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If there was ever some self evident proof that our justice system is beyond broken, the failure of two grand juries to indict police officers for something that should have gone to trial is revealing. Grand juries do not work and now police have carde blanche to kill us for no reason and regardless of race, that statement should frighten anyone. Let's see those runner ups.
10)Kirk Cameron- I hate religious douchebags, especially the ones forcing their idiotic beliefs down the throats of everyone around them. Kirk Cameron threw away any good will from being on Growing Pains by doing just that on a near daily basis and now has hit rock bottom with a movie even Christians will be bored by. Saving Christmas should have been subtitled "Sinking what is left of Kirk Cameron's career." The movie is basically a guy preaching about the true meaning of Christmas for 80 freaking minutes. I've seen more riveting sermons. Angered over the hostile response to his really shitty movie, Kirk pleaded with the public to give the film a chance. Instead, people drove the film to the lowest rating on IMDB ever, 1.5 out of ten and a 0% on rotten tomatoes. Even his target audience found the film stilted, boring and NOT funny at all. Way to go Kirk Cameron, you've officially becoming redundant. Now please go away and take the director and screenwriter for this piece of garbage with you.

9)TSA- I am not sure the people in charge realize how close this country is to breaking apart, but people are hitting the limits with what they are willing to take. Salaries need to be increased drastically, police need to back the hell off and the politicians better start listening. Instead, we hear that the TSA is planning on banning on travel on luggage due to the possibility of bombs getting onboard. Nevermind the fact it would be far easier to get one in to checked bags as most of those are never even looked at, this will make people mental. Even worse, they are talking about no electronics on board either which will make the average traveler think twice because checking expensive phones and computers will mean never seeing them again once they get stolen from your luggage from the very people supposedly protecting you from imaginary terrorists. At some point soon, some enterprising bad guy is going to figure out a way to put bombs into people and then what? The TSA needs to be proactive, not reactive. But that would require intelligence.
8)Detroit- This week, the entire city went dark, probably because no one is paying the electric bills in this beyond bankrupt city. The actual reason is even dumber as our aging infrastructure is collapsing all around us, which is why Detroit echoed North Korea all of a sudden. If we had done what we should have done in 2008, we would have spent trillions putting people back to work and improving our infrastructures for the 21st century. Instead, we just gave it to rich people and banks and they did nothing with it. Detroit is an example of what is heading for us all: a dead America brought about by rampant stupidity, politicans and corporate greed.

7)North Korea- Speaking of North Korea, it was rumored that the giant Sony hack may have been done by Kim Jung Un and his cronies because of the upcoming film, The Interview, which has Seth Rogan and James Franco as puff piece reporters hired to kill the North Korean dictator by the CIA when they go there to interview him, thus the title. I think it looks hysterical but apparently, Kim might not have the same sense of humor. To be fair, it is unknown if they actually did this hack as a group called the Guardians of Peace, the strangely named GOP, are allegedly behind this hack. Best known as a shock troop in Burundi, there is little evidence this group is behind the attack. Best guess is that an employee helped them break in as they knew every inch of that system before accessing it. As a result, SS numbers, private info and salaries have been leaked. Apparently Franco was paid 2 million less than Rogan and nobody cares, not even them. If this was Korea, this was a big win.
6)Chris Christie- Proving again that democracy is dead, this pig of a man vetoed a law that a huge majority of his state wanted. A new anti-animal abuse law, in which pigs would not be held in cages too small to turn around in, was turned down because pig boy wants to run for President and Iowa didn't like the law, as their new Senator is some stupid woman who once castrated pigs. I've a got a pig you can make a eunuch, Ernst. He'll be there soon stumping for the Iowa caucus. Do your husband and kids next please.

5)Rosie O'Donnell- I never like this woman. I have heard horror stories about this tub of lard from people in the business who found her rude and obnoxious to everyone around her. Turns out, she hasn't changed. Since rejoining The View, she has pissed off crew and cats alike and rumor is she may not even last the year. She has of course denied any of this, but knowing her past abuse with crew, I doubt her denials are true.

