Thursday, November 20, 2014


The allegations against Bill Cosby could not have come at a more racially charged moment. In what may be yet another OJ moment where a beloved black man is reduced to rubble by his own demons, Cosby has fallen. Part of this is his own fault by continuing to not address the problem directly, praying the issue will go away which he may get after tonight's Obama address and tomorrow's possible Ferguson verdict. It won't help his career either way because it is dead as a doornail even if the world detonates over the next 24 hours.
Many have questioned the women and why they didn't come forward. Having read their statements a lot of them did but were ignored by the press and even when the DA wanted to press charges, it was a he said/she said scenario where there was little hope of a conviction. Many have asked why these women kept going back and is something I also questioned until I looked into. Having read the stories of four women now, all with eerily similar stories, it comes down to naivety and a desire to get famous with Cosby's help. This kind of stuff has been going on since the beginning of time when powerful men abuse their status to get laid, consent be damned. A least two said they convinced themselves it didn't happen, until he did it again. And even then they didn't go to police as they just wanted to forget the whole thing. Years later, those things start to eat at you and I would know.

No, I was never raped, but I was tortured by the family dentist who never used Novocain during any procedure. Trust me you have never felt pain until some dick drills into three cavities in a day sans painkillers when you're eight. There is a reason why Marathon Man is so hard to sit through the "Is it safe?" scene. I haven't thought about it for years, but as you get older, these kind of things start to come back to you. I looked him up recently and found he died in 2001. I also found out he was war hero, had a big family, and was either a cheap bastard or secret sadist. Either way, I am glad he's dead and I hope he burns in hell. PS, I do not have PTSD when by all rights I really should. I guess I am lot tougher than most.
I never demanded my parents bring me to someone else (even I thought in hindsight I sure wish I had) because I didn't know any better. To me, I thought this was what going to the dentist was like; a horribly painful part of life. These girls, 18 or 19 years old, were in the same position. They simply didn't know any better. The allure of fame and the shame of thinking you brought this on yourself would have kept these girls mouths shut until some time later when they with wisdom they start to understand what really happened only it's too late to do anything about it. I don't think these women are lying anymore and if that's the case, Bill Cosby is a rapist piece of shit.

All of this comes on the heels of NBC idiotic decision to do another pay or play deal that blew up the last time they tried it with Michael J. Fox. He didn't get into a scandal, his show just flat out sucked, but NBC was stuck with 22 episodes they had to air that were as popular as a test pattern. Now it's going to cost $10 million to make this go away. The biggest ouchie was TV Land pulled all Cosby reruns, making his fellow cast mates swearing bullets behind closed doors as their cash cow just died 7th Heaven style. Maybe they can form a support group for TV dads who rape girls and children.
All of this is on the back of two racial issues that threaten the fabric of society. Tonight, Obama is going to sign an immigration executive order that the right wingers are comparing to Hitler's attack on Poland, conveniently forgetting that five previous Republican Presidents, including Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, which have all done exactly the same thing with NO outcry whatsoever. Rush Limbaugh is shoveling some bull that Reagan signed legislation that was not an executive order for amnesty which is stupid as there is thing called the Internet which has copies of EVERY executive order and he gave amnesty to illegal children in 1987 and later Bush 1 in 1989. There is some nitpicking over the circumstances but the truth is the President has this power rightfully and the Congress is doing everything they can to take more power for themselves which seems exceedingly much more dangerous.

We need immigration reform and the Republicans have been dragging their feet about this for more than a decade now. If Obama has to stand up and be the adult in the room, more power to him, figuratively of course.

And then there is the very strong possibility of the Ferguson verdict some time tomorrow, late I would estimate. At least 83 cities are preparing for protests, which I hope a vast majority are peaceful. I may not agree with what you have to say but every American has a right to have their voice be heard and peaceful protests are the bedrock of this society. However, if things go tits up, this could get ugly real fast. I am sure many places will have no issues, such as here in MA. But the closer you get to the epicenter of this shit storm, the more likely violence is going to happen. I agree with the black community that things have to change, but instead of blaming all white people, blame the white people in charge. We are all in the same boat, race be damned. I just wish black people would see it that way.
Racists are gearing up for a major fight, with the KKK arming themselves for a good old fashioned "Coon hunt," which is offensive beyond words. Unfortunately, a lot of these red necks are armed to the teeth and there are three times as many white morons as black ones. If race riots break out nationwide, fully expect racism to resume 1950's style. White people are getting PISSED about the constant negative attitudes that black people seem to have lately and this will not end well for anyone if this gets out of hand. We need to work together because this kind of crap is exactly what the elites want: us fighting each other instead of them. Just remember whites may outnumber blacks, but together we outnumber the rich and that is where our fury should be pointed at. They are to blame for raping us all Bill Cosby style. We are all drugged up, stressed out slaves that keep coming back to the Cos' abode on the slim hope that one day, we'll be rich and famous too but instead just leave with a sore asshole and cab fare.

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