Monday, December 22, 2014


Everyone let's sing:

Hark the Sony lawyers sing
The Interview has gone missing
North Korea denies the hack
Conspiracy theorists agree back
When are people going to rise
up to standards we don't despise
Why is Obama getting the blame
for Hollywood's cowardly shame
Hark the right begins to sing
Obama is a Kenyan King

Theater owners bailed like rats
Freedom of Speech has ended, drat
We've become spineless drips
Led that way by lawyer wimps
Oh they cried "let's not get sued.
Even though nothing was going happen too."
North Korea had no luck
Of bombing 18,000 theaters, Fuck!
Yet we all still cowered in fear
Screaming "Please don't hurt me here."

Hail our new censorship kings
Kim Jung Un and terrorist rings
Anytime we do something wrong
We will be threatened with a bomb
So we'll get unwatchable crap
Sanitized to prevent a flap
Until the next thing that appears
That makes our enemies shit their rears
Hark the Sony lawyers sing
"We'll just edit out the offensive things."

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