Monday, December 15, 2014


The awful spending bill that may send this country into a dangerous tail spin passed this weekend as I was finishing my Christmas shopping. Swell. Loaded inside were things like a 30% reduction in pensions that have been raped Bill Cosby style for years now by Wall Street, looser regulations on clean water, allowing people to spend ten times the previous amount on political candidates, and worst of all, a complete repeal of the already watered down Dodd Frank Act that will allow banks to gamble with taxpayer money or the exact thing that almost destroyed the world in 2008.
Here's the kicker: no matter who you voted for for President, this bill would have passed just the same. This means exactly what I have been warning people about for years in that your vote no longer matters one whit in a lot of instances. Locally in both CT and MA, both governor choices sucked and it made little difference who actually won. And that mentality must extend to the highest office which is now a bought and paid for position.

Look at those that voted for it: 2/3 of Republicans which is no big surprise, 1/3 of the Democrats and supported by the White House. These are all the idiots under complete control by corporate America and are actively attempting to install a true fascist dictatorship which they have been after since the 1930's when they attempted to overthrow FDR. Instead of directly accomplishing it, they just convinced the dumber of you out there to vote these morons into office. And now, we have no choice for President other than whatever dumbass they throw as us who are roughly the same person. All those people thrilled Obama won got the same crap the Romney would have done. WHEEEEE!

Here is a list of every democrat that voted for this crappy bill:

Ron Barber, Arizona
John Barrow, Georgia
Ami Bera, California
Sanford D. Bishop Jr., Georgia
Timothy Bishop, New York
Robert Brady, Pennsylvania
Julia Brownley, California
Cheri Bustos, Illinois
John Carney, Delaware
William "Lacy" Clay Jr., Missouri
James E. Clyburn, South Carolina
Gerald "Jerry" E. Connolly, Virginia
Jim Costa, California
Joseph Crowley, New York
Henry Cuellar, Texas
Susan Davis, California
John Delaney, Maryland
John Dingell, Michigan
Sam Farr, California
Chaka Fattah, Pennsylvania
Bill Foster, Illinois
Pete Gallego, Texas
John Garamendi, California
Jim Himes, Connecticut
Steven Horsford, Nevada
Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland
Marcy Kaptur, Ohio
Ron Kind, Wisconsin
Ann Kuster, New Hampshire
Daniel Lipinski, Illinois
Nita Lowey, New York
Daniel Maffei, New York
Sean Maloney
Carolyn McCarthy, New York
Gregory W. Meeks, New York
George Miller, California
James Moran, Virginia
Patrick Murphy, Florida
Donald Norcross, New Jersey
Bill Owens, New York
Ed Pastor, Arizona
Ed Perlmutter, Colorado
Scott Peters, California
Gary Peters, Michigan
David Price, North Carolina
Mike Quigley, Illinois
Cedric Richmond, Lousiana
Raul Ruiz, California
Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland
Brad Schneider, Illinois
Allyson Y. Schwartz, Pennsylvania
David Scott, Pennsylvania
Terri A. Sewell, Alabama
Brad Sherman, California
Krysten Sinema, Arizona
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida

Anyone voting for any of these assholes come 2016 is every bit as bad as these douchebags in office are now. I would point a special FUCK OFF to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Steny Hoyer, party leaders who like Reid and Obama, fought for this bill rather than the average citizen. I would also like people to see that the only person to vote for this bill in all of New England for both houses of Congress was Jim Himes, who not surprisingly represents the Fairfield area, otherwise known as Bankersville. There is a reason why we have the smartest people in the nation and mostly it is because we don't elect the dumbest people available, except for the occasional awful Governor (CT I am looking at you).
Liz Warren on the other hand looks like a superstar for her passionate speech about how bad this bill was and why she would not be voting for it, joined by Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey. This has thrilled the Republicans who feel she will drag the democrats too far to the left and thus give them the election. This also shows how out of touch they are with average American who feel that both sides have slipped too far to the right and there are no liberal voices anymore. And if someone could harness that anger, they will win in 2016 in a landslide. Think about it: someone like Warren would run on a platform of raising wages (which people want), clamping down on banks (which people need) and other common sense fixes that most people on both sides of the aisle want yet neither is delivering on. The same could go for a Rand Paul or the like for the right who runs on a platform of ending the God awful War on Drugs, legalizing pot and stopping our police from behaving like some thuggish storm trooper.

The funny part about all of this hoopla is that regulating banks is not a left wing idea at all, but one the far right agrees with and was something that started the Tea Party. I found it terribly ironic that the President of Citizen's United came out against the spending bill specifically because of the raising of campaign finances which he now acknowledged has actually decimated the Tea Party as unlimited spending is now being used against them and crucified them in the last election. That is really funny.

The biggest surprise from all of this is Nancy Pelosi who actually fought against this bill and tried to block it. I have said little good about her for years but this demonstrates she still has some spine, along with conservatives like Ted Cruz and David Vitter, both of whom also voted against the bill, for the banking rule evisceration, as well as party line nonsense like immigration and Obamacare, but any reason to vote against this bill was just fine with me.
“The Middle Class Beatdown: Decline of the American Dream” - a cartoon by Cory M. Grenier depicting a Republican lawmaker kicking the American people to the curb.
Democrats could have stood their ground and demanded better. A short term fix was in the works and the only thing that would have happened is that they might have to work through Christmas to hammer out a better deal. The horror. They never work anyway so what's another week? Instead, the pussies listed above and that abomination in the White House sold us out. There should be millions outside the White House demanding his resignation along with every single person who voted for what could be a planet ending event. If banks drive the derivative market into the ground again, we may not be able to bail them out this time and when that market tanks, the world economy goes with it. And we voted for it.

Speaking of morons who got voted in, three governors, including the implausibly re-elected Sam Brownback of Kansas, are all stealing money from pension funds to balance budgets because of huge tax cuts that are killing their economy. Chris Christie, who is being sued over his theft, and Illinois governor, Pat Quinn, who is somehow a democrat, both did the same which the exact same results: a crash in tax revenues that rapidly depleted spending monies that are now being pillaged from pension funds. What morons voted for someone like Brownback, who has visibly driven the state into the ground, all because his opponent went to a strip club sixteen years ago? His numbers plummeted after that stupid allegation, proving many, many people in Kansas are too stupid to vote, just like Jon Gruber said.
And because of these tax cuts, pensions are being slashed because they are stealing your money and then telling you that you are the problem and not their greedy little paws in the till. But because the average person can barely read, doesn't pay attention to the news and doesn't vote when the should, this happens. Voting usually is fairly stupid and means nothing, but in these cases people voted for them to get less money so the rich can get more. Hell, some of the dumber people out there are fighting for it and then organizations like Citizen's United find out how hard they are getting screwed instead. Voting only matters if the person in charge is terrible and their opponent is worth something. If our next election comes down to another Clinton/Bush matchup, anyone voting for either cannot complain later when everything falls apart.


  1. Yawn... This is why you liberal douchebags can't get anything real done. You have nothing to offer but long winded tirades filled with insults aimed at 90%+ of the population.

    Rage some more. Perhaps your flood of tears will flush out America's polluted waterways.

  2. Apparently you can't read because I went off on the democrats, like Obama, too and complimented Rand Paul. And be the way, the reason why our waters are so polluted is mainly because of the GOP who just passed a new law in the latest spending bill that will make our water even dirtier. I am not liberal nor conservative but more of a moderate. If you're going to insult me, at least try harder next time dumbass.