Thursday, December 18, 2014


Let us all hail our new Dear Leader, Kim Jung Un, who is now the defacto ruler of the USA. Long may he live. Wait a minute, did we get taken over by North Korea and no one told me? Damn, I look terrible in drab grey colors. It certainly seems that way when six of the largest theater chains put on their finest pink dresses and behaved like the pussies this country is rapidly becoming thanks to PC garbage and a complete inability to stand up to anyone by pulling the comedy The Interview over baseless threats. What a bunch of babies Sony and the like are.
Let's be real here. First off, this threat has no teeth to it. DHS said they had no credible information about said threat. And even if the threat was real, the end result would be a nuclear bomb over Pyongyang and the annihilation of the North Korean People if even one theater got bombed. They have no chance against us in a war, and if we went all in, the fight would be over in less than five minutes.

But no, instead we have a bunch of frightened idiots peeing themselves over an imaginary threat that as a result has made is even less safe and free had they done nothing. Now everytime some extremist gets his panties in a bunch, all they have to do is threaten a theater with a bombing campaign and that film will bite the dust. How long before ISIS responds with a threat because of nudity in a picture, or even a woman without a headscarf? How long before the villain in some movie makes some nationality upset and they threaten us with war? Where does this end?
Obama should have gone and addressed the nation to say he expects nothing to happen but if it does, North Korea can expect them to wiped from the map soon after, but that would require balls and almost no one seem to have that anymore.

Sony deserves a lot of the blame for this as it has come out that they, like 99% of corporate America, have no idea how to protect their information from hackers. Sony wrote about sensitive information in emails, like passwords, social security numbers and the like, had seriously outdated software and hired people for internet security that were just terrible at their job. Apparently, this is happening everywhere, which is why our data is getting stolen at a record pace. Explain to me again why we pay top dollar to get the "best people" for CEO's when they have absolutely no idea what they are doing? Isn't it more like we get the CEO's with the best connections, not the best for the job. I could do a better job as head of Sony for half the pay. I certainly would have upgraded their internet security like I did for my laptop recently after getting hacked. God forbid Sony did that.

When did we become such a nation of babies? When did it become okay to run a multi-national company with the same zeal as a summer camp? I would like to point out that some companies like USAA recently added micro-chip technology to their credit cards, like the Europeans have, to prevent them from getting hacked when used. Why is the rest of the banking community dragging their feet you ask? Money, as it will take a lot to upgrade them and God forbid we spend any of that cash most companies are using for stock buybacks instead.
The Dow is soaring for the second straight day for no apparent reason for attitudes just like this. Janet Yellen signaled that interest rates won't go up until sometime next year and the money junkies took that as a signal to go hog-wild with free money. It still doesn't change the fact that the world economy is struggling, oil is still volatile, and Russian economics is in freefall which could cost hundreds of billions in investor funds. But as long as the FED is guaranteeing the coverage losses with taxpayer money, who cares right?

This country is headed for a fall and no one seems to care as we bury our heads in the sand and refuse to see that all is not well. I fear for next year as well as our free speech that is no longer free. Thanks Kin Jung Un. Fuck off you midget douchebag. Too bad the people in charge of our entertainment industry didn't echo that fact and in the process, lost a hundred million of dollars. Way to go, guys. Way to go.

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