with mainland China, McConnell endorsed the position that the United States should remain “ambiguous” about coming to the defense of Taiwan. In 1999, McConnell and his wife appeared at the University of Louisville with Chinese Ambassador Li Zhaoxing. Li used the opportunity to bash congressional leaders for rebuking China over its repression of the Falun Gong religious sect. “Any responsible government will not foster evil propensities of cults by being over-lenient,” Li reportedly said at the event with McConnell and Chao. Rather than distance himself from the remarks, McConnell reportedly spoke about his “good working relationship” with Li.

Requests for comment to the McConnell team about the Ping May cocaine incident have gone unanswered.

McConnell has positioned himself over the years as a tough on drugs politician. In 1996, McConnell was the sole sponsor of the Enhanced Marijuana Penalties Act, a bill to increase the mandatory minimum sentencing for those caught with certain amounts of marijuana. Apress release noted that his bill would make “penalties for selling marijuana comparable to those for selling heroin and cocaine.”

In recent weeks, McConnell has touted his role in calling for more federal money to be used for drug enforcement.
Where is the MSM with any of this? And this what people are voting for in Kentucky? Allyson Grimes may not be the best candidate but she is head and shoulders better than this ass. But McConnell looks likely he will win again due to Grimes incompetence in running and the voters too stupid to know better. So congratulations Kentucky and Mitch McConnell you are indeed douchebags of the week.

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