Monday, November 17, 2014


Trust me when I say that being a super-genius is not all that it is cracked up to be. I know that sounds awfully arrogant but as of late almost every interaction I see of people conducting themselves with, from the average citizen to members of government, comes across as spoiled children. Polls say 42% of this country actually believe that creationism is correct and mankind is at best 10,000 years old. Nevermind there is incontrovertible proof to deny said claim, almost half the country is sure it is true and nothing anyone says will change their mind. And these idiots vote which is why we have some of the dumbest people in the history of the world in charge of our government now.
Ted Cruz, who neither understands net neutrality nor climate science, is going to be heading up a technology subcommittee next year. James Inhofe, who's last book was titled something along the lines of  "Me No Understand Science," is going to head up an environmental one. To say we are setting the country back decades because racist retards vote is an understatement.

So it truly gauls me when Fox News, the headquarters for stupid people, is slamming Johnathan Gruber, again, because he had the balls to tell old people they suck at picking their health care plans which they certainly do. This is a field I know a great deal about and know from both first hand and anecdotal evidence that 90% of the people in this country are not smart enough to know how to pick health plans. I have a license to sell health insurance and even I have problems wading through all the minutia crammed into a website. It is incredibly complex and most people have no concept of what all the jargon means, yet our President and Congress thought it a brilliant idea to basically tell people to do the equivalent of a tax return for a multination company. Good luck.

Why is Gruber such an ass for telling people the truth? Have we become such a nation of sniveling crybabies that every perceived slight is an attack on ourselves? Grow up. Most of you out there are too stupid to pick your health plan and there is nothing wrong with that. Why should we all become health care experts in the first place? It would be equivalent of giving a three year old a wrench and a bucket and telling him to go change the oil.
Why can't the government just hire people who are the equivalent of tax experts to help people in person pick a plan, rather than some convoluted website and using people sometimes dumber than you for phone help? This would be a great jobs program Obama. Picking a health plan is exactly like doing your taxes and expecting Joe Average to do it correctly is asking way to much of the people. Or course if we had a single payer plan, none of this would be necessary in the first place but God forbid the GOP does anything smart or helps President Blackenstein.

The funny part is all those screaming about ending Obamacare are completely oblivious to the fact that pre-Obamacare was far, far worse. Sure your premiums might have been a tad cheaper, and I do mean a TAD, and you may have been able to keep your doctor in network, but for those out there who actually got sick, they stood to lose everything. Plus if you came down with a permanent disability like type 2 diabetes, and you lost your health insurance, say because you were laid off, those same people may never be able to get another plan for the rest of their lives. That is what would have happened to me had I not lived in MA. Anyone ill or without insurance may lose their house, their job, their life savings and in some cases, their family. Yeah that was much better way of doing things, said the selfish bastard who doesn't mind 100,000 people dying over the last five years due to lack of health insurance. We are the only nation on Earth that does this which is why our costs are the highest and our quality is far below most nations. Our infant death rate is rapidly becoming equal to places like Gabon and Bangladesh. So the right wingers are all for no abortion for any reason, but have no problem dooming those same unborns due to crappy medical care? You people suck.

Idiot America is also in full swing in Ferguson which seems to be the stupid capital of the world now. Everyone, from the black protestors who may be supporting a racist thug to the police incapable of knowing how to do their job correctly to the DA who, in a stunning bit of true ignorance, sent this case to a grand jury rather than a trial, even though the latter would have had all the evidence for the world to see rather than a secret trail where all we hear is rumor. This is a recipe for disaster and everyone is to blame. Actually, I blame black people here the least because they are being targeted by our insane police force in horrifyingly brutal ways and have a real reason not to trust the cops at all. If the DA had arrested Wilson, like he should have as there was enough evidence for a trial, all the facts would be out there and the chances for rioting would be far less.
There was little in the way of public rioting after George Zimmerman was found not guilty because anyone of any race who followed the case saw that while Zimmerman may have been a dick, he was in no way guilty of doing anything other than self defense. No rioting happens if the information is out there for most to see. But as this secret trial is telling us nothing, all that's going to happen is if Officer Wilson is found to be not on his way to a courtroom, rioting on a nationwide scale is possible. Everywhere, including here in MA in place like Springfield, Worcester and Boston, police are gearing up for possible problems should black people decide unwisely to rise up and attack.

This has led to groups like the KKK saying they will "shoot niggers on sight," and even people I know who are far from racist are telling me if things go to hell in a handbasket in their town, they will use their many, many guns to defend their neighborhood. This is a plea for anyone thinking of rioting to not do that and think of what MLK would do which is non-violent confrontation which got him far farther than kicking the white man's ass did. This is not a time for violence but for peaceful protests. Please follow MLK's example if you really want equality because I am sure as hell he would not approve otherwise.
Now all of this could have been avoided had they had dashboard cams or body cameras, something every single police officer should be equipped with immediately. Studies show a drastic drop in excessive force and false claims against officers protecting everyone involved. This should be what the protests nationwide should be about: a demand that all police are equipped with these items to stop the scourge of out of control cops that are plaguing this nation for everyone, regardless of race. That is a protest a lot of us would join. Trust me, it is a better idea than burning down the local gas and sip and then bitching that you have to drive fifty miles to go shopping because no one wants to stay in that area. Consequences have actions which is something few in Idiot America seems to understand. The Republicans sure don't.

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