Monday, November 10, 2014


We live in a dangerous time. At no point in human history have we had more information at out fingertips and instead of using it to learn new things, most of you just watch porn and cat videos. That's not to say I don't do either of things as well, I just don't obsess about it like most. The fact I take time out of my busy day to write this column is testament to that.
But on top of being a hypersensitive bunch of crybabies who cringe at every perceived slight, we have also become a people addicted to our stupidity. Several good studies show that when some people are shown uncontroversial facts about a subject that they disagree with, instead of realizing they were wrong, they instead have a tendency to double down on their false way of thinking. That certainly goes a long way to explain how the Republicans keep winning even though it seems a lot of their party doesn't agree with them on much. It also explained how the super religious are similarly duped. This may be a fatal flaw in humankind that may well destroy us because if we cannot admit we are wrong in a large percentage of the population, mankind is ultimately doomed because sooner or later someone is going to do something so stupid and against all logic that the Earth may well blow up because of it.

No where is this theory more available than in Ferguson, MO. From day one, I questioned a lot of the eyewitness accounts having proven in study after study that eyewitness testimony is terrible at best, especially in circumstances like this where witnesses have a motive to lie. Know I am not defending the cops actions here mainly because I know first hand what it is like to be on the wrong end of a cop vendetta, and I am as white as they come. I feel for the black community who have been plagued by bad cop behavior for some time along with racial profiling. It was this lack of support from the community due to thug behavior by the cops that has destroyed most communities relationships with the police in general. Few black communities nationwide are cop friendly and with good reason.

All of this would have been moot had the cheapskates, and most likely cop, covering-up brutality, city council spent the little money it could have cost to place dashboard cams which even the most rural towns have. I live in a very small town and even our cops have dashcams. Our crime is rate is near zero and even we are not stupid enough to NOT have cameras in this day and age which come in handy when some drunk idiot claims police brutality only to find the whole thing on video. This has happened several times in the time I have lived here which saved the town millions they couldn't afford in lawsuit fees. Cameras protect cops as well as the public but once again, stupidity reins.
But the evidence we had seen through leaks have spelled a vastly different picture than that of the public or media. To them, Mike Brown was a good kid off to college with no chance he was anything other than an innocent victim. The truth was he was a racist thug who just robbed a store by strong-arming the owner and had songs on his Spotify account that includes lines about "killing whitey," and "smacking bitches." Yeah, this guy's a treat.

For some unknown reason, the media never went after the truth but a racially inflamed story that appeared to be completely made up. At least eight witnesses at the scene, and all black by the way, said they saw Mike Brown as the aggressor. How come not one of these people, NOT ONE, made it on any newscast ever? Instead all we got was Trayvon Martin all over again to which black people were tricked into supporting even though he whole heartedly deserved to get shot because that is what the evidence suggested not what you wanted to hear. Again, doubling down on stupidity because black people seem incapable lately of seeing anything beyond race. Didn't get that job? Racism. Can't get a rap album made? Racism. Girls don't want to date you? Racism. It never ends and it's pissing off a lot of white America something fierce. I am under the impression that we all human first, color second. Lately, those roles are reversed for blacks and that is not going to end well for anyone.

Word is the verdict will be announced this weekend, most likely Friday around 6 PM. This is very smart because schools are out, businesses are closed and a lot of people are not paying attention at that hour which may limit the crowds. I still feel this should have gone to trial and let a jury decide but this is way they wanted to handle it.
We will never know what really happened here and Officer Wilson may have killed this kid in cold blood. Unfortunately, what evidence we have seen do not validate the eyewitness testimony and when that happens, facts win out over emotion. I wish that would help the gullible out there come to reason but this country of all races suffer from that and this will be no difference. Expect mass rioting perhaps even nationwide because nothing brings out the loons like a good riot.

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