4)Liz Lauten- What part of leave Presidential families alone are you not getting? This GOP assclowns slammed Obama's children for the audacity to look bored during the turkey pardon ritual and than went off about their clothes. Guess who got fired soon after? Turns out, she was once arrested for shoplifting as well. It's bad enough to got through puberty in the public eye through no fault of your own, but to have a cow like this bitch did over nothing is telling. GO AWAY!
3)MSM- It's been another stellar week for the MSM who screwed up again and again. First we had People magazine who wrote an obituary for Kirk Douglas, oblivious to the fact that he wasn't dead. This means that someone wrote the article, searched for a picture, edited it and published it without a single person verifying he was dead that would have been as simple as a google search. New Republic saw a mutiny after 22 editors all quit when the new owner started moving the paper from a solid left leaning journal to a right wing rag, only online nonetheless. This magazine has been around since 1914 and now some rich Facebook cofounder is ruining it. Shocker. The worst this week was a magazine I usually like, Rolling Stone, but is now finding egg on it's face from failing to follow simple journalistic procedures. A woman named "Jackie" claimed to be gang raped at fraternity on the campus of University of Virginia. So Rolling Stone published it. Turns out, at the request of the woman, they never bothered to talk with any of the accused and get their side of the story. As a result, discrepancies arose later that called into question her story. This has already resulted in the banning of frats now there and a rush to judgment against the group just like the Duke rape case that famously blew up in the DA's face. If it's not true, Jackie should be gang raped to know what it is actually like. Everyone time someone like her, or the latest Cosby accuser whose story about being raped at 15 at the Playboy Mansion appears to be bull (not that the rest of his accusers are lying, just this one), people who are really raped find it that much harder for people to believe them. You're a horrible human being Jackie if this is a lie and I hope karma visits you soon if true.
2)Police- Cops are killing us in mass numbers, regardless of race, assassinating our pets in despicable ways and are stealing from us blind. This has to stop and this cannot wait any longer. Our patience is at an end and people of all walks of life are looking at them like the Fingermen in V for Vendetta, and anyone who saw that movie knows things go very badly for them. In some cities, like Cleveland, calling the police there is worse than the crime. The DOJ is investigating them again for only providing four HOURS of training on use of force rules, hiring the most questionable people imaginable to be cops and then giving them equipment that doesn't work or is from the 1980's. Fantastic. These are the same losers who shot a 12 year old with a fake gun by a douchebag who was fired from his last job as a cop for incompetence. In Denver, a car plowed into some cops near a protest and he was cheered on by the crowd. That's telling. Cops say they are being thrown under the bus by Eric Holder and Obama, but the truth is they are responsible for their own actions. If they weren't acting like assholes, people wouldn't be calling for their heads. If things do not change and soon, there is going to be a bounty on police by an angry crowd who will string them up rather than listen. There has already been a warning to NYPD cops that a militant group may be targeting them. Revolution is coming and the cops are certainly not helping.
1)Grand Juries- Proving my point that people are no longer smart enough to be on juries, two grand juries missed the mark recently on indicting cops for killing someone. The Ferguson case should have gone to trial, even though I am fairly certain Wilson would have been cleared. The Staten Island case however is even more stunning as the video clearly shows six police attacking a guy for selling loose cigarettes. Punishment should fit the crime which would be a fine normally, not being gang tackled for "resisting arrest" for a non-arrestable crime. While the police deny a chokehold was used, the video says differently. Apparently the grand jury was either blind or stupid as they completely ignored what was right in front of them. Grand juries need to be abolished along with trial by jury. Almost every country on Earth uses professional jurors now and rampant corruption is not seen anywhere that they are used. TV can be used to record all trials and should be available to anyone who wants to see them. Hell, start a channel specifically for trials and they will find an audience and make sure that everything is copasetic. Trial by jury has come and gone and these last few cases, along with other high profile failures like OJ, Robert Blake and the Affluenza kid highlight that this experiment is long dead and changes to the Constitution need to be made. The world won't fall apart if we eliminate this relic and modern societies demonstrate that this will work and make our country safer and better. So congratulations grand juries, and juries in general, you are douchebag of the week.

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