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I work as an investigative reporter for a living. Sure sometimes it's as meaningless as a companies economic structure or a statistical analysis for gold futures, but the ultimate goal of any of my endeavors is the truth and truth alone wherever that may take me. I have studied everything from the works of Sherlock Holmes to the writings of the neo-Confucian Chu-Hsi and, of course, the greats before him. I can usually figure out who the killer is just about any movie or TV show long before the lead does and sometimes in a matter of moments after the killing takes place. In other words, I would have made a really good cop, except of course for my high IQ which somehow makes me invalid for such a position. Look it up and see that the police intentionally exclude people who preform too high on intelligence exams from becoming one of them and then you wonder we why have problems  across the country. Right now the NYPD is in need of a good kick in the ass.
Yes, it is a tragedy that two innocent cops where blown away while sitting in the car. There is no need for this level of violence but to be fair, this does not appear to be some orchestrated attack that Mayor DeBlasio caused either. Here's a bit from CBS.com:

"There's blood on many hands tonight," Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch told reporters outside the hospital where officers Wenjian Liu, 32, and Raphael Ramos, 40, died.                                       

"Those that incited violence on the streets under the guise of protest that tried to tear down what New York City police officers did every day. We tried to warn it must not go on, it cannot be tolerated," Lynch said. "That blood on the hands starts at City Hall in the office of the mayor."

Notice anything wrong with that statement. Not once, NOT ONCE, does the NYPD take any blame for the deterioration of the relationship between themselves and the public even though they were caught on tape assassinating another human for no good reason and then absolved of any blame. They have continuously had one of the worst shooting stats of any police department in the country, missing targets at six feet or less 60% of the time. This means the training for the NYPD is seriously flawed but we have gotten nowhere to fix that even though it has been more than obvious for some time.
If the NYPD really wanted peace, they would fired that douchebag cop who killed Eric Gardner instead of publically supporting him. If the NYPD really wanted peace they would be doing more community outreach and less stormtrooper tactics. They certainly are not behaving correctly when they look at the mayor and blast him for daring to side with the people, who elected him and
will have to do so again. He also has a half-black son who is going to be racially profiled and possibly shot if he does something that some asinine cop misinterprets as a threat due to his complete lack of training. The mayor is right, you guys are dicks and turning your back on him and blaming him for any of this is rich coming from the asswipes that started this in the first place. Act like human beings and not power mad Gestapo agents and watch things change.

And by the way, shooting a police officer is NOT a person likely to shoot just anyone. A person targeting police is unlikely to target just anyone as the police ARE his targets. Shooting some random person however IS a psycho, like the most recent case which demonstrates unequivocally that background checks for ALL gun sales is needed as well as a much better mental health system. And the mayor has to learn that he can't have it both ways and that asking protestors to stop protesting while the funerals are going on is not going to happen and makes you look weak. Pick a side and it shouldn't be with the police here who are currently busy throwing you under the bus.

And then there is North Korea which as always has the conspiracy theorists out in droves. Some people seem to think I am one of these people but in all honesty, there are only a handful of conspiracies I buy into. The deaths of JFK, RFK and MLK are all suspicious. 9/11, OKC and TWA 800 all have holes in them. And economically, our banking system is such a house of cards that it can barely be called theory at this point. That's about it. We went to the moon, FDR had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, The Holocaust happened, as did Newtown and the Boston Bombings, and John John flew on a night no rationally human being should have.
Now we have experts out there questioning whether of not North Korea could have been behind the Sony Hack which everyone and their brother is questioning solely because our government said they did. We have good reason to question everything our government tells us as they have been steadily lying to us for decades now. It was brought into the full light of reason by none other than the worst President of all times, George W. Bush, who attacked a country for made up reasons and then tortured people just for fun. This man and the rest of his ilk are war criminals which I hope the UN files charges against. Our super weak Democratic party certainly didn't when they had the chance.

Because of W., no one believes one word coming out of the government now and with good reason that they are still lying through their teeth 90% of the time. But not always, and in this case, I think they are telling the truth.

I have spent the last few days talking with experts about the hack and they have confirmed what most of you have read on various web pages. It is true that the evidence shown so far does not paint a compelling picture as to a smoking gun saying North Korea definitively did it. I am sure that there are other, more secret evidence they are not sharing that does but would give the enemy too much information how we know said information. Not all evidence is fit for everyday consumption and the government has a need to keep some secrets.

So how can I say that North Korea did it then? Logic. In the movie JFK, Donald Sutherland as Mr. X  asks Kevin Costner as to the JFK assassination, "Who had the power to make it happen? Who had the reason to do it? And who had the power to cover it up?" The same must be asked of this.

This was not some random kid in a basement hack, but a state sponsored one targeting a movie studio who was indeed making a movie the North Koreans had threatened us over for some time. The similarities are striking to similar hacks made toward South Korean banking and nuclear power plants over the last few years. Does no one else see this as stunning coincidence that Sony gets hacked just before the film's release? I don't. And while it is true that no demands were made at first, this is standard terrorism tactics. Let them stew for a while until your true demands are made. Why would North Korea want to paint a bulls eye on them? These people are not dumb just insane.
The internet outage North Korea is experiencing is exactly what Obama should have done unlike war hawks like McCain and Graham who have had a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth over this. They do understand they have nukes right? And while they have little chance of reaching here, South Korea and Japan do have a reason to worry.

Kim Jung Un is the most likely suspect here and Sony has decided to release the film after all on Christmas in a hand full of theaters, like the Alamo Drafthouse. Let's see how much balls Un really has as we make this film the most successful of all time. Whatever you think of the movie, when it comes out, go see it and tell that retarded midget to take a hike. We as Americans hate being told what to do and box office receipts would be a nice slap to his pudgy little face. I'd worry about him reading this but I have a feeling that the internet in North Korea won't be up and running any time soon.

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