Thursday, December 4, 2014


Right after the stunning decision not to indict a NYC policeman for killing an unarmed man even though it was caught on tape, comes the word that another grand jury is being held for the suspicious death of a 12 year old in Cleveland. We can only guess how that one will end which we can all safely predict with 99% accuracy that the officer in question will be cleared. I know this because that is the percentage of cops indicted by grand juries anywhere in the USA over the last decade. What this means is that the system is broken and innocent people are being assassinated by the police with zero oversight regardless of color or creed. There is a reason we rebelled against England. Maybe it's time to start thinking about this again.
With the case of 12 year old Tamir Rice, there is little doubt that the kid was acting irresponsibly with a fake gun that he was aiming at frightened people. Where were the parents during all of this and why did they buy their child a realistic BB gun? But even with all of that, the cops story not only doesn't add up, the one that shot Rice should never have been a cop in the first place. This kind of crap has been going for years to which I have first hand knowledge. The douchebag cop that tried to get me jailed for a crime I didn't commit when I was the same age as Rice got fired, then rehired after my father moved away, albeit at a lesser rank but this fucker should never have gotten his badge back in the first place.

This is from

In Cleveland,Tim Loehmann joined the department in March after spending six months in 2012 with the police department in suburban Independence, Ohio.

Personnel files released Wednesday showed police supervisors in Independence decided he lacked the maturity needed to work in their department. A letter in his file said there was a pattern of a lack of discretion and of not following instructions.
Loehmann resigned from the Independence police department in December 2012 after meeting his supervisors about their concerns.

Cleveland police said in a statement Wednesday night that the agency did not review Loehmann’s department personnel from Independence before hiring him.

However, detectives talked to the human resources director in that suburb and were told there were no issues that would make him an undesirable candidate. The detectives were told Loehmann had resigned from the Independence department for personal reasons.

Nice to know that becoming a cop or a TSA agent requires less background checks than a job flipping burgers or washing windows. It was also noted that Loehmann's pistol rating was "dismal," lacked the maturity to be a police officer and never should have been allowed to hold a badge again.

Watch the video of the incident which incredibly has no dashboard camera and you will see the cop drive right up to the child, putting the officers lives in danger if the gun had been real and then shoot the kid a second and half later. His claims of saying he told the kid three times to drop the gun seem impossible due to the time between his arrival and shooting him less than two seconds later. There is no way he could have said DROP THE GUN that many times in the time allowed.
Cops are not here to protect us but to keep us subservient. If that is the case and our lives and rights no longer matter to them, the public should act accordingly. We need real change and soon to protect us so start calling your congressman and demand that this get fixed and quick. There a lot of them that might actually listen. The ones that don't, show them the door in 2016.

Republicans are still acting like the assholes we knew they always were. They are still actually fighting to raise taxes on the poor by eliminating the earned income credit and giving those same savings to the rich and corporations. Remember, some of you voted for this. They also have on their agenda privatizing SS, voucherizing Medicare and doing other things that protect the elites alone. They are still screaming about Benghazi due to five eyewitnesses who say something different but also have zero proof of their testimony and a monetary reason to lie with the book they are pedaling. This is not a scandal except in the amount of time we are spending on this.

They are also talking about defunding Homeland Security due to Obama's immigration police, meaning all border patrol activity will stop which seems to be against everything these assclowns supposedly stand for. All this will do is guarantee another shut down which worked so well last time for the right.
Lastly we have Bill Cosby now about to be sued up the yin yang as Gloria Allred is defending three of the alleged victims and I would expect more to join in. She is already talking 100 million so he better get the checkbook ready as chances are good he'll lose. Ben Vereen is still standing by Bill Cosby as is Whoopie Goldberg but that ship is losing people day by day as his guilt is looking more and more likely. Vereen actually asked if there were more important things to be discussing to which I say NO. This is important as there are way too many women raped every day and it has to stop. Putting Bill Cosby out to pasture is a start.

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