Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Every group I have mentioned in the header is so guilty of this fact that it is almost embarrassing. NBC programming has been stuck in neutral for some time when it comes to comedies, a subject they were king of the hill for decades. Now, for the first time in recent memory, there is a solid chance that none of their remaining sitcoms will see next year, with Marry Me being the only possibility and that is iffy at best. The Democrats have proven they have no idea what the hell they are doing anymore with infighting, back stabbing and other things I have long lambasted the GOP for. Lastly, we have militant morons attacking innocent people in Israel, a proven failure of a tactic that these idiots seem oblivious to, facts be damned.
Let us start with NBC. While their reality programming and dramas have done well, their sitcom status has all but faded this year. 90% of the what they put on was unwatchable drek and were either cancelled, or soon to be cancelled. Parks and Rec is ending.  Marry Me, a really funny sitcom by the way, is barely hanging on. So what did NBC in their infinite wisdom throw as a Hail Mary? They said, "Let's bring back Bill Cosby. Everyone loves him. What could go wrong?" Unfortunately, Cosby's career appears to be ending due to a long string of women coming forth accusing him of sexual assaults, rape and other bizarre behavior from this man. This hurts because Bill Cosby is one of my favorite comedians ever and it's getting harder and harder to stand by him considering the vast amounts of information coming out that paints a very bleak picture of him.

Janice Dickerson is the latest to accuse him which brings the count to four who have come forward and at least 14 total who accused him in a lawsuit. The fact that none of these woman are seeking money or a book deal or anything like that, with some outright refusing any income for this to bolster their point, makes this look really, really bad for Cosby who may be joining Jeffrey Jones, Fatty Arbuckle and Stephen Collins on the dust bin of fame. The worst part is that I liked all of them and only Fatty's case appears to be bogus. If he did do all of this, then fuck Bill Cosby.
Netflix dropped their plans to release his latest stand up routine that was due Thanksgiving weekend and now NBC is stuck with a pay or play deal that will cost them $10 million to do absolutely nothing. The sitcom is DOA as no one is watching someone who is coming across as a dangerous rapist, who by the way is sinking his career by not coming out and either denying it forcefully or explaining why these women are wrong. Him shaking his head during the NPR interview was the most cringe-worthy thing I have heard since the ill-advised Jerry Sandusky/ Bob Costas one, where Sandusky all but admitted he boinks little boys. This isn't the eighties, Bill, where this will disappear due to lack of a 24/7 news cycle and the internet. Cosby must have a voodoo doll of Hannibal Buress right now due to his bit starting this tidal wave of bad press.

Seven minutes ago, NBC cancelled the upcoming Cosby sitcom and one has to wonder if the old Cosby show reruns might go away the same as 7th Heaven did for Stephen Collins. Right now, all the Cosby kids from their show must be sweating bullets knowing their cash cow might be headed for the garbage bin. Shame on you Bill Cosby if this true. If it isn't you have little time to salvage what's left of your career.

Speaking of salvaging their careers, Democrats have proven they have learned nothing from the last election. People didn't vote for the GOP en masse like the Republicans keep crowing about as stats show the most dismal turn out since 1942 and that was because most men were at war. People didn't vote because they didn't have anyone to really vote for. The left stayed home because the Democrats message was vague, ill conceived and poorly thought out. One of the worst ideas was to champion for the Keystone Pipeline which cost every single democrat who wanted it voted out of office as the left abstained and the right was never going to vote for them anyway. Talk about chasing windmills.
So did the Democrats do an about face and support the President in blocking this awful plan that would shield the Canadian company from any liability, create at best 50 permanent jobs and possibly pollute the area that feeds the world? Of course not. 13 Democratic traitors joined with the entire GOP but luckily fell far short of the 60 votes needed as people like Liz Warren filibustered this terrible plan. This is why we need less corporatists and more Progressives in Congress.

Nancy Pelosi was caught this week denying she ever heard of Jon Gruber, even though she mentioned him prominently in past speeches. She could have easily turned the "stupid voter" quote to her advantage by reminding people that a Republican controlled Congress might get rid of Social Security, environmental laws, minimum wages and other things voters actually want. As they voted for that, doesn't that imply stupidity? I've heard conservative pundits like Michael Regan say voters are stupid for electing President Obama twice. Why don't democrats do the same?
Pelosi also denied a proxy vote from Tammy Duckworth, as she's pregnant, unable to travel and a double amputee from her service in the military. But politics matter more than woman's rights as Pelosi wanted a buddy of her in a position of power instead and Duckworth's absence helped her greatly with that. What a bitch!

Lastly, we have the Palestinians who somehow have not figured out that never in the history of mankind has terrorism worked as a way to get what you want. It didn't work for the IRA. It didn't work for the Basques. It failed miserably in the 70's with groups like the Weather Underground and the Red Brigade. But why let the fact that this never works get in the way of a good blood letting. Five innocent people, four rabbis and a cop, were butchered by two douchebags who got filled full of holes for their troubles and their houses razed to the ground. "Yeah, that'll teach Israel" said absolutely no one.

I sympathize with the Palestinians but if you want peace there is only way to get it: renounce violence, give up on the right to return and recognize Israel. Do that and the world will be on your side to rebuild everything, Israel included. However, if you continue to slaughter innocent people, as they have been doing for weeks now, you will not only not get what you want, the world will turn their back on you as they have been doing in greater and greater numbers. Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and others, which once supported you, have mostly turned their backs. Iran has even taken a much quieter tone which is telling. The terrorism method is so last century. Stop this, overthrow Hamas and get to actual peace talks which will give you almost everything you want, and most importantly, a way to get back to a normal way of life that doesn't require running from Israeli airstrikes every five seconds.
Why have we as species become so stupid when it comes to just about everything lately? And then we get mad when Jon Gruber says it to our faces, knowing full well he is right. The world is heading for a major disaster because this level or retardation will eventual end us all in one big ball of idiocy. WHHHEEEEE!

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